How Ai Is Making The World A Better Place To Live

Can AI make the world a better place to live? According to Surveys and recent extensive research, over 60% of individuals believe that Artificial intelligence, a term created by American scientist John McCarthy in the year, 1956 is actually making the world a better place for us to live. While humanity is yet to create self-aware robots like those in movies like Will Smith’s, iRobot. We have definitely made great technological advancements with AI services that assist and improve our day-to-day lives. GenesisAI has created a platform which links AI services with each other and increasing the supply of AI services, we provide a web platform that offers low-cost AI services. This makes Artificial Intelligence technology more efficient and affordable for businesses.

GenesisAI is fighting against big tech oligopolies that have monopolized access to the means of automation (AI products and data). The company’s vision is to allow anyone in the world to be able to use or monetize AI!

The biggest benefits of AI’s technological advancement can be seen in the communication sector with gadgets like Smartphones, also in the medical sector with improvements in Medicine for better health, Performance of Vital Tasks and even in the Educational sector with the creation of AI platforms like Educational software to enhance and personalize better learning for Kids.

Looking deeper into the highlights, who would’ve thought a hundred years ago that you would be able to communicate with another individual thousand of miles from without leaving the comfort of your home? Sounded impossible right? Today, that dream has become reality with the invention of Smartphones. Now, communication to any part of the world is as easy as pushing a button. We can also go deeper into how AI has improved the medical field. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, AI platforms like the AI-Induced survey system created by the Weizmann Institute of Science uses a questionnaire that centers on issues like the Covid-19 Symptoms and then it matches the user’s responses with a location-based algorithm. The AI analysis can then identify potential Coronavirus hotspots in advance like how it did with the northern city of Umm El-Fahm, which can then help the appropriate authorities take actions that will slow down the spread of the virus.

According to UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay; “Education will be profoundly transformed by AI. Teaching tools, ways of learning, access to knowledge, and teacher training will be revolutionized.” Artificial Intelligence has the potential to speed up the process of achieving the global education goals by reducing barriers to access learning and strategically optimizing methods in order to improve learning outcomes and this undoubtedly shows that AI services are greatly required.

AI has also brought about a breakthrough in the Transportation sector. Today, AI-based programs can compile data on Traffic which improves the scheduling of Public transport and reduces congestion on roads. In the transportation sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also been used to create sophisticated machinery like Self-Driving vehicles. Some of these vehicles can predict the paths of cyclists and pedestrians which has undoubtedly decreased the rate of traffic accidents. An example being the Tesla, which has reduced accident rates by 40 percent when on self-driving mode.

Concluding with this quote from Yann LeCun, Professor, New York University.  It says; “Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. Artificial intelligence is extending what we can do with our abilities. In this way, it’s letting us become more human.”

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