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How and why sport became a dangerous industry



Sports has become a dangerous industry because of different reasons. One of the reasons why sport is a dangerous industry is because people are willing to win at all costs. The “win at all costs” mentality is not bad. The only issue is that some people are willing to engage in doping to win, whereas others focus on pushing their limits.

Why is the “win at all costs” strategy fundamental for professional sport?

Winning is of utmost importance. We all know that people love winners. You may be competing in sports, and the main goal is to win. The main question is, you’re winning at what cost? Are you willing to sacrifice to win? What are you sacrificing? Your reputation, your integrity, your freedom, your livelihood?

The winning culture is a strong influence, and it can be good or bad. Culture is more about how things are done in an organization. It indicates the manner in which people work, behave, or think. Culture can also comprise unspoken and known values, and they drive you towards achieving your goals.

Why is it harmful to children and grown-ups?

Sports are highly competitive. As a result, children and grown-ups may be forced to “win at all costs,” and that mentality is not healthy. You may strain yourself, and you’ll end up incurring physical injuries.

Most aggressive and dangerous sports and why?

1. Helicopter Skiing

This is skiing with some assistance from a helicopter. You may ask yourself, “what could go wrong?” Many things could go wrong, including skeletal and muscular types of injuries.

2. Gymnastics

The sport is impressive, and it tests how well you can control your body. It combines flexibility, balance, and strength. You can incur different injuries, including wrist and bone fractures.

Most harmful for general health sports and why?

Some of the sports that can be harmful to your health include:

3. Basketball

When playing basketball, you’ll be exposed to different types of injuries. Millions of youngsters play the sport. Nonetheless, you’re at the risk of incurring injuries regardless of your age. Thousands of players are hospitalized annually. You need to ensure you have knee and elbow pads, a mouth guard, and eye protection. Strength training will also ensure you can avoid injuries.

4. Soccer

When playing soccer, you’ll be prone to collisions. Some players normally show up in the emergency department because of injuries they incurred when playing soccer. The coach needs to teach the players how to use their heads when striking or playing on the field.

5. Football

Thousands of people are treated for injuries they incurred when playing football. Depending on the extent of the injuries, you may be hospitalized. You need to wear the necessary safety equipment and warm up before the game begins. Players also need to be reminded of proper tackling techniques, and head contact should be limited.

Additional factors that make pro sport dangerous:

1) Stress- in a bid to become a winner, you’ll struggle to push beyond your limits, and you’ll experience a lot of stress in the process.

2) Doping- to improve your performance, you may opt for HGH or any other drug. You need to understand that it is only meant for deficient people, and a licensed medic should issue the prescription. HGH for men has a lot of benefits and shows great results, but we have also mentioned that HGH is only meant for people with deficiencies. 

Before you start taking Growth hormone, you need to undergo a blood test. Considering each sport is dangerous in its own way, you need to stretch and warm-up before you start to play. By doing so, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble since you won’t be worried about incurring injuries during gameplay.

What injuries are most common in pro sport?

Some of the most common injuries in pro sport include:

1. Strains

Strains are common in sports since you’ll use many muscles while exercising and playing. The moving muscles can stretch further than they’re supposed to or move in a manner that they shouldn’t, and they’ll become torn or incur some damage which means they’ll be left in pain. Common muscle strains include strained quads, pulled groin muscles, and pulled hamstrings. Most strains are normally minor, and they will heal naturally. To reduce instances of strained muscles, you should stretch and warm-up before you engage in activities that are strenuous.

2. Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the complicated joints in the body, and it usually endures a lot of tears as you engage in sports. The anterior cruciate ligament is prone to tear. Knee injuries are normally painful, and you may require surgery to correct them. You should stretch and warm up first before exercising to avoid the occurrence of knee injuries. You can also use proper bracing and padding to play contact sports.

3. Tennis Elbow

You won’t necessarily suffer from Tennis Elbow from just playing tennis. You can also experience tennis elbow when you play golf. The ligaments in your elbow will strain because of repetitive activity or overuse. To avoid experiencing tennis elbow, you need to pace yourself. Always take breaks and engage in other activities. Most importantly, stretch and warm up before you start to play.

4. Back Pain/ Back Injuries

When you engage in different sports, your back will undergo a certain stress level. With time, the stress will accumulate, and you’ll experience inflammation around the back muscles. You may end up experiencing injuries to your discs, and consequently, you’ll experience lower or upper back pain. Depending on the severity of the injuries, you’ll either need surgery or physical therapy.

5. Fractures

Contact and impact sports usually lead to bone fractures around your feet, legs, or arms. Fractures are normally painful, and they take weeks to heal. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need surgery. You can reduce the risk of incurring a fracture by warming up and wearing proper padding. You can also work out to ensure your muscles are flexible and strong. Ensure you have also practiced good playing techniques.

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How to Get Free Spins in Casino?



Spins in Casino

If you want to play at an online casino and win real money, you will need to know how to get free spins in the casino. The concept is very appealing and is a way of attracting new players to a casino. This incentive doesn’t require any real money to use, but it does encourage players to sign up and make use of the welcome bonus. After you have used up all of your free spins, you can keep playing at the same website.

What is a free spin?

A free spin is a way to try out a game before you invest any money in it. This type of bonus will allow you to play a variety of games with no risk. Most free spins bonuses will come with a play-through requirement. Some online casinos will determine which games you can bet with your free spins, while others will leave it up to you. Oftentimes, the timeframe will be proportional to the size of your reward, so choose a casino with a long time period if you want to get a large bonus. You can also get free spins every Tuesday by checking us.

How to avail of it?

Many online casinos offer free spins as part of the welcome bonus when you sign up and make the first deposit. Others require you to enter a special code on the deposit or registration screens to activate the free spins. The code must be correct and case-sensitive. There is no better way to learn how to get free slots and bonus rounds than to join a casino with a good reputation. Just remember to read the fine print on the offer you are considering.

Several options

Some online casinos will offer free spins to new members automatically. Sometimes, these free spins will be available on an ongoing basis, while others are only offered for the first time. It is always best to read the terms and conditions for each offer before making a deposit or making a withdrawal. This will help you make the most of these offers and make the most of them. So, sign up at a new casino and find out how to get free spins in the casino.


Once you have received your free spins, be sure to check the wagering requirements. Some casinos will offer 100 free spins in one go, while others will give you only a few for a few days. The best thing to do is to play the games that are offered by the casino and meet the requirements. It’s up to you to decide which ones to use. Whether it’s a welcome bonus or a bonus, be sure to know the terms and conditions.

Final words

Free spins are a great way to try out different games. Most casinos will give you a certain number of them at the beginning of a new account. Some of them will also offer you a few extra free spins, which are very beneficial when it comes to trying out new games. If the casino offers more than one, it is best to play with a few of them and see which ones are more popular.

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Blackjack at online casino N1



In the world of gambling entertainment, it is perhaps impossible to find a more relaxed, easy and exciting game of cards than blackjack. It is quite popular all over the world, and today it is the most relevant game in online casinos. Virtual gambling hall N1 paid much attention to this direction and created a whole section of their website n1casino blackjack, where everyone can find the most suitable option out of the many versions.

The game is not complicated, has clear rules and card counting methodology. It can be studied in a couple of minutes, but you should take into account that there are several varieties of this game, and the rules are somewhat different between them.

Blackjack and the basic rules of the game

Blackjack is a classic gambling card game that millions of people play. There are virtually no differences between playing online and offline. The only difference is that online, the dealer is a computer. In this game, thanks to the use of strategies and a variety of methods, it is possible to influence the results of the game. Let’s talk a little about the game:

·        The entertainment is provided for playing for real money;

·        The presence of minimum and maximum bets;

·        8 decks of 52 cards are used;

·        Cards are shuffled when 10% of the deck is used;

·         The dealer draws a card for 17;

·        The maximum number of splits is three.

The gameplay consists of rounds, and each round begins with the placement of bets on specially designated boxes. Their minimum and maximum sizes are specified on the table. After announcing all bets, the dealer distributes a pair of cards to each of the players, and one card to himself. The main goal of blackjack is to beat the croupier, namely to collect more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

Tens, jacks, queens, and kings are valued at ten points; the rest are valued based on the number indicated on them. Aces may count for one point or 11 at the player’s discretion. During the game, the suit of cards is not taken into account, but only its value.

If the player gets more than 21 points in the game, it automatically leads to the loss of the bet. The players only win if they score more points than the dealer. In situations where there is an equal number of points, the player receives the bet back.

Before you start the game, it is recommended to familiarize in detail the nuances of the rules of the game, because each kind of blackjack has its own characteristics that affect the further course of the game and its effectiveness.

How to play blackjack at online casino N1

On the N1 casino portal you can find quite unique and popular types of blackjack, each of them has its own nuances, so knowledge increases the player’s chances of winning. Fans of the game can find a suitable version for themselves from the great variety. For beginners, there is an opportunity to start the game for free in the demo version. This allows them to understand the nature of the game and the differences between the types, to gain experience. Experienced gamblers often use the demo version to practice a particular strategy of the game, so then successfully play for money.

Beginners can go to the paid version only after registration on the site, only then they get access to online bonus, loyalty programs and a variety of content.

How to replenish the gaming account and withdraw winnings

It is possible to deposit and withdraw winnings using bank cards, e-wallets and other popular electronic payment systems: Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPays, Webmoney, Service Paysefcard. Casino offers the opportunity to use the following currencies: USD, EUR, NOK, CAD and RUB. Each player chooses a convenient way to deposit. As a rule, the withdrawal is done through the same payment system. But remember that the casino accepts funds directly from the player. Payment from third parties is not allowed.

The casino has a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of $20. For a single transaction you can withdraw no more than 4000 euros, and in a month – no more than 15000 euros. Payments are made without commission. For the request to withdraw an amount greater than 2000 euros there is the obligatory verification procedure. The players must present the documents that prove their identity electronically. The refusal to confirm the identity means that the account will be closed automatically and all winnings will be confiscated.

When making a deposit, the funds are credited instantly. When withdrawing, depending on the payment system, you can expect payment within three days. After funding the game account, all versions of blackjack become available to players.They can safely bet and play their favorite game, getting vivid emotions and pleasure from the process.


Such a card game as blackjack has been very popular among gambling enthusiasts for many years. The game is played with pleasure in fixed and virtual casinos. Demand for this kind of entertainment is not falling, especially now that there is an opportunity to sit at home and enjoy the game at the online casino N1 in its many versions.

Virtual gambling hall N1 is a reliable partner that provides fair game conditions and pays out money on time at the player’s request.  The service is constantly introducing new and exciting games that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Customer support service works around the clock, it is always ready to help in solving problems. 

Do not forget the main thing – gambling leads to addiction. That’s why everyone should control the gambling process and approach the game responsibly.

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Can you win jackpot at a casino?



Can you win at a casino? Of course. And the probability, by the way, is not that low. After all, if luck did not visit at least sometimes, then there would be much fewer people who want to experience it.

Can you catch your luck and win the jackpot?

Another thing is that the standard winnings are usually small: on average, from 2 to 10 times compared to the bet. This is true for slot machines, poker, and even sports betting.

It’s nice to bet $ 10 and win $ 20 or $ 50. But such a win does not change much in the player’s life. And what’s more: it is highly likely that it will be immediately spent on new bets. And in the end, such a game will last until the player eventually loses everything that he can afford to lose.

Many casinos even by default “pay” for small winnings not with money, but with additional spins. After all, if a player came to experience a feeling of excitement, then this is exactly what he needs. If he came for a win, then he is probably not interested in $ 2-3, but in a more substantial amount.

Can you really win a lot at online casinos? Yes, you can definitely! The biggest winnings are usually with the lucky ones who are lucky enough to hit the jackpot slots if you choose

What is a jackpot and what is it like?

First, let’s figure out what it is all about. Usually, a jackpot is called a super prize that can be obtained from a particular game. It is not known when the casino came up with the idea to reward players with such prizes, but the word “jackpot” has been known in England since at least the 19th century.

What does the jackpot give? Its amount is much higher than the rates that are made specifically for this game. It is paid out of the deductions that the gambling establishment makes for every dollar it receives.

For example:

  • 500 games were played at the poker table during the week.
  • In total, the casino received $ 100,000.
  • 5% of this amount is deposited for the jackpot.

A lucky player will be able to take home $ 5,000 by betting the usual $ 100 or $ 200. That is, the jackpot is a kind of “fund” of the institution, which is replenished from the income of the casino.

There are two main types of jackpots.

Fixed small jackpot

It is often used on slot machines. In fact, the very essence of slot machines boils down to small jackpots. Most of them work like this:

  • You bet $ 1 and spin.
  • 3 apples will fall out – get $ 2.
  • 3 oranges – $ 5.
  • 3 bananas – $ 10.
  • 3 cocktails – $ 50.

If the machine has 3 reels with 5 different symbols, then the probability of getting any winning combination is 0.08%. This means that for 100 spins, the machine will earn 100 x 100 = $ 100 and will pay a total of $ 68 if all 4 combinations are played. This mathematics allows the organizer of this game to live well, but the players also have a chance to really win.

For the owner of an online casino, the income is especially high, because the maintenance costs are much lower, and players from different cities and countries can make 100 bets in just half an hour or even faster.

However, the machine that we gave as an example is an average winning one, since the maximum jackpot is x50 of the bet amount. But there are also more winning ones – for example, those where the player receives the amount multiplied by 100 or even 500 times for the falling of the three highest symbols.

Thus, the casino kills two birds with one stone – it encourages players to play more and bet large sums at the same time. After all, it is very offensive if you get x500 when you bet $ 0.1 instead of $ 1.

Accumulative big jackpot

This is exactly the one for which the casino sets aside some of its income. The big jackpot has two main parameters:

  • Its size.
  • Conditions of receipt.

The size grows with every new game. Often, the jackpot amount is written in large numbers above the entrance to the casino, above the gambling table, or on the website. After all, the inscription “Today the jackpot is $ 8,888” can attract more customers than any other advertisement.

Sometimes, if the conditions for receiving the jackpot are very difficult, it can grow to completely exorbitant levels. There have been cases in the history of casinos when the jackpot reached a million dollars or more over the course of several years.

True, in such situations, the casino usually decides that it is completely irrational to pay such an amount into one hand, so instead, smaller jackpots are drawn with simplified conditions for receiving. And the accumulated million is used precisely as a prize fund.

As for the conditions for receiving a big jackpot, the casino decides for itself in what cases it will be paid. For poker games, these can be different rare combinations of cards that must be involved. For example, the so-called “royal flush” (5 cards from ace to ten, thrown out at once). If the player threw out such a combination and won, then he can count on the jackpot.

There are frequent daily, weekly, or monthly jackpot draws. In this case, a list is drawn up of all the players who have thrown out the required combination or won the super game during this time, and the jackpot is drawn among them. Usually, the choice is made by a random number generator.

In general, it is quite possible for any player to win the jackpot. It so happens that the “big jackpot” is won by a person who has entered a casino for the only time in his life and bet very little money. For example, in 2003 in Las Vegas, one man played with a slot machine for only $ 100 and won as much as 40 million.

Of course, luck chooses who it wants. However, there are some principles that allow you to maximize the chance that the jackpot will hit you.

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Different approaches to playing online casino games?



The online casino industry is booming, with people of all ages enjoying the pleasure of gambling from the comfort of their own homes. Whilst there are many different ways to approach playing online casino games, one thing is for sure: it can be a whole lot of fun!

In 2020-2021, online casino gaming is projected to generate total global revenue of $48.5 billion. This is up from the $45.8 billion generated in 2019. So, it’s safe to say that online casino gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and there’s no sign of this slowing down anytime soon!

There are a number of reasons why online casino gaming is so popular. Firstly, online casinos are very safe, meaning that all online transactions will be secure. This is hugely beneficial for online casino players, who can enjoy playing online without worrying about their safety or security.

Another reason why online casino gaming is so popular is because of the convenience factor. For example, many people don’t live near land-based casinos, or they can’t afford to travel to them. Online casinos, on the other hand, are accessible online, meaning that players who don’t have access to land-based casinos can still enjoy online casino games.

Last but not least is the fact that online casino games are so flexible. You can gamble anytime you want online – day or night – and you can even play online casino games on your mobile phone.

So, online casino gaming has become very popular because of the benefits it offers to online players. More people are choosing online casinos over land-based ones because online casinos are safe, convenient, flexible, and provide all sorts of benefits that traditional casinos can’t offer.

Which casino game approach will you choose?

Different online casino games offer different experiences, and it can be fun to try out a few different ones to see which you enjoy the most. One approach to online casino gaming is to try out a few different games and then stick with the ones that you like the most. This is a great way to get a feel for online casino gaming and to see which games you enjoy the most.

Another approach to online casino gaming is to focus on one game and become a master at it. This can be a lot of fun, and it can also be very rewarding. If you manage to win big playing one game, you’ll know that you’re doing something right!

What’s more, as a new player, you can try online N1 casino games for free, and this is a great way to get started. Why not see what online N1 casino games have to offer? You’ve got nothing to lose!

As online casinos are so safe and reliable, you can play online casino games whenever you want – day or night – which means that there really is no excuse for not having fun online! So, why not try online casino games today? You’ll be glad that you did!

Of course, there’s no wrong way to approach online casino gaming. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the experience. So, whichever approach you choose, make sure that you have a great time playing online casino games!

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How Rafa Silva Could Get You on the Today Show



rafa silva

You’ve heard about Rafa Silva, but did you know that you could be the next one to get on the Today Show? The talented forward has won five caps for Portugal and has 13 goals in 67 games for Braga. The transfer fee for the Portugal international is PS15 million, and the United coach has reportedly seen him twice in one week. Liverpool and Manchester City were also linked with Rafa Silva last season. A change in manager may have swayed their interest in the player.

During his career, Silva played for several teams. He first started his career at Feirense, and then later transferred to C.D. Feirense. He then joined Benfica in 2016. He represented Portugal at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and UEFA Euro 2016 and has played at both the club and international level. He is currently a member of Benfica.

The youngster has had a successful football career and has also represented his country at the FIFA World Cup. He was a part of the final 23-man squad for Portugal, but went unused as his team was knocked out at the group stage. In spite of this, Silva’s talents have made him a popular choice for The Today Show. You could be the next star.

Among the best-known players from the Champions League, Rafa Silva has a high level of skill. His passing skills are excellent. His passes are weighted and played with promptness, allowing his teammates to continue without hesitation. His speed and agility is second to none, and his running is exceptional, coming right before the crucial moment for goal scoring. In addition to his impressive skill on the pitch, Rafa Silva’s versatility makes him a popular player in the Premier League.

The former Manchester United striker’s recent move to the French Premier League has helped him find success in the Premier League. He has also been a fan favourite under Sir Alex Ferguson, but he has been struggling under the new boss. Despite his impressive record, he is unlikely to get on The Today Show in the near future. The new coach’s approach will be difficult to adapt to the Portuguese style.

It’s not hard to get on The Today Show if you have the same dream as Rafa Silva. The Brazilian is 170cm tall and prefers to play with his right foot. His jersey number is 27 and he is playing for SL Benfica. The match ended in a draw, and the Brazilian won the game. This is an impressive achievement for the young defender.

While many of us can’t get on The Today Show in a hurry, the Brazilian’s recent transfer to the Premier League could be the next step in his dream. He’s a talented player who can improve the team’s overall performance. And that’s just the beginning. In the meantime, he can make his dream come true. The Argentinean’s first-year move to the Premier League is “a big deal.”

A transfer to the Premier League is a good idea if you want to get on the Today Show. After all, it’s your chance to make a name for yourself. There’s a lot of competition in the Premier League. If you want to get on the Today Show, you’ll need to work hard. So, if you’re a youngster with a dream job, consider signing with a big club.

You’d have to be a big fan of football to be on the Today Show. However, a big reason to sign with Newcastle is to boost your chances of making the top flight. But first, make sure that you are fit to make an impact. Once you feel good, you’ll be more likely to succeed. And when you feel great, you’ll be happy. This is the key to getting on The Today Show.

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