How Covid is Making Divorce Cases More Complicated

The Covid-19 pandemic feels like it has been going on forever. But if there has been one thing the pandemic has done is disrupt the everyday processes that we all take for granted, such as getting a divorce from your partner.

As if getting divorced wasn’t stressful enough, add in the emotional rollercoaster of having to navigate divorce proceedings while social distancing, wearing masks, working from home, self-isolating with a positive covid test, and home educating the kids all at the same time.

It is not just the stress of living in an unhappy relationship that drives current divorce rates, but adding in the frustration of living together through lockdowns and coping with a significantly changed, and often scary, world outside is all contributing to the pressure.

Divorce lawyers under pressure

It is not just divorcing couples and families that are negatively affected by covid. Divorce lawyers are also having a tough time coping with the pandemic rules and working closely with their divorce clients.

Divorce negotiations are also becoming more heated between parties the longer the pandemic goes on. Emotions and hurt feelings run high during painful divorces, but covid has managed to polarise emotions, and tempers are rising.

Panicked parents have to decide their finances and their children’s futures while not in the best state of mind. Many clients have strong opinions about coronavirus safety that may clash with the views of their ex-partner, so there is added friction that a family lawyer has to smooth out before proceedings can continue. 

Shared child custody during covid

Divorcing parents are in an awful position regarding sharing the custody of their children during the pandemic. While it may be an instinct to keep your children close and isolate them to protect them from the virus, parents with shared custody of children don’t have that option.

Each parent will want to do what is best for their children, but fighting with their ex-partner over access during the pandemic is becoming a real issue now during custody cases.

Covid is coming up in every aspect of child custody cases during a divorce, causing tension between parties to intensify. This has caused the child custody element of divorce settlements to drag on as every little detail of access, travel restrictions and contact with members of second families is scrutinised. 

As covid rules are constantly changing, it is like hitting a moving target for divorce lawyers. Covid restrictions may be very different at the start and end of a divorce, so it is the job of a divorce lawyer to find some common ground to agree on to enable proceedings to move on. 

Getting the support you need

Going through a breakup and divorce is a life-altering event that can be incredibly painful during regular times but has become even more agonising due to the pandemic.

It can be made worse if you need to self-isolate at home with a positive covid test, but you can still have reassuring online communications with your legal team to ensure your divorce is going smoothly.

This is why it makes sense to work with a professional family law firms to get the help and support you need for your divorce during the covid pandemic. 

Our dedicated team of experienced family lawyers understand that dealing with the heartache of your marriage breakup is hard. The feelings of isolation may intensify your emotions at this time that the pandemic has brought on.

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