Chat-Gpt can Influence SEO

How Chat-Gpt can Influence SEO – Positive or Negative?

Many writers have already claimed that ChatGPT is going to kill the SEO market. However, this is not true. In fact, ChatGPT or any AI tool can improve your SEO and make an SEO expert’s life easier. But it’s important to note that these tools cannot give you copy-paste materials. One needs to use their intelligence and utilize these tools properly. In this article, we will read about how chatgpt can influence SEO to maximise our outputs.

For instance, I have seen junior SEOs use these tools very straightforwardly, asking basic questions such as “Can you suggest some FAQs around automation?” However, in this case, the tool gives very basic FAQs that don’t take into account the intent, SEO ranking, or business KPIs.

A better way to use ChatGPT would be to input a more specific request, such as “Hello, I have a business on robotic automation, and I need a few FAQs to help my website visitors convert to my prospects.” This way, the AI-generated output will be more targeted and useful for your business.

Another example is inputting “I have a hospital website that offers oncology treatments in India. Can you suggest some interesting blog topics around this service or treatment?” With this input, ChatGPT can give us unique topics that are relevant to our business.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a useful tool for generating better statements, SEO tags, content, rewritten content, frequently asked questions, blog topic suggestions, and more. However, it’s important to remember that these tools cannot add “intelligence” to the elements that they output. It’s up to the user to properly operate and utilize these tools.

While ChatGPT can be helpful, it should not replace human content writers. Instead, it can help enhance the quality of writing, formats, and more. Ultimately, the human brain should be used to finalize the content, as copy-pasting generated materials can create bigger problems in the future.

In conclusion, ChatGPT and SEO should go hand-in-hand to achieve clearer output and quality results. Search cannot be replaced by anything, as it is an intent-driven behaviour where users input a specific query for what they need at that moment. Unlike any other medium, search is not based on our internet behaviour or past searches, but on what we specifically need in the present moment.

About the Author : Vijay Kumar.

Vijay comes with a very hard core digital background, started his job with Yahoo search engine when he was in infosys Bangalore, later worked with Interactive Avenues as Director SEO at IPG media brand group (7 years), now working in a reputed digital agency as AVP SEO.

Maned website driving 1mn organic traffic to 15mn per month traffic sites, has got experience on GMB, YouTube Optimizations as well.

He has done B.Sc EnC, done his Data Analytics at Greatlakes and pursuing digital marketing analytics & application course in IIM Lucknow.

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