How Does A Rhinoplasty Work

How Does A Rhinoplasty Work?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, or more commonly “nose job,” is a surgery done to change the nose’s shape to improve breathing or solely for cosmetic purposes.  The surgery itself is not painful. However, some patients complain about irritation or soreness for some days after getting a nose job done.

When a surgeon plans a nose surgery or rhinoplasty, they will first look at your facial features and skin and determine what you want to do. There are several reasons people can get a nose job, so the surgeon has to consider all these factors.

There are different ways the nose surgery is done, two of which we are mentioning here. First is open rhinoplasty, in which a horizontal incision on the columella (issue joining nasal tip to base and separating nostrils) lifts the nose and changes its shape. More invasive, the doctor will get more access to the bones in the nose, and this surgery will leave a small scar on the bottom. Another type is closed rhinoplasty, in which a vertical incision is made inside the columella and skin or tissues or raised to gain access to the interior of the nose. This type of surgery is much less invasive and does not leave any scar.

To summarize, this surgery is done to change the structure or shape of your nose. After a particular accident that might have left trauma on your face, especially your nose, rhinoplasty can be done to remove that. Then many birth defects can cause the structure and shape of the nose to become deformed, which again can be corrected by getting a nose job. Some people like to get it done purely for the purpose of appearance. They might feel that their nose is too small or large or have huge nostrils that they might want to change.

In some cases, they are not satisfied with their appearance, so they chose to get rhinoplasty or nose surgery to lay their worries to rest. The material can be added or removed from the nose, all depending on the requirements. In addition, the cartilage can be taken from inside the nose or ears, rib, bones, or implants for both small and large changes. The incisions can be done at the base of the nose externally to adjust the bone and cartilage present under the skin of your nose. The wall separating the two nostrils can also be readjusted if it is bent or crooked.

Rhinoplasty can be done to repair any irregularity caused by an injury, accident, or birth defect. Those who are considering getting a nose job in the future should first do complete research and consult the specialist. The best time to get rhinoplasty is after your body has done all the necessary growth, which will decrease the number of complications. Often you will encounter scammers that will do more harm than good, so be careful when choosing your specialist.

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