How Bicycle Safety Has Improved in Recent Times

For many, the option of riding as part of the daily commute or weekly exercise regime has simply not been considered as a viable option based on the related safety concerns. It’s just seen as incredibly risky, and, yes, helmets, shin, elbow, shoulder, and knee pads may very well save you grave injury; it’s still avoided based on what may actually be some outdated safety concerns. This article discusses some of the prime reasons bicycle safety has improved recently.

  • Traffic legislation has improved for cyclists

With dedicated lanes now a common feature of most inner cities and the fact that cyclists now have the same road user rights as motorists in the more driving advanced places in the world, such as the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and certain states in the USA to name a few. This improved legislative protection has made for a much safer space on our roads for cyclists. In the USA, research has shown that the establishment of bike lanes and bike-related infrastructure has been the main reason for the increase in cyclists. And it is an increase such as this that has forced drivers to take notice of the larger number of cyclists on our roads.

  • Drivers mindsets have changed

Most drivers now see the use and, in fact, the necessity of cycle lanes and the addition of human or electric powered cycles to the daily commute and to solve inner-city transport and traffic jams on a global scale. There are simply too many vehicles on our roads, too much pollution and too many unnecessary critical accidents to ignore the fact that bicycles are one of the best solutions. It is this change in mindset that has also seen the rise in more localized support and protection for cyclists. Examples such as a Connecticut bicycle accident lawyer that locals and visitors who are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident are able to contact just goes to show how far the change in mindset has gone in that such protection is now a commonplace sight countrywide.

  • Technology is improving cyclist safety

Helmets that have multi-directional impact protection systems now offer more protection to your head if you hit the ground, and this technology is simply improving all the time to ensure that our most vulnerable assets are protected in case of a fall. The range is endless, and from UV goggles, body-fitted cameras to keep a record of on-road interactions, and tracking systems have all improved the safety of this form of transport, making it much more accessible and acceptable.

As we all realize the inevitability of change in the way humans travel, both for work and for entertainment and exercise, it is also important to keep cyclist safety at the forefront of our minds. The additional protection from legislation, a change in driver mindset, localized legal protection, and more all serve to make cycling a much more attractive option for a lot more people.

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