Hot Air Balloon Ride in Mallorca

Unusual Excursions in Mallorca: Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are many options when it comes to excursions in Mallorca, what with this being a touristic island, very popular with families in summer. Visitors to the island are not always that imaginative when it’s time to select their tour, activity or excursion in Mallorca and usually settle for one of the most popular sightseeing bus + entrance ticket tours to one of the big attractions, water parks or theme parks.

That’s why I wanted to tell you today about one of the top unusual excursions in Mallorca, for me, and that is the hot air balloon ride.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: One of the Best Excursions in Mallorca

Last week I got up way before dawn and drove across the island to Manacor, to the globodromo – or the hot air balloon aerodrome. There were already people there when I parked up, most hovering around in nervous anticipation and some helping to prepare the endless reams of material that we would all soon be floating under.

Before I knew it, the baskets were ready, the bottles of gas were being loaded on and the material that was just a moment ago lying on limp on the ground was proudly rising up and billowing open as if to welcome us aboard.

Hot Air Balloon Experience

As soon as our pilot gave the signal, there was a frenzied rush as we all clambered into the basket as instructed and took the positions we had been allocated.

Once everyone was in position there was calm and tranquillity. The hot air balloon took off so gently that some people didn’t even realise we were in the air until we were looking down on the other two humongous balloons that were also about to lift off and we were level with the treetops. Any nervousness dissipated and everyone took their cameras out and started enjoying the amazing views.

Mallorca at Sunrise

The island of Mallorca is beautiful at all times of the day, but sunrise from a hot air balloon is pretty unbeatable. The colours were incredible, and the 360 panoramas were breathtaking. We could see Alcudia Bay in the North, Palma Bay in the South, to the West we had the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and to the East the city of Manacor.

Our pilot changed the altitude up and down: at times we were floating so low over the treetops and farm roofs that it felt like we could reach out and touch them, and at other times we were up in the clouds, or so it seemed. We were told that we reached a height of around 800m at our highest.

Practical Information about the Mallorca Balloon Ride


The balloon ride begins at the Globodromo in Manacor. It’s easy to find and you will receive detailed information about how to find it when you book your excursion. 

The landing point is less sure, as this depends on the wind. Some days they may land the balloon in one place and other days in another depending on how far they’ve travelled. Don’t worry though, because the guys on the ground will follow in minibuses to take everyone back to the start point in time for breakfast.


The hot air balloon ride takes place at sunrise so the meeting time depends on the time of year. I did the activity in April and we were instructed to meet between 7am and 7.30am.

Regarding the days available, as is usually the case with excursions in Mallorca, the companies operating them are busier during the summer months when there is a higher volume of holidaymakers visiting the island. Even so, the tour operates year-round, though with fewer days on offer in winter.

What’s Included?

When you book this activity in Mallorca, you have included in the price:

  • 60 minutes balloon ride
  • Transport back to base after landing
  • Breakfast consisting of Mallorcan bread with toppings (without drinks)


The hot air balloon ride itself takes around 1 hour, but the whole experience lasts for approximately 4 hours, what with the talk at the beginning the preparations before take-off and wrapping everything up on landing and then breakfast back at base.


When you plan your visit to Mallorca don’t forget to look out for the more unusual excursions and activities. If it’s your first time on the island, then don’t miss the more traditional experiences such as organised tours to the Caves of Drach and the Soller Train, and other spectacular excursions in Mallorca. But a hot air balloon ride, for example, will be something magical that you’ll never forget.

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