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How Ai Is Making The World A Better Place To Live



Can AI make the world a better place to live? According to Surveys and recent extensive research, over 60% of individuals believe that Artificial intelligence, a term created by American scientist John McCarthy in the year, 1956 is actually making the world a better place for us to live. While humanity is yet to create self-aware robots like those in movies like Will Smith’s, iRobot. We have definitely made great technological advancements with AI services that assist and improve our day-to-day lives. GenesisAI has created a platform which links AI services with each other and increasing the supply of AI services, we provide a web platform that offers low-cost AI services. This makes Artificial Intelligence technology more efficient and affordable for businesses.

GenesisAI is fighting against big tech oligopolies that have monopolized access to the means of automation (AI products and data). The company’s vision is to allow anyone in the world to be able to use or monetize AI!

The biggest benefits of AI’s technological advancement can be seen in the communication sector with gadgets like Smartphones, also in the medical sector with improvements in Medicine for better health, Performance of Vital Tasks and even in the Educational sector with the creation of AI platforms like Educational software to enhance and personalize better learning for Kids.

Looking deeper into the highlights, who would’ve thought a hundred years ago that you would be able to communicate with another individual thousand of miles from without leaving the comfort of your home? Sounded impossible right? Today, that dream has become reality with the invention of Smartphones. Now, communication to any part of the world is as easy as pushing a button. We can also go deeper into how AI has improved the medical field. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, AI platforms like the AI-Induced survey system created by the Weizmann Institute of Science uses a questionnaire that centers on issues like the Covid-19 Symptoms and then it matches the user’s responses with a location-based algorithm. The AI analysis can then identify potential Coronavirus hotspots in advance like how it did with the northern city of Umm El-Fahm, which can then help the appropriate authorities take actions that will slow down the spread of the virus.

According to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay; “Education will be profoundly transformed by AI. Teaching tools, ways of learning, access to knowledge, and teacher training will be revolutionized.” Artificial Intelligence has the potential to speed up the process of achieving the global education goals by reducing barriers to access learning and strategically optimizing methods in order to improve learning outcomes and this undoubtedly shows that AI services are greatly required.

AI has also brought about a breakthrough in the Transportation sector. Today, AI-based programs can compile data on Traffic which improves the scheduling of Public transport and reduces congestion on roads. In the transportation sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also been used to create sophisticated machinery like Self-Driving vehicles. Some of these vehicles can predict the paths of cyclists and pedestrians which has undoubtedly decreased the rate of traffic accidents. An example being the Tesla, which has reduced accident rates by 40 percent when on self-driving mode.

Concluding with this quote from Yann LeCun, Professor, New York University.  It says; “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. Artificial intelligence is extending what we can do with our abilities. In this way, it’s letting us become more human.”

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How to Find a Long Lost Relative Online



Trying to establish your family’s history is an experience filled with joy, investigation, laughter, and at times, frustration. You want to build your family line, learn of the past, and uncover the secrets that established your roots. For some, the history is clear and transparent. For others, it seems dead ends continue to pop up, regardless of how hard you try. Before giving up completely, try these helpful tricks to finding your long-lost relative online.

Uncover who you’re genuinely looking for

While you may have lovingly referred to someone as Auntie Tia, the rest of the world likely knows your aunt as her formal name. Whenever possible, make sure to confirm their name (including spelling), city of suspected residence, and any other family connections. These family connections can include siblings, children, parents, or close friends. The idea is to build as many identification pieces as you can to find them successfully.

Use a Background Check Website

Although the websites aren’t necessarily free, they can connect you to the personal information you wouldn’t find through Google or social media. Performing a background check starts with a basic people search, often using a first and last name. If you know additional information about the general location or contact details, please enter it into the site. Not only will the background check offer you personal verification of their details, but it will also provide you with a list of close and distant relatives, personal addresses and phone numbers, and any social media accounts online. 

Talk to close friends or family members.

Although they may not know where to find your family member, they may know essential details. Try to gather things like full name, nicknames, date of birth, occupations, and any known photos of the estranged family member. The more information you have to search with, the higher the probability will be for success. 

Access information through search engines

While finding specific people using search engines isn’t easy, it may offer pieces of information you were unaware of before searching. Consider looking through newspapers, census records, marriage records, birth records, or obituaries. If you believe the individual has passed away, you may need to look through newspaper archives to find information. 

Search Through Social Media Websites

Should the person you’re looking for be living, social media platforms can provide a host of information relating to your long-lost relative. Make sure to check popular social media platforms popular with their age group. Universal social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are relatively simple to search without financial investment. Alternatively, you could post a photo and any information about the individual on the platform and ask for help finding her. Many viral photos have connected people to their loved ones, birth families, or childhood friends.

Contact Their Close Relatives

Children, siblings, and parents may help connect you with the long-lost family member you’re trying to find. If possible, search online and social media accounts for close contacts if their information isn’t bringing up any results. Always remain courteous and respectful to any family member you contact, as they likely don’t know who you are if it’s been a while. 

It’s always a good idea to start with a personal introduction, including any connection to the family they may share. Before asking about the long-lost family member, try to determine their openness to hearing from you. In the event of a birth parent, many children may not know you exist and may struggle with that disclosure. 

Follow Up with Results from your Search

While all three of these methods can help you connect with a long-lost family member, the information is only as detailed as the person’s digital footprint. Follow up any data you uncover diligently, whether that means messaging likely results online or contacting the lead by telephone. Avoid making in-person visits until the individual has an opportunity to connect with you. 

Having someone show up at your door unannounced, demanding to confirm their identity, isn’t a positive experience for anyone involved. Likewise, it’s important to determine whether the family member in question wants to be “found.” Some family members estrange themselves from their biological family for a good reason; disturbing them with memories can be emotionally and mentally challenging. If they refuse to meet, respect their decision and leave your contact information if they change their mind. 

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What to Consider When Shopping for Antivirus Services



Whether you’re running a large-scale business or just using a few computers at home, antivirus software is an essential part of using a computer. With so many cyber threats out there, you simply can’t afford to surf the web without the right antivirus services. 

Without antivirus software, you run the risk of being a victim of things like ransomware or trojans. But how do you select the right cybersecurity software to protect your devices? There are so many different options out there that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choice. 

This article lists some things you need to consider when shopping for antivirus programs. 

Payment Terms

When looking at antivirus software, you should carefully consider the payment terms. Different software has different payment plans. Sometimes you might make a one-time payment for the software. In other cases, you might pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

Unfortunately, this can make comparing different programs quite difficult. For example, it might seem that making a one-time payment is better than paying for a subscription. With that said, a one-time payment might not include lifetime updates. 

It really pays off to research the different options available to you without jumping to any conclusions. The payment terms may also be impacted by the number of devices you want to use. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that having a subscription automatically gives you unlimited licenses, as this isn’t always the case. 

Will it Slow Down Your Devices?

Antivirus software uses the processing power of your computer in order to scan for threats and to keep your devices safe. In some cases, this can have a noticeable effect on the performance of your computer. 

Depending on what you use your computer for, this could be a problem. For example, if you’re someone who likes to play a lot of games, you need to be careful about what software you pick. 

A lot of antivirus software has a “gamer mode,” which enables you to play games without suffering from any performance loss. This is something you should look for as a gamer. 

If maximum performance is important to you, it makes sense to look up performance reviews and see how much your computing power will be impacted by the software. There is software available that offers a significantly lower performance hit if this is an issue for you.

Scanning Methods

Another important function to consider is how your software goes about scanning for threats. For example, do you need to manually initiate a malware scan, or does the software always scan for threats automatically? 

While a less active piece of software will incur less processing power, it’s also less secure. It’s therefore recommended that you go with software that is always on and always scanning your system for threats. 

You can get more info here about the various kinds of scanning methods used by antivirus software. 

Privacy Policy

Given the amount of access that antivirus software has to your data and computer, it makes sense to think about the privacy policy. In some cases, antivirus developers have been caught selling customer data to information brokers. 

Therefore, it makes sense to investigate a company’s privacy policy before doing any kind of business with them. 

Up to Date Database 

An antivirus system is only as good as its database. Any antivirus software has an extensive database of various cyber threats. If a file matches up with something in the database, the software will protect you against that file. 

 If the database isn’t updated quickly enough, it means your computer could be vulnerable to the latest threats. This means that you should only work with an antivirus company with a tried and tested reputation for protecting customers against the latest threats. 

Any good antivirus company will publish records of their latest databases. You should compare companies and see which ones have the fastest response times to the latest malware. 

System Compatibility

You should also consider system compatibility when buying antivirus software. In some cases, a particular manufacturer might not support your operating system. A common issue is people on Macs buying software intended only for Windows users. 

Thankfully, this issue is fairly straightforward to figure out. Any antivirus developer should clearly show on their site which systems the software is compatible with. 

Additional Features

These days antivirus programs come with a wide array of extra features. Your need to make sure you consider everything an antivirus program can do before you buy. 

For example, many programs also offer integrated firewalls or anti-theft services. You might even add parental blocks to the device to make sure children can’t access anything inappropriate. 

Tech Support

When something goes wrong with your software, you need to know that you’re in good hands. Problems with your antivirus software can be an incredibly frustrating experience, so it makes sense to go with a company with a good reputation for looking after its customers. 

Do some research into a potential antivirus provider and see how well regarded their customer service is. While you hopefully won’t need to rely on it, it’s nice to know that you’re covered in the event that something does go wrong. 

Picking the Right Antivirus Services Will Keep You Safe

With threats like ransomware and trojans wreaking havoc on professional organizations and individuals alike, you can’t afford to be protected. It’s important that you find a good company that produces software that fits your needs. 

It makes sense to do a lot of online research as antivirus services can be quite confusing. Rushing into buying something means you’re likely to make a mistake as antivirus software has a lot of extra features these days. 

 If you want to learn more about other technology-related topics, take a look at some of our other blog posts. 

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How can you choose a font for your logo?




It will be a tedious but thrilling task when you are creating a website. You’ll need to perform a lot of adjustments and purchase commercial typefaces. Choosing a typeface is by far the most time-consuming and exhausting element of the approach. It can be difficult to select among fonts for your logo at times. So it’s not uncommon for you to find that no font appeals to you. You begin to believe buy fonts for commercial use that you’d have your own personalized typeface based on your needs and tastes at this point. You only need to examine a few key elements while creating a bespoke typeface, and they are as follows:

Designer girl concept illustration Free Vector

It should be uploaded to Word Press.

After you’ve finished customizing your font, compose a paragraph to see how it might appear when you used it to compose a post. This is where Word Press comes in handy; open it up and create a paragraph about the font’s appeal. Do the remainder of the editing when it looks decent enough. When it does not appear to be appealing, you should investigate wherever you went horribly wrong, mostly during the procedure.

First and foremost, think about your website.

If you’d like to create a personalized font for your logo composition, you should first consider the website, such as its type. Would that be a psychological health issue? Is it intended? For youngsters Is this a critical or perhaps amusing website? Consider these questions before deciding on a design. On a psychological health site, you can use a childlike typeface with a lot of patterns. It will appear out of place and so out of perspective, and others will be unable to engage with you as a result.

Use strokes to your advantage.

If you’re creating a custom font for your logo, you’ll need to understand how to employ the strokes. When you employ the strokes, the procedure becomes more versatile because it can manage up to 26 letters at once. This is how adaptable this functionality is. Once you understand how to utilize this function, you may make necessary changes even during procedure, or just in the middle if you’d like to modify the width significantly. You can modify the shape of a corner to a different shape, such as a b to a letter d.

Use the internet to your advantage.

Nothing is tough nowadays because the internet has reached everyone. Do you require certain project-related methodologies? Try to Google it, and you’ll be presented with a variety of possibilities from which to choose. Similarly, you can enroll for the typeface since Google should be there to assist you if you’d like to learn or understand how to make it. You may acquire the most up-to-date ideas as well as tutorial assistance this way. The instructions will also inform you concerning websites where you can build your own font for your logo.


Each website has a variety of typefaces to choose from because not each font for your logo will appeal to you. So, try generating your own typeface by following the steps outlined above.

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Web Design Services And Web Designer Dubai



Web Design Services

Web designing services are offered in form of logo design, website design, layout design, content creation, web advertising design and so many more by web design companies. They provide fantastic structure and attractiveness to company websites, that also attract visitors to the website. Many web design and development businesses offer the design and development of websites in various package options. These plans include custom web design, corporate web design, basic web design, e-commerce web design and cheap web design. We have expert web designer Dubai at they have strong skills in web designing and on modern web technologies.

Creative web design services ensure that visitors remain long on your site, therefore improving market viability. If the contents and presentation of the website really aren’t pleasant and enticing, even just a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign might failure. A website gives every new visitor and prospective customer the very first impression about your company. Even the smallest loose presentation might generate enormous costs.

Exceptional Web Design Services

The search engines must make the web design friendly. And over 60% of web users have been discovered to utilise the search engines to visit their target websites. This implies that have to select a design recommended by the search engine to obtain the highest visibility. The web design section guarantees that customers are offered the most complete designs and with the appropriate keyword density. That’s the key to reaching the desired high level of traffic on search engines.

What most customers are looking for is the attractiveness and the simplicity of comprehending the Web design. Although the website is highly placed on the search engine, the format supplied is rarely used by individuals. The website must be attractive and useful.  This is an area which the design department covers extensively. The designers do have the expertise and creativity to guarantee that material is presented in an unique and complete way, despite the enormous quantity of content to appear on even a particular article. To ensure quick access and easy comprehension, categories are established.

Cross Browser compatibility web design services

In contemporary times, it is very necessary, in building this website, to ensure compatibility along a browser, if every website is accessible from a variety of browsers. This ensures people can search and view your website irrespective of the type of browser used. Even though many freelance web designers are out there, professional web design services are much more useful when making designs.

You should check the validity of all HTML, XHTML, and CSS codes to guarantee your Website is available to all users. In order to confirm yourself, you may utilise your technical expertise while hiring companies that provide professionally-based web design services. These enterprises ensure that there are no mistakes in the codes. The mistake in the uploading of a website means the search engine crawlers disregard this and visitors do not enjoy it. Professional web designers are also going to have to say that you occasionally have to reset your site’s CSS code. It can’t work every time with the same code. The professionals could even tell if you need a change in the code. There are actually many browsers with which CSS is not too friendly. You wouldn’t read it. This is a question that must be addressed during the preparation of the CSS style sheet.

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Top Must-Have Features You Must Look ina Logistic and Supply Chain Company




Whether you own an eCommerce website or directly any logistic service company, the need for logistics and supply chain companies are inevitable. Maybe you have understood the value of the third-party shipping services integrated into your business, but finding the right one is a tough call. You need to choose the right company that satisfies all the needs of your business and fits correctly in your budget. To make the selection a little bit easier for you, we share the top features that every logistics or shipping company must have. We have covered all the features from choosing the rate shop couriers to order process and real-time tracking.

Supply chain management software is an absolute necessity have prerequisite for current organizations to follow their tasks continuously. It deals with everything from the beginning of your items and administrations to the fact of the matter they’re conveyed to your clients.

A cloud based programming framework can deal with your production network with more noteworthy proficiency. It can assist you with computerizing activities start to finish and track them from anyplace.

A superior inventory network the board can fundamentally affect the organization’s primary concern. It can assist you with revealing the bottlenecks that hold your business, improve asset use and conveyance. With an advanced store network, your net revenue, speed and execution abilities can be upgraded essentially. Here we take a gander at a portion of the should have highlights for your SCM answer for incredible outcomes.

Top features you must look for while selecting the best logistics company for your business-

1. Order management- In any logistic or shipping business, order and billing is the most crucial aspect of the entire process. The company must be capable of managing the order right from the start and provide detailed information at every stage of the process. The experts advised opting for centralized order and billing management in the company, which will keep things flexible and effective. While running a business that needs to ship or receive a vast range of goods, you require someone who can flawlessly manage all your orders. So, make sure the company you are hiring must be capable of managing a large number of orders effectively.

2.Forecasting- Technology is evolving every single day, and we need to be updated with it. The Integration of the services with the latest features based on the latest technology will help you generate more revenue. The technologies like AI and machine learning will help you by forecasting the demand or order to keep up with the numbers and be prepared. With this, you will be able to make the most out of every opportunity without risking anything. Besides, the forecasting feature will also inform you to stock up for a certain item depending on future statistics. For the best services and flawless shipping, you can rely on Maersk container tracking.

3.Analytics- We live in an era where data acts as a digital fuel, and you need to run your business successfully. An efficient logistics and supply chain management system needs to have an analytical tool for capturing valuable data. With the help of this data, you plan and strategize your business moves accordingly. Besides, these companies are also equipped with features like rate shopping and others to help your users place an affordable order. With the help of such a feature, you can directly calculate the rate of shipping for your cargo.

Though there are a number of features that every logistic company must have, these are the essential ones. You will find a number of companies offering such services and big promises, but you need to be very cautious while hiring anyone. Use these features list and do thorough research to hire the most suitable shipping company for your requirement.

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