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How Can Contract Cleaning Result in Work Rate Levels Be Enhanced?

Contract cleaning, also called commercial cleaning, is a health-wise service every business requires presently to enhance their level of work rate and productivity.

According to Warwick, the UK contract cleaning industry is estimated at £5.6 billion with a total workforce of about 448,400 in just 32,000 contract cleaning companies. These figures suggest guaranteed healthy competition, professionalism, and hygienic cleaning among cleaning service providers in the UK. 

Can professional contract cleaners improve staff productivity levels? The sincere answer is “yes”. Your business requires commercial contract cleaning services to ignite freshness and promote healthiness at the workplace. Below are the ways contract cleaning service providers such as can enhance employee work rate levels:

Employee Retention

A poorly managed facility would discourage the employee from continuing with the company.

According to Monster, the estimated average employee turnover rate in the UK is 15% yearly, but it varies by industry. Poor working conditions may contribute to over 5% of the turnover rate, which affects a company’s finance negatively.

No company wants to lose its employees, especially with the continuous rise in the cost of hiring a new workforce. If you discover that a main reason for employee turnover is due to the working environment and cleanliness, then professional contract cleaning services can help eradicate that issue because having a clean workplace environment is essential to help keep the staff motivated, engaged and productive. 

Mechanised Cleaning

A mechanised form of cleaning is the modern method for keeping your business clean even during working hours.

The cleaning service would be performed with vacuums, standard speed scrubbing/polishing machines, and additional cleaning solutions applied with a spray gun. Other cleaning equipment include floor sweepers, dry steam cleaner, water purification system, cold water pressure washer, and scrubber dryers.

While cleaning the office, dust obstructs employees and they are forced to exit their workspace temporarily to avoid inhaling it. The short break steals the productive time of an employee of course.

A professional commercial cleaning service is aware of the situation and uses mechanised measures to suck the dust while the day’s business is active.

Health Improvement and Compliance

Commercial cleaning services improve the health of the employees and the work facility entirely. A typical professional cleaning service provides CQC (Care Quality Commission) compliant cleaning services that guarantee workspace cleanliness.

Upon demand, the contract cleaning service can provide health education to the staff to keep up with health trends. For instance, during the first wave of the coronavirus, a cleaning service provider instructs employees on healthy guidelines to fight the virus at the workplace.

Moreover, a contract cleaning provider could work together with the HR to assure health compliance according to the business jurisdiction to prevent the costly penalty for breaching health guidelines.

Employee Injury Mitigation

If your company harbours injured employees due to the facility conditions, the work rate reduces and results in lower productivity. (Health and Safety Executive) estimates that between 2017/2018 and 2019/2020, about 610,000 sustained injuries in workplace accidents. 559,000 employees recorded cases of ill health believed to be caused by their work.

Commercial cleaning services ensure injury mitigation that is handled by cleaning experts with the standard cleaning equipment. In this regard, an employee is not exposed to haphazard conditions and they can offer 100% job commitment.

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