Online Fundraiser can Help Your School During Covid

How An Online Fundraiser can Help Your School During Covid

A fundraising solution for school groups during lockdown

Covid 19 has completely changed the fundraising landscape. It’s affected, everyone. Some more than others. No one has been immune to the consequences. Schools need money now more than ever before. The question is how are they going to fill this financial void?

Yet so many are still trying to deal with the basics, like opening up in a way that will keep everyone safe. Yet there is one thing that we all know. Older adults are at greater risk if diagnosed with covid. This is an advantage for most students, but what about the teachers?

Many areas of the country are still waiting to open their schools. Distance learning is prevalent. Regardless, schools need money to cover essentials not already provided.

Historically effective, schools are uncertain about traditional ways to raise money. The old ways of raising money are no longer safe and practical. For example, face-to-face selling is out of the question for most schools. This leads some to consider ways around this. How can an online fundraiser play a role?

On the surface, this option appears intriguing. Raise money with no physical contact. On paper, this option appears to fix a major hurdle and help get schools to deal with money issues.

People want new solutions that can help. Fortunately, technology continues to progress. Fundraising must adapt, thus more sophisticated methods are inevitable. Covid 19 has caused forward-thinking companies to invest millions in digital solutions. Many in-school fundraising is realizing that to survive, they also need to keep pace. The pandemic has created a greater ‘sense of urgency to step up their game.

How Does Online Fundraising Work?

Schools can either set up an online platform and promote their cause, or sell products. These are the 2 primary ways groups raise money online. To get visitors to show up, the group must get the word out.

Online fundraising stores are common for schools that are selling products like popcorn. Students can either share a single group link, or register and share their unique link. The goal is to get people to support the group by inviting them to shop.

‘Email generators’ with preset messages help make sending out mass emails easier. This eliminates having to create an email message from scratch. Once the student registers, the template populates with their name and relevant information.

People receive a personalized message with a link to the group’s store. Once they click on the link, the student’s name appears at the top along with the name of the group. Many stores also include a brief message about their cause.

Getting students involved is key to the group’s success. By using online dashboards, both students and sponsors alike can track shares. And of course, if a share results in a sale.

Another way to reach friends and family is by texting. Many prefer this method because everyone is on their phone’s these days. It can be as easy as copying and pasting a message and sending it. People receive a brief message which includes the online store link.

The best virtual fundraising ideas always get more students to register. This is key to driving online sales. In fact, groups that can achieve 50% participation or more usually experience positive outcomes. Registration leads to sharing which results in sales.

Registration is also necessary so participants can receive prizes. This is the most important factor to many students. Even when you’re selling online, you can’t raise money without their help.

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