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How an Online Company Helped me grow my Small Business in Florida

Hello, my name is Andrew Tuckerfield and I run a very small floor repairing business out of Key West Florida. I started my business at the end of 2018, in the first year my business was going pretty decent, I was able to feed my family and everything, but as soon as 2020 hit the business just went straight to hell, I was not able to find a single client no matter what I tried, the Covid had affected my business really bad, my wife lost her job as she used to work in the salon, we were in deep financial trouble and there was not a single light of hope remaining for us, our savings were draining like wildfire and we had to figure out something fast, I tried to knock on every door myself in hope of finding a new client, but I eventually stopped because it was not okay, it was harmful to me and my family and others I was trying to visit. Eventually while browsing google I came up with an article mentioning how Digital Marketing helped a fellow small business grow even though normal marketing didn’t work for them. I tried to learn more and even run some ads myself but even after spending like $300-$400 I was not able to find any new clients, maybe I didn’t understand it fully or something but it was devastating for me, then I came across a marketing company via a Facebook Post, their name was IG BEAST MEDIA, I contacted them and told them about my problem, Fortunately, the guy on the other line was patient and understanding, he fully understood my problem and told me that he will come up with a custom plan for my business and I didn’t need to pay anything until I agree with them that I loved the plan and I would like to go ahead with them.

The guy suggested I create a new Google Maps listing, an Instagram Page, and a Website for my Floor Repair business, then they told me that they will advertise the local Google Map listing within 30 miles of my address and then they would redirect the traffic from the map listing to the website and Instagram page that we created. I agreed with the plan and they went ahead with it. I kid you not, within the first week itself I had more than 20 different phone calls inquiring about my service and I took on 3 jobs which will take me weeks to complete. 

If it wasn’t for IG BEAST MEDIA and their Digital Marketing Services, I would have definitely faced the worst days of my life, they gave me a second chance in my Business and I will be forever grateful for their service. I have never worked with any other Digital Marketing Company that was this patient and understanding. It helped me gain a new perspective on life. Thank you IG BEAST MEDIA.

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