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How Can Automated Software Support HR Professionals



Automated Software Support HR Professionals

Global human resources research and advisory firm Josh Bersin Research has revealed that the biggest change in the HR technology market is the spread of human resources applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration to support a broad set of work activities. Other evolutions in the HR tech market include an increasing corporate determination to improve the overall employee experience and the growth of HR tools designed for employees as well as HR executives.

The report, HR Technology 2021: A Definitive Guide, stated that one of the crucial changes in the HR technology market is the shift from “human resources” to “Work Tech,” evidenced by the pervasive spread of HR applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration, as mentioned earlier. This is a tremendous change that underlines how in an age of rapid digital transformation everything that happens at work is now a series of activities that can be facilitated by technology.

Since automated software for HR managers is the talk of the town lately, in this blog, we will tell you how such systems actually support HR professionals. So, without further ado, let us dive into the blog.

Streamlines HR Processes

If we talk about manual and outdated methods, they require an equal amount of human intervention and supervision. That means HR professionals are supposed to invest a large chunk of their time and energy to carry out every operation. Now, such a working model not just drops down the overall efficiency of HR professionals but also keeps them away from critical operations that can add value to the business. This is when HR management software comes into the picture.

One of the best things about such systems is that they are fully automatic technologies. That means HRs can carry out time-consuming processes in just a few clicks. While the HR system streamlines and optimizes every process, HRs can take a sigh of relief or work on other vital revenue-generating projects.

Eliminates Errors

If processes such as payroll and attendance are done manually, there is always a possibility of human errors. No matter how attentive an HR manager is, carrying out error-free operations is a difficult task. HR management systems, on the other hand, cut down such mistakes. Since such systems work on their own and need a bare minimum of human involvement, mistakes can automatically be reduced.

Promotes Employee Self-dependency

Unlike traditional tools, automated HR systems not just empower HR managers but also employees to a greater extent. In a traditional office setup, employees are expected to mail HRs or their managers to get trivial things done. And, amid managing a host of tasks, HR managers often find themselves in a place where they forget to respond to every mail of employees. This way, employees’ satisfaction levels can be tremendously impacted in the long run. To solve this problem, HR software provides ESS or employee self-service feature that is particularly useful for employees. Using this feature, employees can do a lot of simple operations without having to disturb anyone. From checking their attendance to downloading their salary slips, employees will be able to do several things in just a matter of minutes.

Enhances Reporting

Another benefit of using HR software is that it makes reporting easy as well as well-organized. While working in the new normal, no business leader will have to worry about accurate tracking of overall productivity. From WFH surveys to polls, HR systems offer various features that in turn help HR professionals effortlessly understand the pulse of their workforce. This will help businesses to maintain/improve their employee engagement along the way.

So, these are some ways automated software for HR managers work. In simpler words, such systems are an efficient way to take the human resources burden off HRs’ shoulders. That being said, do not waste more time and find one of the best HR management software for your organization.

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Five Biggest Technology Trends for 2021



Even as new technologies are introduced, innovation in the application of existing technology is rapidly changing how businesses work and how we communicate with the rest of the world. This transition is being accelerated by advances in computing power, data capture, and connectivity. Here are five things to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond.

Technology Trends to Watch In

  • Artificial Intelligence.

According to AI, machines with human characteristics, such as speaking, reading, seeing, and even recognizing emotion, complete tasks while also “learning” from repetitive experiences. Machines may perform tasks that are dangerous or repetitive more accurately or quickly than humans using algorithms that respond to position, voice, or user background.

According to Gartner, a US analysis and consulting company, all apps can use AI at some stage over the next few years. Importantly, AI allows companies to customize goods and services continuously, giving them a strategic edge over their competitors that is difficult to duplicate. ‘How can AI assist my organisation?’ is the question to ask.

  • VR & AR

People can immerse themselves in another world, respond to what’s around them, and change their virtual environment in real-time using systems that combine real-time 3D vision, sound, haptics (the sense of touch), position data, and even other senses like smell. This technology is increasingly being used in a wide range of human activities, from art and entertainment to commerce, education, and the military. It’s already being used to train physicians, nurses, teachers, and cops, and it’ll soon be available on your Mobile Phones. Could you use augmented reality to help your internal stakeholders become more efficient or to better connect with your customers?

  • Blockchain Technology

The digital currency’s fortunes While Bitcoin has brought Blockchain technology to the public’s attention, this secure framework for tracking and verifying transactions and preserving trustworthy records has the potential to disrupt a wide range of businesses. Companies are transforming time-consuming, centralized, less stable, and less secure processes with Blockchain technology. To give people a more direct voice in the democratic process, digital democracy platform MyVote, for example, uses Blockchain to store users’ data and voting history. Is it possible to use Blockchain to keep the data safe?

  • Automated systems

Manufacturing robots have been around since the 1960s. Automation is now firmly at the forefront of technology trends due to the size and scope of the transformation that automated systems enable due to other developments in machine learning and connectivity, for example. Automation will be a central subject of technological change, with potentially far-reaching economic and social implications, ranging from comfortable devices at home to large-scale industrial applications.

Professional services such as law and finance are currently being disrupted by automation, with input from these industries indicating that critical technological skills and management and people skills are more relevant than ever. What would be the effect of automation on your drive?

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

The “intelligent digital mesh,” as described by Gartner, is a collection of technologies that link people, devices, information, and services. This is the basis for new business models, networks, and opportunities that will change the way we live and work, with consequences that extend far beyond technology and include fields like law, economics, business, and politics.

Although the implementation of IoT technologies and strategy are still in its early stages, it is clear that opportunities will exist for those with technical expertise to link platforms and those with data analytics skills to make use of the rich stream of data provided by IoT applications. What insights could you gain from connecting and analyzing data from your products or core operations?

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How to Install 9Anime APK on PC




9Anime APK

Anime APK apps have made it much easier for anime fans to watch their favorite shows online.

 You don’t need to go search for a web app and navigate to it every time you want to watch anime. You can use the mobile streaming APKs to get access to your favorite anime 24/7. 

Plus, there are certain ways you can install android APKs on your PC as well. This way, you won’t have to use a web app like kisscartoon on your PC for streaming anime.

In this article, we are going to review the best app for anime, 9Anime, and its complete installation process for PCs. 

What is 9Anime?

Before we get into the installation process for 9Anime, let’s talk a little bit about this amazing anime platform. 

9Anime is one of the oldest free sites for subbed and dubbed anime. 9Anime started as a web app but now, it has a mobile app for android devices as well. 

You can download the 9Anime APK from various online sources to get this app on your phone. 

9Anime is safe and secure. This app works just fine even on devices that have low memory and other system resources.

Why Install 9Anime APK on PC?

If 9Anime APK is available for android devices, then why would you want to install it on your PC?

Well, there might be a time when you don’t have access to your phone. For example, when your phone is charging, or it is just out of order.

Install the 9Anime APK on your PC would allow you to have the same app on multiple devices. So, if one doesn’t work for you at the moment, you can use the other to watch anime shows online. 

This is the primary reason why we recommend installing 9Anime APK on your PC. 

How to Install 9Anime APK on PC?

To install 9Anime APK on your PC, you are going to need an android emulator first. 

An android emulator is a software solution that allows you to create a virtual android device on your PC. 

Once you install the emulator on your PC, you can use it as an android device. You’d be able to do everything that you do on a physical android device. For example, you’d be able to surf the web for sites like Movierulz Plz to watch movies or TV shows on the emulator   

Install 9Anime on PC Using Bluestacks

We are going to use the Bluestacks android emulator to install 9Anime APK. This emulator can be downloaded from the official Bluestacks website or version other online sources. 

Make sure to download the latest version so you don’t face any issues when installing the 9Anime APK. 

  • Download and install Bluestacks from the internet 
  • Run the app and add your Google Account details in it 
  • You can use the Google Play Store or the My Apps feature of Bluestacks to find and download the 9Anime App
  • You can also download the APK on your PC and import it into the emulator 

This is all that you have to do. Once you are done with it, you’d be able to use the 9Anime APK on your PC. 

You can try NoxPlayer or any other android emulator to install 9Anime APK on your PC.  

9Anime Features

  • This app is free to use. It is an ads-based streaming service, and you don’t need to pay anything directly for using it. 
  • 9Anime APK offers a huge collection of anime shows for mobile devices. The streaming quality of all these shows is great. 
  • 9Anime is safe & secure. It is a trusted streaming service for subbed & dubbed anime shows and movies. 
  • 9Anime has super-fast servers so there would be little to no lag when streaming shows using this app.  

Wrapping Up

9Anime is one of the few anime services that offer excellent ease of access to their users. 

There are many anime sites out there. But the way 9Anime services its audience is simply remarkable.

You can download the Bluestacks android emulator to run 9Anime APK on your PC. Although there are many other emulators that you can check out, Bluestacks offers the best performance.    

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What is good customer service?





Good customer service is the ability of a firm to know its consumers’ needs, meet their expectations, and strengthen the relationship between them and their customers. Firms that have great customer delivery create customer-centric strategies to maintain their already loyal customers and to gain new customers. Over the years, customer service has evolved from being a simple after-sale service to a significant concept that businesses view as a long-term investment.

Seeing that customer experience is an essential part of the business world currently, most businesses have or are in the process of improving the customer care skills to level the competition for market share. Companies that are in the process of improving their customer experience, can go through this article to learn how to transform customer service.

Ways to improve customer experience skills in a firm

Knowledge of your products

A firm should ensure all staff knows the products that they trade. It should know the price, place of manufacture, how the product functions, and the benefits of the product. This way the staff will be able to help a customer whenever they have a question concerning the company’s products.

Handling of customer feedback

A company should have a customer feedback system in place to know what customers think about their products and services. Quarterly complaint and positive feedback analysis will help point the company in the direction. The company will know which features of a product are undesirable and services to improve on.

Impeccable communication skills

All staff should have good communication skills and know the firm’s sales process. This will enable them to solve clients’ issues with ease and without a drawback of miscommunication.

Building strong client relationship

A company should create a transacting environment that is friendly and comfortable. Once the customers feel that their needs are prioritized, they will be loyal to the firm. The staff can also help improve the firm-client relationship by doing the following:

  • Reminding the clients, the services that they will continue enjoying.
  • Showing the customers that you know and understand their expectations and needs
  • Strengthening the relationship with the loyal consumers.

Inclusion of service delivery charter

The company can use a service delivery charter to inform customers of the services offered, their charges, and the time that it will take for service delivery. After some time the company can analyze to get the service delivery to turn around time. This will help them know if the customers experience a delay in service delivery which is an unattractive quality. In short, the company will know how to offer fast and high-quality services.

Training of staff

Firms usually have a different kind of staff. Some tend to be more technical than others. A good example is a telecommunication company where engineers are the staffs who are mostly dealing with the client. Engineers are more technical which makes it hard for clients to understand the recommendations engineers make. To solve this problem a firm can decide to invite customer relations agencies to train their staff on communication skills and customer relation skills.

Conducting customer satisfaction survey

A firm can collect information and analyze it to understand the satisfaction levels of their customers concerning every aspect of the services they offer. With this knowledge, a firm can deduce where they need to improve, what to do away with, and what to add.

Creation of a comprehensive website

The firm should have a website that communicates the products, services that the company offers. An FAQ and contact section will also contribute to helping a client to gain access to information concerning questions that may have not been answered by the website.

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Placing temps faster with recruitment software




A  good temporary recruitment software system plays a pivotal role in temps recruitment. This is because the temporary recruitment space has an even more brisk pace than the rest of the staffing industry.

Speed is of utmost importance when placing temp workers. Similarly, there is a big need for accuracy. And the temps placement space is extremely competitive because of the client’s urgency for good temps workers. Recruiting is people-based and data-driven as we all know.

Thus, it takes a robust recruitment software system to help recruiters sidestep all the temps placement challenges and meet the goals.

•          Helps understand the candidate base

Candidates are central in recruitment. A temps recruiter must understand their candidate base deeply. If they want to surpass their competition, they need to understand the candidate market and their applicants. Using software that allows recruiters to find, filter and evaluate candidate data is essential.

Temporary recruitment agency software has these features. The live candidate planner availability feature allows recruiters to see which of their candidates are ready to work and which ones are booked. After finding the appropriate candidates and filtering their CVs from within their database, recruiters can quickly check the shift patterns and placements on the software dashboard. Once the temporary workers are placed, recruiters can monitor them via the simple booking sheets in the software.

•          Helps raise the search game

Recruiters can’t afford to wait for good applicants. In temps recruitment, the pressure is felt more intensely as there is more urgency. So it is time to consider the network you have and the tools that you can employ. The purpose is to find the best temps workers in the market and place them as quickly as possible.

Social media is a good way to start your search. But there are only so many candidates you can find on LinkedIn. Take advantage of the advanced search tools within a sophisticated temporary recruitment software system. First of all, it allows users to set up a candidate database and add to it continuously. It is easy to comb through this private candidate database. The temps recruiting software also makes it convenient to search through multiple sources and cross-reference data all from within the main platform.

•          Helps engage with candidates

In the hustle and bustle of recruitment, it can be easy to forget about candidates and the importance of nurturing relationships with them. It is easy to see candidates only as numbers and data. But candidate engagement and candidate experience are crucial aspects of recruitment.

Using the right temporary recruitment software elevates the relationship between candidate and recruiter. It is no longer just about placing one candidate and moving on to the next. The temporary agency recruitment software tools provide advantages such as faster communication, automatic delivery of job offers, managing bookings, etc. Quick and consistent communication is really important. Many recruiters are guilty of forgetting to update their candidates. So using temps recruitment software is a great help in ensuring that applicants receive quick feedback and do not feel ignored.

Ready to place better quality of candidates faster? Visit Voyager Software for a free online demo.

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Best Free VPN For Android – Enables You To Surf The Net Instantly




best free vpn for android 4

Free VPN for Android is the best way to have the best experience in the cyber world. You can safely use your mobile device while surfing the web. It offers you complete security and privacy from any kind of online attacks and nuisances like hacking, malware, spyware, and the like. If you are wondering what kind of security and privacy you get with this service, you’ll be surprised at how it protects your private data and enables you to streamline your browsing. Here is a quick guide on how to sign up with the best free VPN for android and enjoy the ride.

To begin, sign up with the VPN service provider that suites your needs best. The most common application types are for UDP (Universal Multiple Protocol) and TCP/IP packets. If you are not familiar with these two protocols yet, you can always learn more about them through the Android Managed Apps website. With this app, you will be able to see the differences between both types of protocols and their differences in terms of security. A simple comparison would be that TCP/IP is the older of the two and the UDP is the newer one.

After signing up, download the VPN app and install it on your android device. This application works just like an authentic VPN server does. It’s easy to use since it lets you configure its different settings like port forwarding, username, passwords, etc. Once you’re done configuring it, you can already use it like you would with an actual private network. You’ll see your internet traffic goes through a private tunnel.

Free VPN for android works just like any other VPN service provider does. It offers various options that will allow you to surf the web securely and at the same time, enjoy unlimited browsing speeds. This type of service also allows you to unblock resources and websites whenever you need them. That’s why it has become the most sought after service today. Since it gives so many benefits, most android users opt for it these days.

If you ask me, I believe that man is the best way to surf the net while enjoying unblocking content. The app offers various options which allows you to gain access to unblockable sites. In fact, android users are quite happy with this application as it allows them to remain anonymous while browsing the internet. Their privacy is never compromised and they are able to browse the internet freely.

This free VPN for android service has various advanced features. Some of them are the speed optimization, which helps you get high speed access to websites. When you visit a site which has slow loading speeds, it might affect your downloading speed as well as your viewing experience. With this speed optimized VPN, you get to enjoy streaming videos at high speeds.

The VPN provides you complete security and hence you can stay away from the cyber criminals. The strongest VPN offers you great speed, huge bandwidth and strong privacy features along with unlimited access to the net. Therefore, if you have been looking to choose a VPN for your android device, then probably windscribe best free vpn for android is the best choice for you. You can connect to the internet anytime and anywhere without facing any problems.

Other than just getting high quality streaming video, you can also enjoy the YouTube videos at high speeds. You can view the YouTube videos on your phone without facing any issues. This high speed of android devices makes it the best choice for streaming media. Moreover, you can download various apps, games and other media files at super fast speeds using windscribe VPN.

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