How do Toppers Study for Competitive Exams?

Exams are one of the most important things in a student life.  We all are doing the best of preparation so that we can excel in the examination. However the preparation for the competitive exams are quite different as compared to the board or the school exams because here not only  you have to have the complete knowledge of the syllabus but you at the same time need to have the smart idea as to when will you be able to apply the concepts. Remember this point that a Topper’ does not know beforehand that he/she is going exalt in that particular exam.

See for me to excel in an exam it’s neither luck, it good effort and a dedicated and constituent hard work that can put you through this process. Your plan should be like the one where you know what you want to achieve and then accordingly you are putting in the systematic approach for that.

Let us try and formulate a learning plan that I think will guide you to do good and also the main point here my friend is that you should be dedicated to put in that extra mile so that you can have a good scoring mechanism in place.

  1.  See the main thing here is that you need to stay focused that’s the key. You should always find out ways that can keep you always motivated and full of zeal.
  2. Do not study continuously. This makes the study monotonous and boring. The result you will retain less. Instead study for shorter hours and take a few breaks in between that will make you happy.
  3.  Plan well in advance as to which are the topics that you want to study for a particular day that will make your things easy.
  4. Always set deadlines this will motivate you to finish the task in the limited frame of time. Thus helping you in retime management.
  5. Please be confident of what you are studying. Do not ponder of too many materials as chances are that you will get confused. Always try and understand the concept and then try the other alternatives and apply so you will be able to retain more.
  6. Take a comfortable environment to study. This is very important because if you don’t have a place that has enough light and ventilation and eventually you will get tired. This will affect your preparations big time. So maintain a calm and quite environment where you can concentrate well.
  7. Please this is a request when you make a time table stick to it. This will help you to give importance to each and every topic. Chalk out your weaker and the stronger areas so that you know where and how to focus.
  8. They take good care of their health this is the time that you eat healthy and balanced diet. This will keep your mood upright and you will be able to concentrate more

They always try to do the things differently. Even before the teacher takes up the topic at the class, they would try to read them by themselves so that next time they are in a position to clear their doubts. Do this exercise; this will really improve your confidence.
Now, the one thing that being students we all should focus is to be exam ready. Make the note of the important dates of the exams. Visit the venue one day prior to the exams you save yourselves of the last minute hassle. Take a printout of the admit card. 

Do not take stress, believe in yourselves this is the best preparation that you can do and you will definitely do well.

All the best!!

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