How Can You Tell if Someone Is a Romance Scammer in A Single Conversation?

It’s kind of sad but romance scams are one of the biggest online scams that have been happening for a long time but their number has increased now. Sure, the awareness regarding online romance scams has increased but scammers still somehow end up looting lots of people out there. Such scams are actually common amongst older adults compared to others as scammers know these people do have tons of cash to spend on them how to identify a dating scammer

Do not take online dating scammers as normal individuals. They are extremely clever and know how to make you fall for them. Remember they have been doing this for a long time and have dealt with different people out there. This is how they are well experienced in scamming people. 

The Scammer Detector Test Made by Chargebacking 

If you are looking for ways to detect a scammer, here are some of the most common ones I have understood from my research.

Do they claim they live very far from you? 

When you meet someone online, and they claim they live very far away from you, then it is time to be a little careful. Scammers will most of the time tell you that they are stationed abroad and it is very hard for them to come and meet you. They will make excuses like they cannot leave their parents alone since they are sick, or will say that it is really hard for them to get a leave from work. Moreover, they will never invite you to meet them either. The most common stories they make include that they work in an oil rig, are deployed overseas since they work in the army, are a doctor somewhere abroad, and many more. 

Is their profile too good to be true?

When you look at a real dating profile of someone, you can see different pictures of the person in different situations. Some of the pictures show the person’s whole body, while some show only the face. Some pictures are with friends as well as family. Moreover, they have also linked their social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to their profile. However, if you go through a dating profile of a scammer, you will realize that something is off. 

There are no such pictures of the person, just a couple of them. The hobbies match yours and the similarities between the two of you might actually seem too good to be true in real life. This is how you can understand that the profile is not real. 

Do they move too fast in the relationship? 

Online scammers want to get money from you as quickly as possible and in order to do that, they need to gain your trust. This is why they make sure the relationship moves too fast. There are different ways they do that. For instance, they will confess their ‘love’ for you as quickly as possible and might even ask you to marry them. Moreover, they move the conversation to other channels quite quickly. The person will get your number so that you do not lose contact with them easily. When having a conversation with a scammer, there are some red flags. These include no flow of conversation, messages that look copy-pasted, grammar and spelling mistakes, and different excuses to not video call. 

Some scammers also make up emotional and sad stories about their childhood or their family to you. They only do this to gather your trust and to make you believe that they are emotionally invested in you. 

How I Was Able to Identify That The Person I was Dating Was a Fraud…

I have always believed in fairytales and wanted a loving partner in my life which is why I have been open to dating websites my whole life. Little did I know that my need for a partner would turn into a nightmare. Now, what happened was that I met this guy online on a dating website who had the same hobbies like mine. I thought I would get to know the person better however as time passed, I felt like there was something off. This is when I started pushing the scammer to meet me and video call me. The scammer had excuses every single time. 

This is when I started doing my research and realized that online dating scams are actually a thing. I saw a website called Charge Backing that had detailed information regarding online dating scammers. Once I read details about these scammers on their blog, I knew I was in contact with a scammer. I am so glad I trusted my gut feeling and did my research or else I would have been scammed till now. 
Guys, telling from personal experience, please do not trust anyone you meet online. You need to take your time, meet the person, and get to know each other better first. Online dating scams are actually a thing so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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