How can SMO help in gaining traffic to a website?

It would be best if you got busy ranking your website on Google. A successful digital marketer keeps working patiently behind the scenes. Social Media Optimization is one of the most effective methods of online marketing. If you do it right, you can expect quicker results compared to other strategies. It helps spread the word fast when done well. Soon enough, you get to enjoy a steady stream of visitors on your webpage.

You ought to be a mind ninja. Digital marketing is demanding, but you cannot afford to be pushy. At no time should search engine bots get the idea that you are trying to manipulate the algorithm. Keep it organic at all times, at any cost! Of course, you have the liberty of posting your content to as many groups as you want. Just make sure that the group admin does not take you for a spammer. That won’t bode well for your website. Here is a breakdown of the steps you should take to promote your site on social media.  

  1. Grow your network

Have a good bio for your social page. As you have multiple social accounts, have unique bios. Bios are great places to have a link to your website. Keep it concise and avoid superfluous words. Describe your company’s motto and highlight your best points. You would also need a good profile picture. It can be a good pic of your face or even your logo. Focus on the cover photo. Get a graphic designer to create something catchy.

It would help if you were fairly active on socials. Send out your best vibes whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Follow people and join groups. Most importantly, develop a habit of commenting often. Appreciate posts made by others by liking and sharing them on your profile. Be respectful and positive. Don’t be desperate to get other’s attention. People will take notice automatically if you are good.  

Make witty posts and comments that intrigue the attention of readers. Tickle their funny bones with GIFs. When people respond with a comment, try to carry on the conversation. However, it should not feel like you have a plan. TBH, no one likes a pushy agenda on socials! Above all, be helpful. Practice these basic people skills consistently. Your motto should be to get the trust of your audience. Once you have it, you can divert it effortlessly towards your website. Retaining this reliability is all the more important. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Post quality content

Keep the hype alive. It can be a cool video or a smart one-liner. Good images also help get those likes and comments. Try to put up something at least once every week. Whatever you post, it should present a great topic for carrying out small talk. Don’t post in a hurry. Take your time, but make it good.

If it’s a piece of text, always ensure that it includes the keywords you are optimizing. You can directly post a link to your blog page, and it is important. Have a good blog and maintain the healthy habit of uploading fresh content regularly.

If you are not confident of your writing skills, hire a good writer to churn out amazing content. With good content, you can soon measure and identify website visitor data as it keeps growing.

For TikTok and YouTube, you need good video content. Although it is more expensive to have a video made than to have something written, it is worth it. For Instagram, you need to create catchy images to get your point across. Don’t forget to tag people from your network who would have a genuine interest in your posts. Just don’t make too many tags. Also, remember to use hashtags to optimize your keywords.

Ensure that your blog has conspicuous social sharing options. Good blogs also help generate backlinks. You should also be active in social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, as these can substantially help you generate quality backlinks. You can also try running contests and giveaways on social media to attract a good deal of attention!

It would be best if you stayed on top of what’s happening in your field. Whatever is trending in your niche, leverage it by making a post. Always focus more on quality than on quantity, and the results should speak for themselves.

  • Advocacy marketing

One of the best ways to bring a lot of traffic to your site is through influencers. Celebrity influencers will charge a wholesome amount to promote your brand, but they also have millions of followers. Besides celebrities, you can also hire the services of micro-influencers. Influencer marketing is big these days. It can get your site a great jump start. As long as your website is good, you should be able to retain this spike in attention.

It is the shortest and surest way to go viral with quality content. It would help if you made it a point to have a good rapport with the influencer. The positive vibes will automatically show up as a good endorsement. If you are good, you can enjoy a lot of conversion to paying customers.

Remember that influencers have their reputation for managing, and if your product is not up to the mark, an influencer may deny endorsing your brand. Invest a lot of time in creating a good website or a catchy blog. It should be attractive, helpful, and make the visitors feel welcomed.


Does your website have a sign-in feature? Always have an option to sign in it via using a social account such as Facebook. Thus, you can automatically increase your follower base and improves the chances of sharing your content.

Finally, paid marketing on socials also helps promote your brand to a specified target audience group. Include that in your SMO strategy as well. It may not be organic, but it is still a part of the social media suite. Nevertheless, your main focus should be on keeping it organic. That’s the best way to stay on top of Google’s radar.

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