Zealand tourist visa

How can I get a New Zealand tourist visa?


Outsiders can remain in New Zealand for as long as 9 months in an 18-month time frame with a vacationer visa. It is feasible to apply for a 3-month expansion from New Zealand and remain for quite a long time in a two-year duration. Traveler visa holders can read up in New Zealand for as long as 90 days out of each year.


New Zealand Tourist Visas


New Zealand offers an extensive variety of vacationer visas for individuals visiting the country for a brief period. NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA Explorers ought to consider every one of the choices accessible to them relying upon their:


  1. Justification behind visiting New Zealand
  2. Length of stay
  3. Identity

Peruse on to figure out additional about the various kinds of New Zealand visas, qualification models, and records expected to apply.


Do I want a traveler visa for New Zealand?


Voyagers need a NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA except if they are:


  1. A resident or long-lasting occupant of Australia
  2. A resident of one of the 60 guest visa waiver nations and regions
  3. A holder of the United Nations laissez-passer
  4. Qualified for sans visa travel under other explicit arrangements
  5. The travel industry in New Zealand with an NZeTA
  6. Residents of a few nations can go to New Zealand without applying for a guest visa.


Vacationers from in excess of 60 nations including the United States, all European Union part states, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan can go to New Zealand with an eTA and remain for as long as 90 days.


Residents from the United Kingdom can enter for times of as long as a half year with the NZ eTA.Voyage transport travelers, everything being equal, can venture out to New Zealand with an eTA rather than a visa. Qualified unfamiliar residents should finish the NZeTA online application before takeoff.


New Zealand | Frequently Asked Questions

Guest visas and travel papers

NEW ZEALAND VISA FAQ From 1 October 2019, guests from visa-waiver countries(opens in new window) should demand an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) preceding coming to New Zealand. You may likewise need to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). For additional data on the ETA and IVL, visit Immigration New Zealand. (opens in new window)


You will possibly have to apply for a guest visa on the off chance that you are not from a visa waiver country. Kindly allude to the Immigration New Zealand(opens in new window) site for more data.


Your passport(opens in another window) should be legitimate for no less than one month after takeoff from New Zealand in the event that your nation has a consular portrayal in New Zealand or 90 days after a flight in the event that it doesn’t.


Working in New Zealand


On the off chance that you are under 30 years of age or under and come from a taking an interesting country, you might fit the bill for our childhood working occasion conspire. Figure out more about the young working occasion conspire here(opens in another window). If it’s not too much trouble, allude to the Immigration New Zealand(opens in new window) site for other data on work visas.


Relocating to New Zealand


For true data on relocating to New Zealand kindly go to Immigration New Zealand(opens in another window).


Concentrate on New Zealand


Movement New Zealand(opens in another window) likewise gives official data on concentrating on visas. The Study New Zealand(opens in another window) site gives data on courses, organizations, and grants.



While numerous nations all over the planet took on the visa appearance, New Zealand isn’t one of them. Its visa strategy incorporates many sorts of visas, however, on-appearance visas are not one of them. This is presumably on the grounds that the electronic visa to New Zealand is so natural to apply for.

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