How Arsenic water pollution can be fatal

Individuals all around the world are at a greater threat for life due to a hidden silent killer present in tap water known as arsenic. Arsenic present in your water can cause tremendous health complications. In addition, scientific studies have proved that consuming water with arsenic is fatal for all for humanity. Daunting health complications such as tumor and kidney disease are linked with arsenic consumption. Arsenic forms a bond with chlorine, sulfur, and oxygen to become an inorganic arsenic compound which presents humanity with deadly consequences. As these compounds can be present in any part of the world it’s extremely risky for individuals to consume tap water. Inquiring the source of your water supply to get water tested for arsenic contamination should be essential prior the consumption of tap water. Therefore, Geologists and doctors have warned individuals upon consumption of tap water and prescribe best bottled water in aluminum bottles. Gist of the matter is that one must never consume water with any percentage of arsenic contamination.   

Who is more vulnerable to arsenic poisoning?

Individuals that are habilitating in areas that have high levels of naturally present inorganic arsenic compounds in groundwater. It’s tremendously difficult to pinpoint each part of the world that has high levels of arsenic contamination. However, scientific facts enlighten countries such as Argentina, China, India, Bangladesh, Chile Mexico, and the United States of America have high levels of arsenic compounds found in groundwater. In addition, those individuals that reside close to hydro fracking wells are immensely vulnerable to arsenic poisoning due to a much greater risk of arsenic contamination. To ensure the safety of your family and neighborhood it’s essential to get an authorized test of your water supply. Civilians that utilize public water resources can access annual water quality test reports to inquire about the presence of inorganic arsenic in water supply. 

What health risks are caused by arsenic exposure?

Long-term consumption and exposure to inorganic arsenic compounds through drinking water and food can be the root cause of skin lesions and cancer. In addition, speculation shows association of inorganic arsenic with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Exposure to arsenic in pregnant women can cause complications in cognitive development in the uterus. Similarly, early childhood exposure is linked to many negative impacts on health and increases the fatality in young adults. According to studies and speculation it’s tremendously crucial to stay away from high arsenic level areas. However, it should be a priority to prevent the supply of arsenic contaminated water to stop fatalities and provide such affected communities safe water supply. Introduction of alkaline water brands to affected areas can save hundreds of lives. 

How can small doses of inorganic arsenic be harmful? 

It’s extremely incautious to neglect any percentage of inorganic arsenic present in water. As a very low percentage of arsenic in drinking water and food can have a seriously bad effect on an individual’s health. As being the cause of tumors and many diseases, inorganic arsenic amount must be taken very seriously. Acceptably the amount of arsenic in drinking water is 10 parts per million (PPB) has been declared by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. However, chances of an individual developing tumor are 1 in 500 if your water test meets the standard of 10 PPB that’s been set by the US EPA. 

How can you filter arsenic from drinking water?

Presence of inorganic arsenic in drinking water can be fatal due to which it’s extremely crucial to filter this dangerous compound. Here are some of the methods through which amount of arsenic can be reduced:

  • Arsenic filters method
  • Reverse Osmosis method 
  • Carbon block method

These methods can serve individuals and communities that habitats in areas with higher amounts of inorganic arsenic. 

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