How Does Acupuncture Work For Anxiety Patient

As the world tries to contain raging coronavirus with its different variants, medical experts have suggested that the population of people with anxiety has increased in the last few months. Anxiety is simply a medical condition that occurs as a result of social or psychological activities. This happens irrespective of gender, age, social class or health condition.

There are different opinions on whether anxiety is a social or medical condition but the idea of why it plays a significant role in the medical well-being of an individual is still scrutinized.

What is acupuncture?

This is an ancient medicinal practice that is common among the Chinese, some see it as an alternative to medicine because of the vital role it plays in keeping people healthy. The origin of this pseudoscience can be traced to the ancient Chinese empire as it was assumed that this practice is not related to scientific knowledge.  Acupuncture is also regarded as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because some experts view this medical option as quackery despite its effectiveness.

The rate or technique of acupuncture across different countries varies which is why people tend to ascribe each technique of respective countries by their names eg acupuncture Chinese, acupuncture Singapore etc.

What is anxiety?

This is simply a natural phenomenon where the human body reacts to stress. It can also occur when an individual is fearful or nervous about an incident. Anxiety sometimes can be good for the human body to create a balance in emotions but when you notice it sporadic occurrence or it lasts longer than the expected time range then it can be regarded as a disorder.

This health condition can occur either when you get a new job, about to make a speech or meeting a prominent individual while this feeling comes, it should not interfere with essential activities of human lives. In cases of disorder, the feeling might be intense or debilitating. People with extreme anxiety are unable to do simple things like closing the door, jumping etc.

Signs of anxiety

  1. Restlessness
  2. Rapid heartbeat
  3. Lack of concentration
  4. Trouble sleeping
  5. Fast breathing

Can acupuncture treat anxiety?

The simple answer is yes, acupuncture can treat various levels of anxiety, and it has been tested by different individuals of various locations and confirmed as an effective antidote to treating the disorder.  You can simply check online to locate the best TCM in Singapore or any close to your current location.

How to use acupuncture to manage anxiety at home

The treatment of acupuncture relies more on concentration on the strategic part of the body, it also involves pinning needles on various parts of the body to improve well-being. If you notice constant anxiety while at home, you can practice this outline information to prevent the future complication of anxiety.

  1. Balanced diet- The role food plays in keeping up good health can never be overemphasized, medical experts have suggested that good nutrition helps to reduce the effect on anxiety in the body. Those who experience disorder should reduce their intake of junk foods and alcohol consumption while drinking plenty of water.
  2. Eat seeds- This may sound funny but this information is based on expert’s advice. It has been discovered that consuming seeds helps in reducing anxiety, you can give it a try sometime. An acupuncturist also confirms that the energy release from small seeds helps to treat panic attacks.
  3. Constant exercise- While at home, you can also engage in an exercise like tai chi or yoga as various therapists have also suggested this helps to reduce the level of anxiety in the body. There are various videos online to check for best exercise practice to treat anxiety. You don’t spend a lot of time burning heat, 20 or 30 minute is enough but if you can practice more this duration, no problem.
  4. Control breathing-When you have anxiety, you might notice fast breathing. You can simply manage this disorder by practising a simple breathing cycle during your leisure period. With time, your body will adapt to normal breathing. Also, their materials and videos provided on the internet that helps in controlling the breathing cycle.
  5. Be social- Sometimes, anxiety disorder might cause you to distance yourself from your peers but this is not advisable. Whenever you notice anxiety, always try to maintain a social connection. You can make video calls, cook, and gist with family or do something creative to reduce anxiety.


If you notice more than three (3) signs of anxiety mentioned above. Simply contain this disorder by practising the recommended household treatment at little or no cost. Despite this advice, you can still visit an acupuncturist for further directive or advice.

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