Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cat Lover

Are you the type of person who throws birthday parties for your cat? Does her name come up frequently in conversations — out of nowhere, during important Zoom meetings? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Cats are extraordinary creatures and provide meaningful companionship to millions of people worldwide. While cats might not always reciprocate the love and affection (they can be moody little rascals), your kitty means the world to you.

For the holidays, why not spoil your four-legged friend with some special feline treats? She’s just as much a part of the family as anyone and deserves a little break this holiday. Check out our list of purrfect (yes, we went there) holiday gifts for your cat.

A New Scratching Post

A scratching post is a necessity for cat-loving families. Cats have a natural urge to scratch because it feels good and also maintains healthy claws. Without the right scratching device, your cat will use the couch or another beloved piece of furniture instead, causing damage. You may already have a scratching post for the kitty, but it’s never a bad idea to have more than one. It would help if you also replaced them every few months because they’ll start to wear down. Visit a Pet Valu near you — the pet store committed to providing pet owners and their animals the highest quality in food, service, and supplies.

You can find scratching posts of all sizes at Pet Valu — ranging from small floor models to five-foot-tall cat trees. Cat trees typically come with several scratching areas and have many resting layers for cats. She’ll get to file those nails and take anap high up on the tree — a kitty’s dream afternoon come true.

A Heated Cat Bed

As we plunge further into the winter months, the temperature continues to drop. The last thing you’d want is your tiny pal to feel unnecessarily chilly. The pet supply superstore PetSmart offers excellent deals on comfortable heated beds for cats and dogs. Look for one that you can safely plug into the wall and wash at home for convenience.

Cats enjoy their solitude, and sometimes that means carving out a little space of their own. She probably already likes to snooze on the couch or your bed, but she’ll feel so happy knowing there’s also a warm, cozy place in the house that’s entirely hers.

A Bundle of Catnip Toys

What cat wouldn’t love more catnip toys? Catnip is the feline wonder supplement. It’s perfect for high-strung or lethargic cats because it helps them feel calm and relaxed, and alternatively, will get them up and moving. Check out Petcetera for an array of cute toys filled with the mood-altering herb!

If you’re unsure about pet store locations or holiday hours, you can find any store in Canada by consulting with an online shopping guide and directory. You’ll find the best shops and retail centres in the country, updated flyers and deals, and promotional codes from your favourite stores. With the right directory, you’ll never miss a sale on cat food again!

Your cat needs some love this holiday season. Treat her to one of these gift ideas — we’re paws-itively confident she’ll love them. 

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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