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How an Emotional Support Animal Can Help You



How an Emotional Support Animal Can Help You

There is a specific criterion to be followed before an animal is considered fit for emotional support. People with different health challenges such as mental illness find emotional support animals very effective and, to some extent, is a necessity in their lives. Before any animal is considered for emotional support, it has to be certified. These certifications are usually acquired from mental health professionals, psychiatrists, and physicians, and they must confirm that the animal will provide the intended support. Some of the common health issues approved by ESA for animal support include mental illness, depression, post-traumatic stress order, and chronic stress.

The most common animal considered for emotional support is a dog, but you can incorporate cats as well. Pets can change your life, and emotional support animals even more so. Emotional support animals  have a significant impact on the wellness of people struggling with mental problems and other lifestyle challenges.

Social support

Social support is a significant benefit since it improves the companionship, which relieves stress and depression. Just like people, animals such as dogs can give great support, and through this process, they improve endocrine and immune functioning not only to patients but everyone at large. According to ESA, animal support brings relief and healing out of their relationships. It is believed at least 15% of Americans suffer from depression, and since it is too hard to recognize a victim of depression, emotional support animals help them navigate it. Moreover, emotional support from the animals can collaborate with other means of treatment to improve the healing process. Animal support is very vital if taken seriously because it is more of companionship, and it facilitates a better living. For example, you can incorporate emotional support animals in your therapies, which will enhance fast healing and self-improvement.

Control feelings

Animal support can play an integral role in surging your daily excitement levels. In the event you have been diagnosed with a particular ailment, it might immensely be challenging to maneuver on your daily activities, but with emotional support animals, it will be easy. These animals have one objective to give support and keep your emotions at substantive levels because of their abilities to give total connection and complete attention at any time of the day. Most people diagnosed with different ailments find it hard to find love; that is why animals are the best option for making them feel engaged and loved. Additionally, animal support from dogs reduces the antidepressants, which typically increase the levels of serotonin. Dogs, in return, release dopamine, which is associated with love and to achieve this bonding and love, you have to look directly in the eyes of the dog. Through this process it will lower your depression levels and enhance the love capacities within you. Animal support is crucial for everyone who feels lonely.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone is experiencing depressing times, animal support would help them navigate these tough moments. Animals will give you emotional support in your home during the pandemic period, and they will help lower the anxiety levels. Moreover, animals such as dogs will release dopamine, which elevates the levels of love and bonding. During these tough times, emotional support animals help everyone who feels isolated by assisting them in recalibrating their emotions. Animals provide exceptional love to people since it lowers the triglyceride levels, which surge the incidences of diabetes. Additionally, for the times when you are experiencing difficult times, emotional support animals will give the required love to help stabilize intense emotions. The undivided attention from emotional support animals will relieve you from agitation and divert their thoughts from the situation.
Animals help change in a healthy lifestyle, which surge levels of depression, anxiety, PSTD, and other mental related diseases. Animals offer emotional support in their companionship, which helps those who feel isolated. Most importantly, pets such as dogs release dopamine, which is essential in improving the bond and love between their respective owners.  Keep your pet healthy and loved so that they too can give you the love you need. Out of their companionship, animals will offer exemplary support that will help improve confidence and ease levels of anxiety. Moreover, it is vital to seek a psychiatrist or physician to provide certification.

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Here is why you Need Cat Cleaning Wipes for your Furry Companion



It is a known fact that cats do not consider water their best friend. Most cat owners dread the idea of forcefully bathing their pets because it always goes south. Hence, cat cleaning wipes have become the go-to cleaning product for many cat owners. There are times when your cat does not need a proper bath and can be groomed easily with a cleaning wipe. One prominent ease of using these wipes is that they also help you to get dirt and debris out of the fur of your cats. Thus, cat cleaning wipes are the best alternatives for messy baths, which are dreadful for you and your cats.

Benefits of Using Cat Cleaning Wipes

As a cat parent, you must know the daily struggles of bathing your cats as they consider water their worst enemy. Following is a list of reasons and benefits of using cat cleaning wipes:

1-     Fresh Touches in between Baths

Cats are naturally self-grooming as they tend to lick themselves clean, and most of cat breeds consider water the worst thing ever and fear being touched by it. Hence, to freshen up your cat in between their bathing schedules, you can use cat cleaning wipes as an alternative. These wipes will help keep your cat fresh and clean without much contact with water.

2-     Lessens Dander and Shedding

If you want to see a reduction in cat dander and fur shedding, then cleaning wipes are your best option. These wipes remove extra fur and flakey skin whilst giving moisture to your cat’s outer coat and skin that further reduces any type of shedding. Moreover, if anyone in your family is hypersensitive to pet dander and shedding, then the cost of wipes is worth the investment.

3-     Better for Sensitive Skin

Many cats suffer from hypersensitive skin conditions, and cat cleaning wipes can help ease the itchy and dry skin of your furry friend. Such grooming wipes that are infused with oatmeal or aloe Vera gel properties will be very helpful when it comes to moisturizing and nourishing your cat’s skin.

4-     Softens Skin

Most grooming wipes contain components that help to soften and condition the skin and coat of your cats. Basic ingredients like essential vitamins, oatmeal, or aloe Vera properties are infused in these cleaning wipes, which serves as a great benefit.

5-     Best Travelling Companion for Pets

For those cat parents who often travel with their kitties, cat cleaning wipes are the best solution for a quick freshen up, and they come in handy storage units that are excellent and easily stored in your bag or car. They are also very helpful for vet or groomer visits in case your cat gets an emergency.

6-     Removes Dirt and Bacteria

All cats enjoy playing in the ground and getting dirty, whether they are off chasing birds in the garden or jumping over house plants. It is always an extreme task to keep your cat clean. Hence, cleansing wipesare introduced to ease you, and they can help to clean your cat’s skin more effectively. They also remove any bacteria and germs related to the messes your cat makes.

7-     Helpful with Senior Cats

When your cat reaches its older years, it gets slow in its grooming process up to a noticeable extent. Thus, the use of cleaning wipes is more than helpful to clean those hard to reach areas, and this definitely takes some stress off your senior cat. Grooming wipes have also proven to be beneficial for disabled or special kitties, who may find it difficult to go through their self-grooming task.

These are the benefits of using grooming wipes for your cat. You may want to start their use soon if you are not a user presently, as it will help you more to keep your furry kitty clean and fresh at all times.

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5 Fun Dog Parks in Oklahoma City for Walks and Sunshine



5 Fun Dog Parks in Oklahoma City for Walks and Sunshine

Every day your dog needs anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity. Perhaps the walks around the neighborhood are getting too repetitive for you and your pet. 

One of the best ways to get their energy out is to take them to the dog park, where they can run free and hang out with their fellow pups. A benefit of living in Oklahoma’s capital is that there are plenty of places to take your dog. Keep reading to learn about the best dog parks in Oklahoma City: 

1. PAW Park

Recommended by the City of OKC, this park has 2 acres of land and swimming ponds for your dogs to play in. Partners for Animals Welfare of Oklahoma City, a nonprofit and volunteer organization, runs the park.

You are required to have a membership to use this dog park, and the fee is $100. While this might not be appealing to everyone, the park has its perks. 

PAW Park is separated into two sections, one for dogs over 30 pounds and one for dogs under 30 pounds. There is a section of the park that does not have access to the swimming pond, in case your dog cannot swim, or you do not want them getting wet. 

There are plenty of benches and shady spots for owners to use while their pup runs around. Owners must be eighteen years or older, and kids under ten are not allowed in the park. 

2. Myriad Botanical Gardens Dog Park

A fan favorite amongst the people of Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens is a lovely place to visit, even when you don’t bring your pet. It has beautiful flowers, learning centers, and weekly events that will give you an excuse to get outside. 

The dog park portion is massive and well-maintained. It has turf mounds, so, unlike other dog parks, you won’t have to worry about the park not having enough grass or getting too muddy. 

Some rules include putting your dog on a leash when entering and exiting the premises, as well as if you are visiting other areas of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Additionally, your dog must be healthy and have all of its vaccinations to play in the park. 

3. Midtown Mutts

Located on West Park Place, this park is in the center of all the action. Nearby are some local restaurants and bars, where you could pick up some food to go on your home way home from the park. 

It is smaller than the previous two parks. It also has two separate spaces, one smaller and one larger. However, dogs are not required to use the space that corresponds to their size. 

Midtown Mutts has toys for your dogs to play with, as well as poop bags and water stations in the event you forget to bring them. It is open from 7 am to 11 pm, which is great for people who work long hours but are looking for a way to keep their dog active and social during the week. 

4. Edmond Dog Park at Bickham-Rudkin Park

If you are looking to get away from the heart of the city but don’t want to travel too far, Edmond Dog Park is the place to go. It has easily accessible parking and four acres of land for the dogs to roam. 

Like the other dog parks, this one has two spaces dedicated to small dogs and big ones. However, if you have a handicapped or elderly large dog, they are allowed in the small dog section. 

Any dog who acts aggressively towards other dogs will not be allowed in the park. Owners must take full accountability for their dog’s actions. If you get attacked by a dog, and you would like to press charges against the dog owner, you’ll need to call a dog bite lawyer.

Another benefit of going to Edmond Dark Park is that there are restrooms and water fountains that owners can use. Children are allowed in the park with an accompanying adult. 

5. Wiggly Field

Wiggly Field is another park that is just outside of OKC—right off of I-40—but is worth visiting. The regulars there are welcoming, and it’s not as crowded as some of the parks near the city’s center. 

Dog owners rave about the well-maintained, green grass there, as well as the agility obstacles the park has to offer. There is water for both dogs and owners, which is great during those hot summer days. 

Wiggly Field is part of Ray Trent Park. If you do not want to take your pet to the dog park, you can take them on the trails instead. This way, they’ll still be able to burn off some of that energy. 

Time to Explore the Dog Parks in Oklahoma City

Now that you know all about the dog parks in Oklahoma City, go out and experience them for yourself. Most of them are free of charge, and they present an opportunity to get outside. On top of that, you can ensure your pup is getting their allotted daily playtime in. 

Enjoyed this article? Browse around for our latest. 

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A Healthy Diet For Your Favorite Pet Rodent



Keeping a rodent as a pet seems easy because it is the smallest pet that needs a little stuff to maintain. Although it is the smallest creation taking care of good health is essential. To keep up with good health it is necessary to feed your pet rodent a healthy diet.

Since pet rodents are omnivorous, which means they can eat both vegetables and meat. But it does not mean you can feed them anything. Though they can eat both meat and vegetables but taking special care of what you are feeding your rodent is very important.

It is because some foods good for a rodent but some can be harmful to health. Also, each rodent different food works differently. If you own a guinea pig you have to research the best diet for this specific rodent. You can also find out more about guinea pig’s diet here, as it will guide you thoroughly. Similarly, if you have any other type of rodent you have to do proper research.

But talking about an overall healthy diet for your favorite pet rodent, here are few foods you can consider. The healthy diet for rodents must contain all nutrients and proteins that are necessary for growth and nourishment.

Thus, described below is the list of the healthy diet you can feed your rodent.

Foods that are Good for Rodent

A healthy diet is essential for the growth and nourishment of the rodent. So, here is some food that you can feed your pet as it will not cause any harm to health.

Food Rich in Carbohydrates

Food rich in carbohydrate is ideal for the rodent. As the carbohydrates provide 80% of the nourishment and energy to the rodent. The food that is rich in carbohydrates provides the right amount of nutrients a rodent need for its growth.

Wholemeal oats and brown rice are a rich source of carbohydrates, which you can feed your pet. It contains nutrients and helps in the proper growth of rodents.

Food Rich in Protein

Another rich source of a healthy diet is food that contains a high amount of protein. Meat is a great source of protein but you need to take special care of hygiene. Other than meat, raw nuts, beans, and seeds are also good for the rodent.

Including these food items in your rodent’s diet will greatly contribute to maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

Vegetables and Fruits

You can also feed vegetables and fruits to your rodent pet as both will contribute to creating a healthy diet. You do not need to worry about any specific fruit or vegetable to add to your pet’s diet. You can feed them any vegetables or fruit.

Dairy Items

Dairy food can also be added to rodent’s diets as it also contributes to a healthy diet. You can feed them low-fat yogurt and cheese, which will help in nourishment. But make sure to feed the right amount of dairy items. Excessive consumption can be harmful.

Nuts and Seeds

As already discussed, that nuts and seeds are rich in protein. Thus, you can feed your rodent with nuts as well as seeds. Flex seeds are good to add to your rodents’ diet. Other than that, nuts attract rodents also work the best. All these food items make a perfectly healthy diet for a rodent.

Foods that are Not Good for Rodent

As already discussed, some of the healthy food items that are good for your little pet’s health. However, some food needs to be avoided. If you will not take care of such food items then it can be harmful to your pet’s life.

It is already discussed that some food items are not healthy for rodents. So, it is very important to do proper research about the diet before feeding your rodent pet.

Described below is a list of some food items that must be avoided.

  • Chocolate
  • Avocados
  • Garlic
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcohol

If you will not consider this seriously then it can be fatal for your pet’s life. Thus, it is necessary to feed your pet with a proper diet that is good for it.


People keep rodent as a pet because they need little maintenance and care. Although it is true that this smallest creation does not need high maintenance but giving it a proper healthy diet is necessary. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for proper growth and nourishment.

Thus, described above is a guide that will help you what you should feed your rodent and what you must avoid. Being a rodent pet owner taking care of the health of this small creature is a difficult task. So, to make it easy to understand described above is a complete guide of healthy diet for a rodent.

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Many pets prefer a “spoiled” existence, filled with lush sheets, great snacks and a lot of love. Despite these comforts and treatment, they also feel discomfort.

Storm, sparklers, a new baby, or other household changes can all impact your dog. Further than psychological anguish, these stressful events can impact your dog’s physical health. They can contribute to severe stomach problems, diarrhea and vomiting. If your dog is feeling discomfort, you can call the doctor to arrange an appointment and thoroughly review the case. Your veterinarian staff is uniquely trained to render a diagnosis and to prescribe a detailed care plan for your dog.

Causes of Pomeranian Stress in Dogs (Dog Stress)

Loud noises

Animals have super responsive senses therefore a strange sound is just intensified to them. Learn how to protect the dog handle noisy sounds like explosions. Dogs turn to misbehave due to noise or sound unusual to them, this is one of the major stress in dogs.

Changing Your Home

Whether its moving homes, re-homing a dog after the death of a loved one, or taking a dog home for the first time after the adoption, unfamiliar environments will make any dog nervous. What you might see as a pet behaving excessively (such as peeing or vomiting up at home) could be a dog stressing out with their new place.

Leaving Your Dog at Home

There seem to be a lot of explanations you have to leave your dog at home alone for prolonged periods of time: fresh job, heading back to work after the child’s birth, a day trip to buy, and so on, but for a dog who is accustomed to have a business at home, it will behave out of separation anxiety. Even with humans, we have a problem at first time when left home only. Leaving your dogs at home will definitely freak them out at first site, however research proofs they get used to within time. 

Introducing the Dog to Other People

Unlike the old saying, “dogs are man’s best friend,” not every dog wants to be exposed to every human being. If it’s attributable to mistreatment from former owners or becoming defensive, the dog may need time to warm up to new people. The easiest thing to do is to calm down and not push it. Offer the dog plenty of time and room to get familiar with the new people and environment.

Treatment of Pomeranian Stress in Dogs

There are also strategies to help keep a dog from being stressed out. If the dog is stressed, the owners will help them settle down. Before moving further, a major factor to consider is to learn to minimize tense circumstances and not to pressure the dog.

For instance, if your dog doesn’t like water, you’re not allowed to dump it into the pool because it’s going to be incredibly painful for them. If it’s too hard for you to spend enough time with your dog, it’s recommended that you contact someone who has expertise with your pet to spend a couple of hours a day with your dog so it doesn’t feel bored.

Make sure your dog has a variety of training, since regular movement can help you more comfortable. Another crucial factor to remember is that dogs can experience the feelings of their humans. This ensures that they will quickly pick up what you’re doing and be nervous for you. So remember to relax yourself down, and you’ll calm your dog down immediately.

Conclusions on Stress in Dogs

Depending on how your dog was natured, the behavior might be different. You need to employ the services of veterinary doctors to check out for you.  Start a behavioral therapy program–You will work to desensitize your pet to a stress trigger by introducing it to a changed trigger cue, beginning at a very low level and eventually increasing the severity.

Another technique is counter-conditioning: to influence the dog to react favorably to the stimulus, to feel comfortable instead of nervous. This can be done by matching exposure to cause stimuli with something pleasurable, like food or toys. Desensitization and counter-conditioning are also mixed.

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Four Reasons Your Pet Needs Pet Insurance




Pet Insurance

As a pet owner, it goes without saying that you want the very best for your four-legged family members. You would do anything within your means to give them the highest quality care available, in sickness and in health. Opting for pet insurance is one sure way to ensure you’re always able to deliver on that promise, no matter what your financial situation may be. Here are a few reasons pet insurance is a must.

1. Accidents and illnesses happen.

When Fifi and Fido are young, spry, and appear to be in optimum health, it’s difficult to imagine they might ever require urgent medical care. But if tomorrow Fido were to gobble up a house slipper or Fifi happened to take a long fall from her favorite perch, things could really escalate quickly. Cue an emergency trip to the vet’s office.

Aside from any actual surgical procedure, treatment for an unexpected illness or injury would also likely involve charges for X-rays, anesthesia, labwork, hospital stays, rehab therapy, prescription meds, and any number of other services. Are you one of the 61 percent of Americans who doesn’t have enough savings on hand to cover such an expense?

2. Chronic illness can lead to difficult decisions.

While most pets will experience the occasional scrapes and sicknesses, many will also develop more serious diseases or ailments, particularly later in life when pet insurance will be much more expensive to acquire. 

In addition to the expenses already mentioned, a serious chronic condition could require diagnostics, specialized care, expensive medications or treatments, and other procedures that could easily soar on up into the thousands of dollars. As a result, parenting a pet who’s facing a life-threatening condition has the potential to cause you to have to ask yourself some hard questions.

Do you dip into an emergency fund earmarked to protect your family in times of crisis? Or would you be forced to make the difficult decision of saying goodbye to your beloved companion, simply because the cost of treatment would be devastating to your finances?

3. Preventative care can prolong pets’ lives. 

At the very least, vets suggest that all pets (even those who live indoors) receive an annual wellness exam and vaccines, as well as lab tests to check for diseases caused by heartworms, ticks, and a variety of intestinal worms. Yet 25 percent of families aren’t able to comply with these recommendations due to financial limitations.

Not only do routine check-ups and vaccinations keep your pet protected, they can result in early detection that could reduce both the severity of a disease and the cost of treatment. Pets deserve to be healthy and safe year-round, and pet insurance helps remove the financial excuse from the equation.


4. Comprehensive care is available.

The three reasons listed above are likely ones you’ve already considered when deciding whether or not pet insurance is an essential coverage to carry. But there are a number of other services that the right pet insurance can offer to you and your furry friend.

In addition to preventative and emergency care, some pet insurance companies also cover things like dental and gum disease, as well as treatment for behavioral issues. The best advice is to carefully research your options to find affordable coverage that best allows you to give your pet the pumpkin care it deserves.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing pet insurance is the perfect way to ensure that your pet receives everything he or she needs to live a long, healthy, and happy life. There’s no better feeling than the peace of mind that comes with protecting your pet (and your budget) from the unexpected.  

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