Honda small Gasoline Engines

Honda small Gasoline Engines

A Honda Gasoline engine can be defined as a thermodynamic machine that converts the chemical energy of ignition caused by a mixture of air and fuel into mechanical energy to generate displacement of the vehicle.

Internal combustion engines that use gasoline as fuel are very similar to diesel or diesel engines at the structural level, but different yields can be extracted from each.

How does a gasoline engine work?

Gasoline engines operate on a four-stroke cycle, as already shown. This can be roughly explained by the fact that it works as follows:

Intake: In the first place, the intake valve opens by sucking a mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder.

Compression: Just before bottom dead center, the valve closes and the piston rises, compressing the mixture. The compression ratio will be between 8: 1 and 11: 1 without exceeding these values, depending on the type of engine and the output you are trying to achieve, to avoid unwanted explosions.

Explosion: Just before top dead center, a spark plug spark jumps over 14,000 volts from the high voltage circuit, causing the piston to explode and descend.

Exhaust: Meanwhile, the exhaust valve opens, the piston rises again, pushing the flue gas discharged by the exhaust system and restarting the entire cycle.

Gasoline engines produce more energy

In general, gasoline engines produce more energy from combustion, which can be taken into account for improved performance. Energy is always determined by the number of octane of fuel used, especially when considering criteria such as speed and acceleration capacity.

Some people think that diesel engines perform well, but they also pay attention to other factors such as compression ratio. This optimizes the air filling in the combustion chamber for better use at higher compressibility. Around 18: 1, you can do the same job with less fuel.

In comparison, gasoline engines are lighter and easier to speed up. Therefore, in general, it can be determined that a gasoline engine works better at high speeds.

In terms of market price, the gasoline version of most vehicles tends to be cheaper and significantly cheaper to repair and parts, while it consumes more fuel and is more expensive.

Generally speaking, these are the features that make up a Honda gasoline engine. If you want to know more about the differences from diesel engines, we recommend that you continue to refer to the mechanics section at

List of Few Honda Small engines

  • HONDA GX390 389 cc Gasoline Engine
  • Honda | GX200 Engine | 5.5 HP
  • HONDA GX270 270cc Gasoline Engine
  • HONDA GX160 4.8 hp engine
  • KOHLER CH440 14 hp Gasoline Engine
  • KOHLER CH395 9.5 hp Gasoline Engine
  • KOHLER SH265 6.5 hp Gasoline Engine

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