How Animal Shelter Software Can Grow Your Pet Care Business?

Technology has a bare hand behind everything we do today! It finally let us shop online, teach online, and even to conduct professional meeting online, so how pet care industry can be overlooked?

From buying pets online to finding lost pets, booking online appointments for pet’s medical help, or to get your pet legally licensed, the one-tap solution of pet care, and animal shelter software has made our lives much easier than before. 

What is Pet Animal Shelter Software? 

It is designed to help rescue groups, animal shelters, and animal control facilities manage and optimize their key operations like; pet care, adoption management, animal intake, and licensing.

In other words, it’s concerned with finding a pet, tracking pet’s growth, information of pet breed, their health reports, scheduling appointments, online pet food and accessories, training, online consultation with a registered pet, and pet transportation. 

Interestingly, there is upgraded software for every issue concerned with pet care. 

What is Pet Licensing, and what purpose it serves?

Just like an automobile license is proof that you legally own a vehicle; similarly, pet licensing proves your ownership of a pet. Licensing lets people know that you recently adopted a pet and are Rabies vaccinated. 

Some basic details are required to let the shelter team identify your pet and get it back to you if your pet is missed. Make your pet licensing procedure an instant one with advanced pet licensing software, by Shelter Boss.

How to Remodel Appointment Scheduling With Animal Shelter Software?

Now, most pet care businesses have adopted new technology to streamline the appointment scheduling process. Why? Because new animal shelter software enables staff and customers to book or manage appointments quickly, so they can see and meet the pets at local rescues. 

The walk-ins can interrupt and disturb the entire work, which pet shelter staff members have to accomplish every day. Here, online scheduled appointments can keep the flow moving, and so every pet can get the attention it deserves.

Following are the best ways the Shelter Boss can transform your pet care businesses to a new technology using animal shelter software.

  • Software will Update Your Website, and App

Our team will work with you to include animal shelter software into your website, or app for an improved approach to schedule appointments. 

All in one place, your customers will be able to log in to the website or app to schedule their appointment. The software will sends mobile confirmations and appointment reminders to reduce dropout rates. This upgraded software will be completely branded with your business name and logos.

  • Our Team Will Train Your Employees

Our team will train your employees to guide the use of animal shelter software. Your employees will be provided access to a real-time dashboard to manage appointments, leave notes for the reason of appointment, and send direct communications to the clients. 

Let’s suppose one of your shelter animals needs prompt medical attention, so they access the website dashboard or app for prompt service. A staff member will be quickly notified of an upcoming appointment or already delayed appointments that have been lined up for a long time.

Thus, consuming less time to deal with walk-ins and scheduling phone calls, your staff can save time and attention to focus on other shelter operations for attending pets.

  • Advertise Your Software

The best way to attract clients with one strike is, to offer them something that could bring convenience. Advertising your new software solution can create havoc in the social world. 

Share your update on common and highly used social networking channels with engaging content, send notifications to your recipients in the email list, or update your website.

• Analyze the Data

To increase the success of your animal shelter, you’ll need to analyze the data and make adjustments to your business operations. Our software collects all important data and metrics from appointments, such as; information on customer habits, customer satisfaction surveys, appointment types & lengths, etc.

Besides, customer feedback is an equally essential tool for valuable suggestions for further improvements.

Shelter Boss can make your business a convenient platform for all your customers, from pet licensing to pet control and other animal shelter software. Approach us today, and we’ll guide you on how it works. We’ll provide details about features and benefits that will bring your business to online appointment scheduling.  The Shelter Boss pet care software can help you get more customers, so your pet can get a permanent home.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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