How can you make a good first impression online without meeting someone face to face

Just a decade or two ago, most big business deals would have been done face to face. They would have required both parties to sit in the same room together to discuss the finer points of any potential deal. It would have then required both parties to get together to read and sign a contract which would have probably ended in a shake of hands as well. In 2021, most of these important deals are now being done online. Whilst this does reduce the amount of time spent travelling to offices and preparing for meetings, it also removes some of the ways businesspeople used to try and impress important clients. Things like taking them out for a nice meal, wearing a smart suit or outfit or even speaking confidently. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the ways you can make a good first impression online without all of those classic tricks. 

Display your brand proudly at the end of any email

When responding to someone by email, you might think that you cannot show much of your brand’s personality within the text you write. Whilst much of the body of the message will need to be in clear black lettering on a white background to make it easy to read and create a professional look, your email signature is a great place to show off your brand. Simply find an email signature generator software like  Newoldstamp and MySignature, and you can create a bespoke image that shows of your brands logo, colors and even some of the products that you sell or manufacture. They say pictures speak more than a thousand words, so even a small graphic at the bottom of your email could tell the recipient so much more about the business than most of the text does. 

Respond to them in a timely manner 

Another way of making a good impression is to be punctual when you are responding to someone’s emails. You would not leave a possible customer waiting hours in a store for help or even show up days later for a meeting and expect to see a possible client. That is why it is important to try and respond to every single email you receive as quickly as possible. If a possible customer or client does not hear back from you within a day or even a few hours, it is highly likely that they will simply search for another business online.

Make sure you get the little things right

When writing to a customer via email, you want them to feel like you have spent a long time crafting a response that has been personalized to them. Simple errors like spelling someone’s name wrong can seriously damage any personal connection that you are trying to make with that customer. Before clicking send, make sure you have every single detail within the email correct. Make one silly mistake and that could be enough for any potential client or customer to lose trust in your ability to provide them with a product or service that is up to the standards they expect. 

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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