How do we take care of your nails

How do we take care of our nails?

There are many ways how we can take care of different parts of our body, but what about the nails? Nails are as important as any other body part, they may be small but it is important to keep in clean and maintained(not just by taking nail nutrients) well to prevent damage and collecting bacteria since our hands collect more dirt than any part of our bodies. In this article, we’ve listed the things you can do to take care of your nails.

Always keep your nails dry

When washing dishes or cleaning the bathtub, try using cloth-lined rubber gloves to prevent heavy exposure to water. If you can avoid soaking them in water for extended periods of time, you’re more likely to have healthy, strong nails. Soaking nails can lead to cracks, tears, and infections as moisture and bacteria build-up under and around the nails. You can also ensure that your hands and nails are thoroughly dry after unavoidable daily contact.

Take vitamins and supplements if needed

If you want to strengthen your nails, get the necessary nutrients for strong nails. Some supplements are designed specifically for factors such as healthy nails and hair. Research even suggests that biotin, a vitamin in the B vitamin group, may help promote nail strength and growth. It is better to ask your doctor for advice before making any decisions about your health and nutrition.

Avoid strong chemicals that could damage your nails

It is important to be careful and aware of all the beauty and wellness products you choose. The more chemicals in a product, the more damage it can cause to your nails and skin. Choose natural products whenever possible, and try to avoid frequent use of polishes. Gloves and tools like brushes and sponges may act as a barrier if you use or frequently come into contact with household cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. They can also reduce the severity of any chemicals you end up in contact with the cleaner.

Wear gloves while doing household chores

Use gloves for gardening, and household chores. This prevents nails from breaking due to water softening nails, especially when combined with heavy scrubbing and deep cleaning.

Keep your nails clean and cut

Dirty nails are not only unhygienic but also unattractive. Nails are part of the handwashing process and general cleaning process. Throughout the day, your nails pick up dirt and particles from different places. Dirt buildup can weaken the integrity of your nails and cause them to become brittle. Even a small amount of debris and dirt under your nails can spread disease, so it’s important to remember that more careful handwashing and nails aren’t just for you. Filing and trimming your nails is the best way to avoid the jagged edges of your nails that can clog and tear, leading to cuts. Using a sturdy nail file, clean scissors, and sharp nail clippers will help you avoid nail infections or painful injuries. Clean edges are less likely to clog or break, and they help promote stronger, more even growth. So when you cut, trim or file your nails, make sure you take the time to do it the right way with the right nail care tools.

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