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Everyone dreams of living in a well-decorated and beautiful house, but not everyone manages to get it right. If you’re planning to paint your home to give it a fresh look, you’ll have to be mindful of various things. Painting the house is a common yet highly effective task that significantly influences the appearance of a home. While most prefer to get the house painted by hiring professional painters, some prefer to do it themselves owing to budget issues. 

To make your painting job more manageable, we’ve talked to several professional painters and curated tips that will give you flawless results. So let’s quickly head to the tips shared below.

Try Enough Samples Before Picking the Right Colours

If you do not involve any professional painter in the process, you will have to give enough time to find the perfect shades for every part of the house. Many paint stores offer shade cards and house painting colour combinations catalogue, so make sure you thoroughly go through it to get colour inspirations. You can also ask the paint store to provide small colour strips that can be put against walls to visualize better how it will look on the walls. It will take time to try different shades on different areas of the house, but the results will be worth it.

Prepare the House for Painting

Whether you’ve decided to paint the house by yourself or contemplate hiring professional painters, you will have to prepare the home to get flawless work. After you’ve finalized the colours, the next thing on your list should be covering your furniture and floor to save them from paint stains. Start by moving all the furniture to the middle and wrapping it with dust covers. You should also readily cover your windows and doors to prevent any stains on them. Once the work is done and the paint is dried, you can move the furniture to its original position and remove covers from other elements like windows and doors.

Even Out the Surface

House walls tend to get uneven with passing time, and cracks may appear. Hence it is essential to even the walls before applying any paint; else, you’re sure to get a flawed finish. A coat of plaster is generally needed to fill the wall cracks and even out the surface for better paint application. When you use a paint calculator square feet to get an estimate of the painting cost, don’t forget to factor in the plastering cost. If the walls have old paint sticking to them, use a scraper to get rid of it. You may even have to take the help of chemical strippers if scrapers fail to do the job.

Arrange the Painting Equipment

When you’re in your colour research phase, simultaneously start collecting the painting equipment you would need. You should never start painting any corner of your house without getting the paint toolkit ready. And we’d suggest sticking to tools that are geared towards beginners. For example, instead of traditional paint brushes, you should choose paint rollers. A paint tray, drop cloth, plastic bucket, sponge, primer, paint kettle, and paint can opener are some of the other things you would need to paint the house.

Always Apply a Primer Before Paint

Dry walls tend to absorb paint like a sponge, resulting in paint overconsumption. It is also responsible for increasing the overall paint cost. This is why professional painters always prime a wall before applying any coat of your favorite paint. Primer acts as a base that prevents paint absorption by the walls and offers a flawless finish. You can also consider primer as an adhesive that does an excellent job of making the paint stick to the wall, boosting the durability of your paintwork. Since primers are not too expensive, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Once you’ve followed all the steps shared above, you can begin applying paint to your house walls. Although two coats will be enough, you can apply more if the situation requires, and let it dry. Good quality paints dry quickly, so you can expect the work to get completed quickly. Once you’re done, don’t forget to clean the space in and around for a neat look.

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