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How Does Business Electricity Pricing Work?



Business electricity plans are not the same as domestic ones, and are generally more complex to compare prices and find the best deal.

Firstly, you don’t have to use the same supplier for both gas and electric, although doing so can sometimes offer more competitive ‘dual fuel’ deals. It’s therefore important to get a variety of quotes so you can accurately compare prices.

The unit rate per kWh is based on the size of your business. Small businesses pay more while larger businesses pay less. Every business is different and will have varying requirements based on their business practises and needs.

Again, this makes it even more important to use a price comparison service like ours. All you need to do is to fill out this form with a few simple contact details and we will be able to offer a range of options from a variety of suppliers – from the Big Six to smaller and independent suppliers.

SwitchPal will help you find the best deal. Get a quote.

What Are The Different Business Electricity Tariff Types And Contracts?

Fixed Rate Contract

Fixed rate business electricity tariffs allow you to ‘lock in’ the unit price that

you pay for the duration of the contract. Normally this is around 1 – 3 years but can vary between suppliers. Fixed rates are usually more competitive than other tariffs and are recommended as they offer the best deal.

Deemed Rates

When you move into new premises with no formal arrangement in place

regarding your electricity and gas charges you’ll find yourself on a deemed

business rate contract. Deemed rates are higher than contracted rates, so you could save a lot of money by switching to another deal.

The advantage of being on a deemed rate is that you can switch to a different tariff whenever is convenient for you, usually by giving 28 days notice.

Rolling Contract

These are becoming less common as deemed rates are used instead. With a rolling contract you’ll be tied in for 1 year at a fixed unit price, which would be at a higher cost when compared to a fixed rate contract.

Green Energy

Green tariffs are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses who

want to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and reduce their carbon footprint. They aren’t always the most expensive tariff either, so it’s good to shop around.

Whilst there are a few tariff types there are still different terms that can be negotiated within them. Using an energy broker like SwitchPal is highly

recommended as you can get quotes from a variety of suppliers across the

whole market, ensuring you get the best rates for your business.

Find the best electricity deal for your business. Get an online quote.

What Is Unit Rate And Standing Charge?

Unit Rate

The unit rate is the price (in pence) per unit of energy that your business uses. Unit rate is measured in Kwh and will be the bulk of your electricity costs.

Standing Charge

Standing charge is a daily fee regardless of how much electricity your business uses. It covers the cost of supplying electricity to your business as well as maintaining the national grid.

It’s important not to ignore the standing charge as it can be quite significant when calculated over a period of time.

Latest Business Electricity Tariffs Compared

The table below shows electricity prices for various suppliers around the UK. As you can see, the unit costs and standing charges vary between providers, making it all the more important to shop around for the best electricity deal.

Energy SupplierUnit Cost/kWhDaily Standing ChargeAnnual Bill
British Gas Lite14.82p24.69p£3,795.12
British Gas15.22p29.45p£3,912.49
Dual Energy14.95p23.08p£3,821.74
EDF Energy15.90p25.00p£4,066.25
Octopus Business15.26p24.10p£3,902.96
Opus Energy15.26p25.00p£3,996.25
Scottish Power14.80p26.15p£3,795.45
Total GP15.19p30.34p£3,908.24

What Is The Average Price For Business Electricity?

Electricity prices are changing multiple times every year in line with supply and demand and other market forces. The graph below shows the change in business electricity prices for the last 14 years, depending on the size of the business. As you can see prices have steadily increased each year, and the smaller your business is (i.e. the lower the amount of energy consumed) the higher the cost per kWh.

Data source:

This graph illustrates the importance of always being on the best tariff for your business, and constantly reviewing your situation periodically as the market changes. This is why a service like SwitchPal can save business a lot of time and energy trying to keep on top of this.

How Do I Get Cheaper Electricity Rates?

If your business hasn’t switched electricity providers in a few years then it’s

likely that automatic rate increases have crept their way into your contract. In this situation it makes sense to look for a new contract at a better rate.

It’s also possible to find tariffs with zero standing charge, which is good for seasonal businesses or ones that are only open certain days of the week.

Suppliers can also offer different rates depending on the time of day, so you should think about what makes sense for how your business operates.

Don’t forget to think about dual fuel options, where you can combine your gas and electricity costs into one consolidated bill. This is not only easier and

more convenient, but usually cheaper too (although not always, and can

depend on your usage, so remember to shop around!). You can even opt for paperless billing, which might further reduce the cost.

How you pay for your energy can also affect the price. You can usually pay using credit card, direct debit or through a pre-paid meter, with direct debit generally being the cheapest payment method.

One of the best ways to find the best electricity rate for your business is to get a variety of quotes from different suppliers and compare them. Simply fill in our form with a few details and we can supply you with quotes from across the entire energy market.

Compare Business Electricity Prices.

Does My Business Need A Half Hourly Meter?

If your business demands 100Kwh or more of electricity in any given half hour period then by law you require half-hourly metering.

If this is the case you will most likely need a tailored price based on your usage requirements.

Are There Regional Variations In Business Electricity Rates?

Electricity prices can and do vary between regions of the UK. This is due to

differences in supply and demand at each location, as well as infrastructure in place to transport energy to your business premises.

Generally this cost is passed on to you, the customer, which is why we see the variance in prices across the UK.

There’s not a lot you can do about your business postcode, but you can still ensure you’re on the cheapest rate available in your area.

Are Business Electricity Rates Cheaper Than Domestic?

Business rates depend largely on the size of the business and the amount of electricity used. Business unit rates (price per Kwh) might be cheaper because of the amount of gas and electricity used, but they pay 20% VAT as opposed to a reduced VAT rate of 5% for domestic electricity.

Do Small Businesses Pay More For Electricity Than Large Ones?

The table below shows a breakdown of annual electricity costs based on the size of business and annual usage. The smaller the business, the higher the daily standing charge and unit cost.

Business SizeAnnual UsageUnit Cost/kWhDaily Standing ChargeAnnual Bill
Micro8,000 kWh16.74p27.4p£1,439
Small20,000 kWh14.83p26.83p£3,064
Medium40,000 kWh13.68p26.41p£5,568
Large80,000 kWh12.93p26.20p£10,439

The graph below breaks this down into more granular detail and also includes the Climate Change Levy (CCL) which came into effect in April 2001.

Data source:

Larger businesses generally source cheaper energy deals due to economies of scale. They will use more energy per day and therefore gain access to favorable rates.

Bigger corporations are also more likely to shop around for better deals compared to smaller businesses, and they’re usually more proactive about switching when automatic rollover contracts kick in.

It’s a good idea to set up a calendar reminder for when your current electricity contract is due to expire so you can begin switching at the right time.


SwitchPal compares multiple trusted energy suppliers across the entire market, ensuring businesses get the best deal. By working with the UK’s leading energy brokers SwitchPal will secure the best possible price for

commercial gas and electricity tariffs. With some basic information about a business, SwitchPal can easily compare energy plans and choose the right one for the business.

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How To Find Suitable Toys for Your Little Dog?



Aside from escorting their owners most of the time, dogs deserve to have fun like every other pet. Getting them toys is one way to show that they are part and parcel of the family.

Their playful personality needs more than cuddles and being locked up in the kennel for the better part of the day. Toys give them the chance to explore their playful side. Here are ways in which you can find suitable toys for your little dog.

1.      The Toy’s Size

The last thing a caring owner wants is to put their little dogs in harm’s way by purchasing oversize toys for them. A toy’s size matters because, just like kids, little dogs like to play with something of their size. While considering the size, check on the texture since it also determines the level of comfort the dog receives. These features matter, even more, when considering buying newborn dog toys.

Buying a dog toy with the perfect size can get tricky at times. A tiny and soft one can cause significant damages to your little dog. They might choke on them in the middle of enjoyable playtime.

If you have to buy your dog a smaller toy, ensure that they don’t play with it unsupervised. Set some time aside and engage them in fun yet safer games. This way, the risk of endangering their fragile lives is lowered. A rule of thumb for all owners of little dogs is always to inspect their dogs’ toys. Get the new ones at the sight of tear or even break marks and get rid of the old ones.

1.      Consider Your Dog’s Personality

Believe it or not, dogs also vary in terms of personality factors. Some of them exude a significant level of playfulness and enthusiasm. On the other hand, others are more laid back and only engage in a fair share of fun and games. On the bright side, there are toys for all kinds of dog personalities. Among the most popular are chewable balls of all sizes. Manufacturers are keen on dog’s behavior and come up with toys to match it.

Most dog owners prefer buying balls for their little dogs because they have proved to be versatile. They are not as complicated and would go the extra mile to put smiles on their dog’s faces when used accordingly.

Balls for dogs are available for all kinds of games and outdoor activities. Dog owners who take their dogs to the beach are better placed since beach balls also favor little dogs. What’re more, balls and other toys contribute to the overall well-being of your little dog. They keep your dogs in shape mainly when used consistently.

1.      Dog’s Age

The term ‘little’ may be used in defining dogs that have no teeth or are in the process of teething. They are still so fragile and need all the tender loving care they can get. A dog’s age is a factor that makes it easier to shop around for ideal dog toys for the little furry ones. Any age ranging somewhere around three weeks means they are still in the newborn phase and need softer, gentler toys.

Those who fall between three and nine months are in the teething stage and need soft, squeaky rubber toys to help them cope. Take them along your toy shopping spree for easier reference when looking. Besides, having toys around prevents them from using your clothes, shoes, and furniture as alternatives. Aside from the teething factor, check on the paws as they also have a significant role to play in your toy shopping venture. Paws that have not shown signs of claws coming out can only handle cozy and snugly toys.

2.      The Safety Factor

Your core objective as a dog owner is to keep your little dogs safe at all costs. The safety factor starts from the environment around your home. Make the place conducive for them to thrive in every way.

The toys you buy must also spell out safety, especially in terms of how they operate. Dog toys are divided into different types depending on their design and texture. For instance, there are active toys specially made for dogs with extra active personalities. Other types of dog toys include comfort and distraction. Each one of them is meant for their respective terms of description.

1.      Warm Fuzzy Blanket

Most dogs tend to attach themselves to people and items. In most cases, blankets are their go-to when they feel like a cuddle, and the owner is nowhere in sight.

Aside from a cuddle companion, a blanket also doubles up as a toy for some dogs. They relish the feeling they get when running their soft paws on the warm-textured blanket. Ensure that the blanket is not too big for the little dog’s size. An oversize blanket could endanger it primarily through suffocation.


Being attached to your dog is very normal and healthy at the same time. It shows you have someone that you love and care about and also loves you back unconditionally. Buying toys for your little dog is one of the many ways to show your love for it. All the tips listed above go a long way in helping you pick the perfect toys for them.

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Camera Detector – Why it is the Best



Camera Detector

Find out about “Camera Detector” –

Camera Detector – You will find two main reasons for the should use a hidden camera right now. One is that the economy has driven many people to squander crimes in business places and personal homes. Another primary basis for hidden cameras in the house is some people want to get as part of your home and harm your sons or daughters or the elderly.

These people can operate under the disguise of any caretaker or babysitter. Another problem is the great wealth of private information about persons available today to the public to ensure someone might always know who you are and where you are any time moment. This information can make you at risk of crime in your home or organization.

Camera Detector – The hidden camera, nanny, spy, secret, or home video CCD camera is a video camera disguised as another object. These types of small video cameras have an incredible resolution yet are tiny enough to hide in radio stations, smoke detectors, mirrors, or even many other familiar objects that might be in a room. Hidden Digital cameras can be used not only in the home, however commercially or industrially because of security cameras.

Today a hidden digital camera can record a video about viewing later or attached to the internet for viewing anywhere in the world in real-time.

Camera Detector – For connecting to the internet, you need a little device called a USB DVR – Digital Video Recorders. This device connects directly to your camera and computer to create your video available on the internet. A good IP Camera does not need a USB DVR but is not easy to disguise because of its dimension.

Camera Detector The next choice to make is, do you want a wireless or ” cable ” camera system? A ” cable ” system is just what it sounds like; you take a wire from you to your DVR or pc to transmit the transmission. A wired system is not necessarily limited by distance, but the wire connections need to be concealed. A wireless technique ranges from the camera on the DVR or computer or maybe between 75 feet and 250 feet or more underneath standard conditions.

I’ve started a DVR, and most among us are familiar with the DVR (digital video recorder) connecting each of our cable TV or a TiVo DVR recorder. A security DVR connects your camera or maybe cameras by wire or wirelessly to your computer or possibly a monitor to view what the photographic camera considers.

Camera Detector – A DVR could record the video on the personal computer’s hard drive or a mem-card, so you have a permanent track record if needed for proof or maybe prosecution. The DVR might be motion activated to assist recording space, and you are not recording when there is nothing to track record.

The Quad Processor or maybe HDMI Splitter is a product that allows you to view more than one photographic camera image on a video keep an eye on it. Usually, the Quad can split the image into some separate camera views on one monitor. When using a video monitoring system with a Quad and video monitor, someone is generally watching the monitor, like a security guard.

Camera Detector – A wireless home movie surveillance camera system will need a transmitter at the digital camera and a receiver at the pc or DVR. Hidden digital cameras primarily use 2 . four GHz as a frequency. Therefore it will not interfere with other typical household wireless devices. Concealed cameras today usually have the actual camera and transmitter inside the object, such as a radio station, clock, smoke detector, or another thing you have chosen for the home or office.

A person can buy a ” cable ” hidden camera for just more than $100 and get good quality and the option of recording on the DVR or broadcasting on the web. However, some systems have the camera, DVR, and memory card all-in-one unit so that you can place the object on a desk or bookshelf and select it into an outlet intended for power. No other wires reveal its purpose, and usually, radio stations, lamps, or fans employed to hide the hidden photographic camera works typically like any other radio, light, or supporter.

Camera Detector – Every situation and location possesses different needs that must be reviewed before purchasing a hidden photographic camera. Just buying the most expensive undetectable camera with a DVR will not be what you will need.

The deciding factor does not price, nevertheless location and purpose. Keeping track of your home while away on a break with an all-in-one hidden photographic camera with DVR recording with a memory card may not monitor the house in real-time.

Camera Detector – A hidden photographic camera connected to the internet with a HARDWARE DVR would be less expensive and offer you the ability to monitor the home from anywhere in the world on your mobile computer.

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Why do you need a holiday home letting agency?



What is holiday home letting?

Holiday home letting is holiday accommodation which you let out to holidaymakers like yourself. Holiday home owners’ primary concern with holiday home letting is probably whether they’ll be able to find tenants. There are loads of holiday rental agencies online who will advertise your holiday house for you – all the hassle-free work is done by them so that you don’t have too. 

So how do you know when it’s time to get the help of a holiday home letting agency? The most common problems with holiday home letting are holiday makers who promise to pay but never do, holiday home owners who keep having problems with tenants breaking rules or highly-strung holidaymakers complaining about their holiday homes. With holiday rental specialists on your side, these problems are sorted for you very quickly and without the need for you to get involved at all!

How does a holiday rental agency help?

An agent will advertise your holiday house online:

– they’ll upload photos of your holiday home onto the internet so that it is easily accessible by holiday makers worldwide 

– they’ll make sure it shows up in search results when people like you are looking for somewhere to stay during their holidays (they use SEO techniques – Google loves holiday rentals!) 

They will find holiday renters and sort out any holiday problems that holiday makers might have with your holiday house.

This means that holiday home owners won’t need to deal with demanding holiday makers or untrustworthy tenants themselves. A holiday rental agency can completely take care of everything for you so you don’t need to get involved at all – it’s really easy and hassle-free. You’ll still be able to make money from renting your holiday home without having to lift a finger! 

The best thing about holiday letting is that there are loads of people in the business who love what they do. 

How to find a holiday letting agency for your property? 

It all depends on where your property is based. The best holiday letting agencies are local experts who have vast knowledge of the area to market your property. This means holiday home renters who are holidaying in those areas might be more likely to find your holiday home as their holiday rental. For example if your holiday home is based in the Cotswolds, you may consider the help of StayCotswold as holiday lettings specialists.

What are the benefits of choosing a holiday home letting agency?

Holiday home owners can make lots of money from renting their holiday houses, especially considering how easy it is now thanks to holiday letting agencies! It leaves holiday home owners free to do other things while their holiday house earns money for them! Holiday letting agents know all the holiday homes that are available in your area and will be able to help you find holiday renters if you can’t advertise your holiday house yourself.

Overall, with the help of a holiday home letting agency you can market your property stress-free, save time and make money.

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Comparing Sole Proprietorship and LLC



New businesses are mushrooming all over the US at a lightning pace. In fact, 1.36 million new businesses were registered in Q1 of 2021 itself. 

If you too are contemplating launching a business, hold that thought. Have you thought about the kind of business structure you want?


Then, be prepared to pay for that oversight. Business structure is an aspect that can impact your management, operations, taxation, and ownership. 

If you aren’t clear about whether your new business should be a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, or LLC, that’s bad news. Understand that it’s not easy to switch entity types once a business is formed and filed.

However, there’s no need to panic. We have your back. In this post, you will learn the basics of LLCs and Sole Proprietorships so that you are better positioned to take an informed decision on which one to choose.

Let’s dive in.

Business Formation 

The formation process of a business is dictated by the entity structure of the business.

Sole Proprietorships are easy to start, especially when they are formed under the owner’s name. In case they are to be run under a fictitious name, a Doing Business As or DBA has to be filed with the Secretary of State.  

LLCs have a longer road to cover before they come to life. They have to first file Articles of Organization with detailed information about their founding members. Following that, they have to draft an LLC Operating Agreement that outlines each member’s roles and responsibilities. 

Tax Implications

Both LLCs and Sole Proprietorships offer pass-through taxation. 

What does that mean?

It means that business income passes to the business owners. Consequently, you don’t have to pay double tax — one on personal income and one on business income.

However, there’s a downside to this taxation system. Sole proprietors are required to pay a self-employment tax to the US federal government. 

LLCs, on the other hand, can forgo this tax if they opt to be taxed as a corporation. However, then they would have to pay some corporate tax for their business.

Ownership Arrangement

Sole Proprietorships belong to their owners, who should be individuals. 

LLCs are formed by groups of one or more entities or individuals, termed as Members. The LLC belongs to all members collectively. Banks and other financial institutions can’t be counted as members but foreign businesses and other LLCs can.

Over to You

Now you know the basic differences and similarities between LLCs and Sole Proprietorships. However, you might need more information before you’re ready to take a call on what kind of business structure you should make.

To simplify your research, we’re sharing an infographic on the topic, created by GovDocFiling. Take a look at it.

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC: Which One Is Right for Your Business?
Infographic via:

Author Bio

Brett Shapiro is a co-owner of GovDocFiling. He had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young. He started GovDocFiling, a simple resource center that takes care of the mundane, yet critical, formation documentation for any new business entity. 

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Spy Camera Glasses – How To Get A Better Deal



Spy Camera Glasses

All about “Spy Camera Glasses” –

Spy Camera Glasses – Visualize this scene if you can. In a very very very busy airport, a great exchange between terrorists and also gunrunners is taking place. Say yes to does not go unnoticed or perhaps unmonitored by several countries’ intelligence bureaus. Agencies are swarming all over the airport, all of them in various disguises. One goes undercover as an adolescent.

He sports very dark, extremely sleek sunglasses. He hits a conversation with one of many terrorists. Unbeknownst to the terrorist, the agent is saving his features, physique, speech, and movement. How? By way of a video recorder implanted inside the agent’s sunglasses.

Does this arena seem like something plucked suitable out of a James Bond picture? Yes, it does. The reality, nevertheless, has finally caught up having fiction. Today, you need not certainly be a member of the secret service to wear spy camera cups. Many companies are manufacturing s&p 500 camera glasses. These are available on and off Online.

Spy Camera Glasses What exactly?

Spy camera glasses search no different from regular glasses. They are so innocuous-looking they would seem identical to the spectacles your grandfather is wearing, or the shades your sis frequently dons.

Spy video camera glasses are designed for the covert procedure. They are particularly useful in lookout and law enforcement. Authorities employ them to obtain information or fit suspects under surveillance. S&p 500 camera glasses also occur handy to private investigators who use them to hook erring spouses or receive damaging evidence for use with litigations.

How Do Spy Video camera Glasses Work?

How can we record someone using sun shades? Well, mankind has made these kinds of dramatic strides in miniaturization we now have cameras so tiny they can easily be invisible in an eyewear’s nosepiece. Inside spy camera glasses, the particular camera concealed in the nose area piece may either end up being wired or wireless. The particular camera records the information and after that transmits the same either inside a color or in grayscale.

Going Wireless

Wireless criminal camera glasses are driven by batteries. These electric batteries, however, are different from the type we sometimes buy for our portable radios. They are so long-lasting they could keep the hidden video camera jogging for long periods.

This characteristic of spy camera spectacles is important. After all, anyone who is ever done any security work can tell you your current worst enemy is the moment. There’s no telling how long you’d probably have to wait for your scrape to emerge from the office, like or head for his paramour’s house.

Staying Wired

Today, what of wired criminal camera glasses? They have skinny wires connecting the digicam to a transmitter or saving device. This transmitter as well as a recording device can be simply kept inside abreast as well as a jeans pocket.

Humankind has come a long way from the times of yore. Not only have most of us leaped from caves to help mansions, but we have also now produced glasses capable of performing as camcorders. Spy camera glasses usually are marketed so widely you can buy one yourself. If you need it for reliable reasons or you just think they have cool to own one, you could spy in your shades every time, anywhere.

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