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How Ai Is Making The World A Better Place To Live



Can AI make the world a better place to live? According to Surveys and recent extensive research, over 60% of individuals believe that Artificial intelligence, a term created by American scientist John McCarthy in the year, 1956 is actually making the world a better place for us to live. While humanity is yet to create self-aware robots like those in movies like Will Smith’s, iRobot. We have definitely made great technological advancements with AI services that assist and improve our day-to-day lives. GenesisAI has created a platform which links AI services with each other and increasing the supply of AI services, we provide a web platform that offers low-cost AI services. This makes Artificial Intelligence technology more efficient and affordable for businesses.

GenesisAI is fighting against big tech oligopolies that have monopolized access to the means of automation (AI products and data). The company’s vision is to allow anyone in the world to be able to use or monetize AI!

The biggest benefits of AI’s technological advancement can be seen in the communication sector with gadgets like Smartphones, also in the medical sector with improvements in Medicine for better health, Performance of Vital Tasks and even in the Educational sector with the creation of AI platforms like Educational software to enhance and personalize better learning for Kids.

Looking deeper into the highlights, who would’ve thought a hundred years ago that you would be able to communicate with another individual thousand of miles from without leaving the comfort of your home? Sounded impossible right? Today, that dream has become reality with the invention of Smartphones. Now, communication to any part of the world is as easy as pushing a button. We can also go deeper into how AI has improved the medical field. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, AI platforms like the AI-Induced survey system created by the Weizmann Institute of Science uses a questionnaire that centers on issues like the Covid-19 Symptoms and then it matches the user’s responses with a location-based algorithm. The AI analysis can then identify potential Coronavirus hotspots in advance like how it did with the northern city of Umm El-Fahm, which can then help the appropriate authorities take actions that will slow down the spread of the virus.

According to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay; “Education will be profoundly transformed by AI. Teaching tools, ways of learning, access to knowledge, and teacher training will be revolutionized.” Artificial Intelligence has the potential to speed up the process of achieving the global education goals by reducing barriers to access learning and strategically optimizing methods in order to improve learning outcomes and this undoubtedly shows that AI services are greatly required.

AI has also brought about a breakthrough in the Transportation sector. Today, AI-based programs can compile data on Traffic which improves the scheduling of Public transport and reduces congestion on roads. In the transportation sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also been used to create sophisticated machinery like Self-Driving vehicles. Some of these vehicles can predict the paths of cyclists and pedestrians which has undoubtedly decreased the rate of traffic accidents. An example being the Tesla, which has reduced accident rates by 40 percent when on self-driving mode.

Concluding with this quote from Yann LeCun, Professor, New York University.  It says; “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. Artificial intelligence is extending what we can do with our abilities. In this way, it’s letting us become more human.”

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Choosing the best E-commerce Insurance Company for your business




Choosing the best E-commerce Insurance Company for your business

Business insurance is a must-have for every business. It protects the company from unforeseen events that could have a damaging impact on the company’s operations and finances.

A business insurance policy can protect your assets from damage and liability risks, such as accidents, theft, or lawsuits. It can also help protect your personal assets from losses that may occur as a result of the business. Business owners should consider having a business insurance policy in place to ensure their company stays afloat.

What is Ecommerce Insurance?

Ecommerce Insurance is a type of insurance policy created for businesses that sell goods and services over the internet. It helps protect a business from losses in case of any product-related mishaps or any other issues related to its website or marketing efforts.

The key difference between Ecommerce Insurance and traditional insurance is that it covers goods when they are still on the premises of a retailer. It also provides coverage for digital goods such as software, music, and e-books.

Why Does Your Business Need Ecommerce Insurance?

E-Commerce insurance plans are necessary for the success of your business because they help you recover from any potential disasters that may happen in the future and protect your company’s assets. Moreover, the following are the reasons why your business needs e-commerce insurance.

  • It serves as general liability insurance.

General liability insurance is an important part of your business because it helps you protect yourself against financial losses that may arise due to the negligence of your employees and other people who are associated with your business.

  • Gives you a worker’s compensation coverage.

Many businesses are choosing to use e-commerce insurance to cover their workers’ compensation needs. E-commerce insurance covers the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and more. Plus, it also covers some liability risks related to your business as an employer.

  • Allows businesses to reduce business interruption risks.

Business interruption insurance is important for any business that relies on its online presence to sell its products or services. It protects them against the risk of a cyber-attack that could disrupt their operations, or a physical disaster like a fire, flood, or earthquake.

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Insurance Company for Your Business?

Lately, there has been an increase in the number of e-commerce companies and it can be difficult to find the best company for your business. But remember, an insurance company is not just a company that provides you with protection, but also one that can help your business grow.

You can find out what type of insurance you need by narrowing down your search. Insurance companies vary in the coverage they provide, so make sure you know what you need before deciding on a company.

You can also determine how much risk your business has first and then choose the appropriate level of coverage. Asking an insurance broker for help would be beneficial too if this can’t still help you choose the insurance you need.

Foxquilt Business Insurance is a company that provides insurance to small and medium-sized enterprises. They offer multiple business insurance plans and coverages, including Ecommerce insurance tailored to secure your needs. To know more about them, go to and contact them.

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4 Tips for Hiring an Attorney




4 Tips for Hiring an Attorney

There are many reasons you might need an attorney, both professional and personal. If you’ve never worked with a lawyer before, it might be difficult to know where to begin looking for one who will be able to help you. Here are four tips for hiring an attorney.

1. Research Potential Attorneys Carefully

When you want to hire an attorney, you need to be sure you’re hiring one with plenty of experience in the type of legal issues you’re involved in. You also need to make sure he or she has all the proper credentials and licenses to practice in your jurisdiction. For example, if you were considering contacting a lawyer like Blair & Ramirez Law, you’d want to collect information on the firm’s credentials, specialties, attorneys’ experience levels, and testimonials from past clients. Pay close attention to testimonials, as they’ll provide you with information from a different perspective than those of the firm’s employees.

2. Request an Interview or Consultation

After you narrow down your list of potential firms and independent attorneys, contact each one. Ask if you can schedule an interview or consultation. Most firms and attorneys will provide this service for free, but some do charge fees to participate in an interview or consultation, so make sure you check whether there are any associated fees. You can use this service to ask questions, gain some insight into your situation and experience the environment of the attorney’s office.

3. Make Sure The Law Firm or Attorney Is in a Convenient Location

If possible, you want to hire an attorney who practices in the same jurisdiction in which your legal issue is occurring. Typically, this is the same jurisdiction in which you live, so you should make sure you find an attorney with offices near you, particularly if you need to remain in regular contact with him or her or prefer to see him or her in person regularly. For example, you may need to focus on attorneys who practice in Dallas if you live in or around Dallas, but if you live in Rhode Island, you might not need to be as concerned about finding an attorney who practices close to you.

4. Keep Your Comfort Level in Mind

The attorney’s experience level, success rate, and fees aren’t the only things you need to consider. You should also consider how you feel when you meet the attorney and visit his or her firm. Pay attention to how the attorney and any other employees at the firm act and treat you and each other. Consider how he or she interacts with you while discussing your case. Think about how the physical space makes you feel and how comfortable you feel there. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t think you have a rapport with the attorney, then he or she is unlikely to be a good fit for you.

It’s important to work with an attorney who specializes in the area you need legal assistance in. You also need to find one who you feel comfortable working with and whose prices and fees fit your budget.

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5 Best Chance Games From Around The World (And How To Play Them)




5 Best Chance Games From Around The World

There’s a certain freedom in games of chance — while some may involve a particular degree of skill on the player’s behalf, the ability to win is mostly left to fate. Of course, some games are more random than others, but the core thrill remains the same.

Throughout human history, many variations of this formula have arisen. Cultures from around the world have each crafted their own games of chance. Below, we’ll delve into five of our favorites, along with a brief background on their history, and how to play them.


Undoubtedly one of the most well-known games of chance; the lottery has been around for centuries, and has managed to maintain its appeal right up to the present day. The first known lottery was held in China in the year 205 BC; the proceeds from which were used to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Lotteries began in America during the colonial era. Roads, bridges, and other public works were later financed with lottery proceeds. A majority of states banned lotteries in the early 19th century. However, they continued to be popular, and in 1964, New Hampshire became the first state to legalize the lottery.

Today, lotteries are held in many countries around the world, and they are used to finance a wide variety of public projects. There are also a great number of variations, from national draws to international lotteries. Prizes are traditionally delivered in lump sums, but certain games pay winnings on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

For example, the Cash4Life lottery will pay $1000 out to the lucky winner every day for the rest of their life. You can find a variety of different lotteries on Lotto247, or if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, why not head down to your local convenience store and fill in a physical ticket?


Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning ‘little wheel’, first devised in the 18th century. A big appeal of the game stems from the variety of factors players can bet on – this includes single numbers, groups of numbers, colors red or black, odd or even numbers, as well as high or low numbers (19-36) or 1-18.

Croupiers spin the roulette wheel to determine the winning number and color, then spin a ball around a tilted track running around the perimeter of the wheel in the opposite direction. Once the ball loses momentum, it falls onto the wheel and into one of the 37 (or 38 in American roulette) colored and numbered pockets.

While often regarded as a classy past-time of the rich and glamorous — partly due to its depiction in classic films like Casablanca and Diamonds Are Forever, players needn’t don a suit and head to a flashy casino to enjoy a game of roulette nowadays. The game can be played online, but fans of the wheel tend to insist that the real, physical roulette experience cannot be matched. Whichever way it’s played, it’s certain to provide a thrill!


Thought to have originated in French casinos in the 1700s, where it was known as “vingt-et-un”, or “21”, the game gained popularity in the United States in the 1800s, where it became known as “Blackjack”. Surprisingly, several states outlawed the game, while others kept it legal. Las Vegas casinos reintroduced blackjack in the early 1900s. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, becoming one of the world’s most popular casino games.

The object of the game is simple: achieve a hand value that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, without going over 21. To begin, the player is dealt two cards. They must then decide whether to ‘hit’ (request another card) or ‘stand’ (keep their current hand). If the player goes over 21, they ‘bust’ — automatically losing the game. Once the player has finished their turn, it’s the dealer’s turn.

If the dealer’s hand value is 16 or less, they must hit, and if their hand value is 17 or more, they must stand. Any remaining players in the game automatically win if the dealer busts. The player with the hand value closest to 21 at the end of the game wins. Unlike many casino games, the odds of beating the house are unusually high — around 51%, which would explain part of its enduring appeal!


For players looking to snag a sizable jackpot with minimal investment, slot machines (or simply slots) deliver in spades (forgive the pun!). The appeal isn’t just the ability to win big using loose change either — their mesmerizing designs incorporating light, sound, and themed artwork all help to add a unique charm to every machine out there. Gamers don’t have to take a trip to the casino to enjoy a spin on the slots, either — machines are still commonplace in most pubs or bars, and as with all the games on this list, there’s always the option to play online, too.

The first slot machine was invented and manufactured in 1895, and at the time, there was just one kind of slot machine game — The Liberty Bell. The game had three reels with five symbols on each reel: diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell. Remarkably similar to the slot machines of today, the player’s aim was the same then as it is today — match 3 symbols to win.

Of course, the modern incarnations of the machine have had a few upgrades; slots are now computerized rather than mechanically operated, and players have the opportunity to ‘hold’ symbols to increase their chances on subsequent spins. With their low entry requirements and simple rules, it’s easy to see how the slots have managed to maintain their appeal over a hundred years after their invention!


Once far more than a mere game — Bingo was an event to be marked on the calendar and eagerly awaited, a staple of the weekend. Players would head down to their local ‘Bingo hall’ and spend the night wishing for a big win, all among the company of friends. Sadly, while some halls are still in operation, the rise of online bingo caused the closure of many venues.

While the game’s rules remain relatively unchanged around the world, Bingo has many names — in Quebec, it’s called Kinzo. In India, Tambola. Upon its first introduction to the UK, the game was referred to as ‘Housey-Housey’. The history of the game spans back to the 15th century, with Bingo’s roots tracing back to Italy and its aristocracy. It’s a simple game, with winning conditions determined entirely by chance.

Players mark off numbers on a ticket as they are randomly called out, to achieve a winning combination. While the popularity of the humble Bingo hall may have waned among younger generations, the game has recently enjoyed a new lease of life: The simple motion of ‘dabbing’ numbers out with a dedicated ‘Bingo dabber’ meant the game was easily translated to the touchscreen devices which flooded the market in the mid-2000s.

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The Importance of Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry. 




The Importance of Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry. 

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: How Can the Industry Use It?

According to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index Report, 91% of enterprises have migrated one or more applications to the cloud. In healthcare, the share of such organizations is lower: 35% of institutions store more than 50% of their data in the cloud. The industry begins to realize the benefits of this innovation and gradually implement it into work. The global technology market will grow from $28.1 billion in 2020 to $64.7 billion in 2025. This pace is determined by the fact that the cloud is becoming the basis for storing, exchanging, and processing medical information. Let’s consider the benefits of cloud computing in healthcare.

Before the advent of the health cloud, software was installed on a specific computer and worked only on it. With the emergence of online cloud storage, the situation has changed. Remote servers have appeared, to which users connect via the Internet, from any device. What does cloud computing bring to healthcare?

How healthcare institutions use cloud services

Hospitals and clinics are migrating the following processes to the health cloud:


Medical institutions process a huge number of emails. Local solutions limit email experience. With the cloud, staff members view emails from any device and promptly send important patient information. An organization freely adjusts the number of user licenses, storage capacity, and processing power as needed.

EMR/EHR hosting

Hospitals and clinics host EMRs/EHRs and corporate systems in the cloud. With cloud hosting, medical staff access software from any device. Doctors from different healthcare facilities, laboratories, or research centers take information from a patient’s EHR. Thus, people promptly receive treatment, wherever they appear. They no longer need to transfer printouts of records from one hospital to another.

Cloud services instead of the fax

Despite its being old, the fax is still used to transfer information between departments of the same hospital. With the health cloud, medical professionals get important information on the go without having to use a fax machine.

Cloud types in healthcare

Medical institutions can combine several types of clouds in their work. Cloud structures are delivered to businesses in different ways:

  • SaaS (software as a service) – when a hospital rents a cloud infrastructure and deploys an operating system and a cloud in it.
  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service) – a clinic hosts its app in the health cloud and operating system from a cloud provider.
  • PaaS (platform as a service) – a medical institution uses a cloud app from a provider, where the infrastructure, operating system, and software are in the cloud.

Also, healthcare organizations choose the appropriate level of accessibility of the health cloud. It can be private, store confidential institutional information, and reside on personal equipment. A hospital may designate a community cloud for a group of employees who have their security and privacy requirements. In cases where patient data needs to be transferred, clinics use a public cloud. As a rule, medical organizations are moving to a hybrid cloud with a combination of different types of access. An IT partner experienced in cloud application development services and aware of the industry legislation (HIPAA, GDPR) will implement cloud solutions with minimal upgrade costs.

Benefits of the cloud in healthcare

Cloud computing in healthcare removes many barriers and opens up new opportunities for the industry:

No need to maintain your data centers

A hospital does not have to buy equipment, allocate a separate room for data centers, monthly maintain computers, and pay money for electricity. Operational issues are taken over by a cloud service provider, and the hospital pays per use.

The cloud is easily scalable

If the influx of patients has grown and an organization needs more capacity, it can negotiate with its cloud provider to increase the amount of storage at a different rate. This is convenient because the clinic does not have to buy computers, and hard drives and hires IT specialists to maintain the infrastructure and protect data.

Medical information becomes available

Health information stored in the cloud can be accessed from any device, no matter where patients and doctors are located. With the cloud, it becomes easier to collect, store and transfer data. Patients receive high-quality medical care because the participants in the treatment (hospital, insurance company, pharmacy, accounting) quickly exchange data. EHRs, patient lists, test results, and other documents are available from any device connected to the network.

Clinics do not lose medical records

Paper medical records can be lost or damaged. The health cloud guarantees the safety of a patient’s personal information. Medical records and images are archived and stored in the cloud. There is an automatic backup, so restoring data is easier.

The cloud supports remote healthcare

With the health cloud and the Internet, teleconsultations, remote treatment, health monitoring, medication control, or doctor appointment scheduling have become possible. Cloud applications simplify the exchange of medical data between patients, doctors, pharmacies, or laboratories. All of this allows doctors to easily collect information from different sources and add it to EHRs.


Cloud computing in healthcare is rapidly gaining momentum. The combination of the cloud with other nanotechnologies (Big Data, IoT, or artificial intelligence) will optimize medical services. The main thing is to find a suitable SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS service provider that will offer profitable cooperation options. A healthcare facility should build a cloud app together with a healthcare software development company.

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Sun Charity: A Philanthropic Project Launched by an IT Company.




Sun Charity: A Philanthropic Project Launched by an IT Company.

Saving Lives with Sun Charity by Andersen

Currently, numerous businesses across the globe are striving to help Ukrainians who are bravely fighting for their homeland. Andersen, an international IT company, is no exception. It has a close bond with the country: many of Andersen’s professionals work in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Cherkasy, and Chernihiv. With a large talent pool, Andersen is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

As the war broke out on February 24, it took immediate action and allocated money to its Ukrainian employees who needed urgent material and financial assistance. In addition to this, the company has created a non-profit organization aimed at providing Ukrainian healthcare facilities with the necessary equipment and medications.

Helping healthcare facilities

Andersen condemns the Russian invasion. Therefore, since the very beginning, it has been helping Ukraine in various ways. The company’s management firmly believes that supporting the country’s economy is one of the top priorities. Ukrainian infrastructure has been seriously damaged, and many enterprises are at risk of demolition. However, with spiritually strong people and powerful companies, organizations, and businesses, it will be possible to overcome the aftermath of the disaster.

Obviously, one of the most fragile areas nowadays is healthcare. And the reason is not only ongoing hostilities when certain hospitals have already been ruined. Under these circumstances, more people than ever demand urgent medical assistance. Besides patients receiving treatment in various hospitals and clinics, these are wounded soldiers and civilians from areas affected by the war, people suffering from mental disorders, and newborn babies and their mothers who cannot do without quality care.

The IT company has set a goal of helping Ukrainian healthcare by supplying drugs and medical devices. This will alleviate the pain of those who suffer the most. Moreover, it will facilitate the lives of doctors and nurses working under an increased load and improve the overall quality of services.

The war has forced many people to flee their homes either for neighboring countries or other Ukrainian cities. One of the relatively safe areas is the Cherkasy region; it has already sheltered numerous refugees. People in need of medical help turn to local institutions, that’s why healthcare professionals must perform an increased number of operations a day. Therefore, any assistance is of great importance right now.

Andersen has successfully raised funds to help Cherkasy Regional Oncology Center obtain patient monitoring systems. Also, with the company’s aid, Cherkasy City Maternity Hospital has received important items for monitoring the health of infants. You can learn more about Andersen’s ongoing fundraising campaigns and donate here

Saving lives with digital art

One of the most striking initiatives within Sun Charity is a collection of NFTs created to raise funds for the people of Ukraine. Exquisite tokens in form of pysanka (Easter eggs) and motankas (traditional dolls) remind us of the richness of Ukrainian culture. They also assure us that life still goes on. Art has always been a resort for people seeking consolation during hard times. It helps to stay sane and strong. Nowadays, it is vitally important to notice not only disastrous but also beautiful things. They give hope and help us remain humans.

When buying such a piece of digital art, you are both aiding people suffering from war and obtaining a unique item. The proceeds will go to Sun Charity responsible for supplying medical institutions with the necessary stuff. Andersen’s designers are constantly working to expand the collection. Around 100 new NFTs are added daily. Browse this splendid gallery to choose your piece.

Andersen keeps on expanding its philanthropic activities. The company’s employees willingly arrange charitable events and help their Ukrainian colleagues feel secure in their new homes. Ukrainians are undergoing a terrible ordeal now; however, one thing is sure. With solidarity and a fight for a better future, a fairer world is just a matter of time.

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