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History of the Violin: A Story that Tugs at the Heartstring of World Music



Violins came into prominence in the 16th and 17th centuries. But a 14th-century fresco featuring a vielle. It was one of the string instruments like lira, rabab, rebec, and fiddle before violins became popular. The history of the violin unfolds a melodious trajectory of growth and journey of enrichment for the entire music fraternity. 

Knowing the history of any musical instrument helps to develop a strong bond with it. Learning about the evolution of violin will boost the motivation level and also serve as a violin beginners guide for new learners. 

A Word or Two about String Instruments

String instruments varied in shape – from simple circular to pear-shaped to the elegant shape of the violin; and also in the number of strings that ranged from one to four. These instruments have always been a perfect accompaniment for folk singers from all across the world. Some of these instruments were small and handy, so the singers used to walk around playing and singing along. While other more elaborate variants needed a more stable standing or sitting posture. 

The music and pitch of each string instrument would vary concerning the shape, size, and number of strings. While most of these string instruments are still a part of the folk song fraternity, the evolution of violin led it to be a part of classical music by the 16th and 17th centuries. The same instrument when used for folk songs, is called a fiddle. 

The Early Days of Violin Making

Violin, as we know it today, is believed to have surfaced at the beginning of the 16th century in Italy. Crafted out of maple and spruce wood, the violin started its initial journey in the city of Brescia, to be taken up by the luthiers of Cremona. 

Going forward, the Amati family would put Cremona on the world map as the center for violin making in the whole of the 16th century. 

A significant chapter in the history of the violin started when in the later half of the 17th century, Antonio Stradivari would emerge as the supreme luthier who introduced acoustic violins. His craft and precision are revered even today.            

Violin – Initiation to Classical Music

A set of violins crafted by Amati made their debut in French Royal Ensemble in the 1560s upon being commissioned by the French queen regent for some string instruments. And thus violin upgraded to the ‘classe ambitieuse’ leaving behind its other stringed counterparts that still served folk music. 

The melodies of the violin spread far and wide from the French Royal court. Esteemed virtuosos and music composers such as Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Nicolo Paganini, and Franz Joseph Hadyn used violin extensively in their orchestra all through the 17th century till the middle of the 19th century.    

Significant Innovation and Refinement 

Further evolution of violin took place at the end of the 18th century in 1786, when with the significant contribution of French bow maker François Tourte, the length and weight of the bow got standardized. 

The chin rest was introduced in the early 19th century making it easier to hold for the violin player. As the violinists became more comfortable with the instrument, the range of music also expanded. Further, elongating and tilting the neck and the fingerboard and increasing the weight of the bass bar helped to attain both pitch and depth of the sound of the violin. 

By the end of the 19th century, the violin had evolved to be a refined string instrument that could touch every human mood and emotion. Deservingly, the title of concertmaster of the orchestra has been conferred to the first chair of a violinist who comes right after the conductor in the hierarchy. 

Also around the same time or by the beginning of the 20th century, an amplifier like that of the gramophones was used to enhance the volume. The violins with trumpet-like bells were used in recording studios.

The advent of the Electronic Violin

A notable episode in Violin history marks the advent of the electric violin. The year 1920 saw several jazz players like Stuff Smith popularising electrically amplified violins. Gradually, the traction towards electronic violins became increasingly prominent in 1930-’40. 

The first electronic violin came into being in 1938. It had a hollow body with an outline resembling the acoustic frame of the violin. It became an overnight hit with rock, jazz, and fusion performers. Later several violins were introduced with varied shapes that complemented the look, feel, and requirements of contemporary musicians and violinists. 

The latest innovation is the electro-acoustic violin that features seven strings. It complies with modern sound technologies that include equalizers and sound effects pedals. Magnetic and electrodynamic pickups and electric amplifiers were added to match the tempo of contemporary music. The objective was to make the instrument suitable for live performance as well as recording studios. 

The electric violin category found its sweet spot among the new age musicians as genres like Metal, Country Music, Jazz, Blues, Classic Pops, Experimental music, Fusion, and Rock n Roll took the centre stage. This led to a steady rise in the production of electric violins by the end of the 20th century.

Folk metal band Korpiklaani, and other popular musical bands such as Pop Punk, Yellowcard, Zox, and Doctor of Madness used electric violins extensively in their music. 

Gradually, electric violins started getting picked up by classical violinists as well. The name Emily Autumn is one of the popular violinists who used the electric variants in her concerts. 


A journey that started during the Renaissance continues to appease musicians, performers, and music lovers even today. Much thought, effort, motivation, and hard work of people for almost a century and a half has gone into making the sound of the violin express every human emotion so well. 

Now, electric violins are picked for classical and contemporary music with equal fervor. They are also recommended for online violin lessons, while traditional wooden violins find a place in the connoisseur’s collectibles. And the melodies… they do what they do best – fill the air with pure ecstasy.     

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Play a New Tune Through Piano Software



One cannot explain music in word. One has to hear with clear senses the inexpressible, mesmerizing, and beautiful sensation that music has evoke دانلود آهنگ جدید. Music has a direct impact on the heart, mind, and soul of a person.

Some people do find piano as one of the most beautiful musical instrument. Whenever they feel stressed out, depressed, or overwhelmed playing the piano is one of the thing they do to calm and relax them. Some dreamed of learning how to play the piano but because of time constrain  and because it’s very expensive to have a formal education, they are contented to just dream about it. But now because of technology innovation their dream now becomes a reality. With the help of piano software available in the market, one can download and practice anytime they want at a lesser cost.

Before you decide to buy one of the popular beginner piano software packages, find a reliable source of information about the many options available دانلود آهنگ ایرانی from which you can choose. The risk of buying a piano software package that looks great in the store shelf, you’ll end up with something useless and a waste of investment. A variety of online piano lesson are featured in the internet. Look for software that is geared toward teaching adults and for children.

Piano software is the easiest and effective means for a child or beginner to learn to play the piano and learn how to read music. They integrates colorful and fun computer games that implement the most innovative and productive method of piano teaching for beginners and advanced students. Before, piano lessons can be tedious and very boring that some students lost interest to pursue their dreams. Now, the lessons were made without boring lectures and long explanations, and the lessons are more fun and exciting. They focus more on the development and improvement of basic skills needed for music reading and piano playing.

The piano software program allows even small children to read music notes and enjoy playing the real songs on the electronic piano keyboard from the very start, providing extensive music practice for beginners and advanced students.

The innovative approach is effective and suitable even for a 2-year old child because of its colorful entertaining designs that are attractive for adults as well as children. It has a flexible level of difficulty that perks the interest of every beginners as well as advanced students who wants to master skills of immaculate music reading and playing of complicated songs.

Before you consider buying a software program, it is best to gauge your kids and their learning capabilities. Parent should try to find a program that teaches three learning style video, audio, and written text. Parents should avoid buying piano software that provide well-organized lesson or your child will end up confused and end up not learning anything. But the most important thing that parent should consider is to look for a program that will give you free trial lesson. You’ll never know which program suits your child learning style that matches with the course. If the course is not as effective as you think you are guaranteed a 100% return of your investment.

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How to Listen Online and Download New Songs and Music



There are several ways to discover new songs and music on the web. You can check out streaming services and listen to free online radio. But if you’re like me, you’d prefer to download the music yourself and save it to your computer for later listening. However, that’s not always possible, and you may need to use a VPN دانلود آهنگ جدید service to access music websites without having to pay a subscription.

Internet Archive: Unlike most music streaming services, Internet Archive allows you to listen to free songs and music and even create your own آهنگ شاد playlists. With thousands of free books, images, videos, and software, this archive has an enormous collection of free music. You can download live performances, albums, and even softwares for free. If you have a mobile device, you can listen to free audiobooks and studio recordings, which is a great way to discover new music.

Spotify: You can listen to new songs and music on Spotify. You can also listen to podcasts. These services make it easy to create playlists. You can easily add your favorite songs and artists to your playlists. Moreover, Spotify makes it easy to share your favorite tracks with your friends and family. Just follow the instructions on the site and enjoy the music. You’ll find new music online every day. Just keep listening.

Spotify: Spotify is the best place to download new songs and music. It allows you to listen to music without a subscription. The service is free and there’s no need to sign up with a credit card. Just log in and start streaming! There are millions of new songs and music available for download. You can use them offline or stream them on any device. But before you start downloading, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the service.

Spotify is an excellent place to listen to new songs and music. You can download a song in MP3 format for free or subscribe to a premium plan with the service. There are free and paid subscription plans. You can even download tracks that are not available on the website. Once you’ve purchased an MP3 file, you can then listen to them offline whenever you want. Then, you can share the tracks with friends and family using Twitter, Facebook, or email.

There are numerous other ways to listen to new songs and music online. Some of the most popular are streaming services. They allow you to create your own playlists and share them with your friends. But you can also use social networks to share your favorite songs and albums with others. If you’re looking for a more personal experience, then you should consider signing up for Pandora. You can listen to free music online for free, but it’s best to sign up for the premium version to get more benefits.

Many streaming services and online radio stations can help you discover new music. These services allow you to download music from thousands of artists and listen to it on your computer. Most of them have playlists that you can create for your personal listening needs. You can also use the same music to listen to your friends. Then, you can share the same songs and albums with your friends. If you’re a music fan, you can use streaming services to listen online and download new songs and music.

Streaming services are the easiest way to listen to and download new songs and music. Streaming services have all the features you could need, and most of them are free. Some of them even let you customize your station to suit your own preferences. And since you’ll be listening to the same music every day, you’ll never have to worry about losing it. Just create a playlist for your favorite songs and albums and enjoy the music!

Streaming music services can be convenient, but you may have a limited choice. Streaming services like Spotify don’t always support FLAC files, and most of the content isn’t available on mobile devices. If you’re interested in dance music, you can try Bleep. This app is not only free, but it also offers the best quality in FLAC files. You can easily download free songs and music with the CC Trax app.

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The Best Music MP3 Players for Android Devices So Far



Enjoying favorite songs by listening to the playlist of music mp3 files is not too popular anymore these days. The main reason is the increasing number of music streaming services for numerous devices. The new generation of people who love the latest songs will favor modern apps. Nevertheless, many people remain in love with mp3 songs. They prefer to have their playlist on their devices to listen to at any time.

Why Listening to MP3 Files?

Many others may wonder why music mp3 files remain the favorite of some. There are numerous reasons for this matter, indeed. One of the most fundamental reasons is that older songs tend to be unavailable on the latest apps. Therefore, those who love older music will go to the download sites of mp3 files. Another reason is that it requires no active internet connection to listen to the songs. It is a versatile way to enjoy some music anywhere and anytime.

More importantly, some people consider that the quality of the mp3 files is better than those on streaming services. Many of the mp3 files of music out there are originated from CDs. Therefore, the conversion retains the quality of the original files. More importantly, it is easy to look for different versions of mp3 files accordingly. In many ways, there are personal reasons and preferences concerning this matter. So, what are the best apps for this purpose of music enjoyment?

Best Apps to Play MP3 Songs

One of the best mp3 music player apps is the so-called AIMP. This app is also popular among PC users since it is also available for Windows. It is a versatile app because it supports several different formats of music files. Moreover, it comes with a handy equalizer and volume normalization features. The user interface is simple. That makes it easy for anyone to navigate through the tabs and sections within the app. One last thing, AIMP comes without a paid version.

Another choice of music mp3 player for Android is the so-called Musicolet. It is one of the latest music apps that provide an offline experience. It is getting rarer to find a mobile app that remains functional when offline these days. The APK size is small, which leads to a simple user interface. Equalizer and lyrics display is among the best features to enjoy when incorporating this app for Android devices. More importantly, it is a free application to download and use.

There is also the Oto Music app to listen to mp3 files. The user interface is quite attractive for a free app like this one. The gapless playback is an enjoyable feature to enjoy a playlist of favorite songs. More importantly, it supports lyrics display in a full synchronization mode. It comes without a paid version of the app. Nevertheless, there is an optional donation feature to help the developer of this application.

Aside from those free apps, there are others with paid versions available. BlackPlayer EX, Double Twist Music Player, and MediaMonkey are some of the apps to consider. They are available in full but paid versions for better functionalities.

The Verdict Without a doubt, the mp3 format of music files is a considerably outdated matter. Nevertheless, some people remain big fans of this particular music files format. Fortunately, there are handy and versatile apps to enjoy music in this format. So far, those three are the best free apps that support mp3 songs. There are more of them out there with paid versions available to purchase. It is all back to the personal preferences to remain listening to music mp3 files these days.

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How to Create Spotify Playlist Covers





One of the easiest methods of personalizing playlist covers spotify is to use a playlist cover. There are numerous options to design your own cover image. There are a variety of options available. Replace Cover website offers many various templates to use as a base. After you’ve loaded a template onto the central portion of the webpage, you can begin editing it by altering the color of the text and background. Then , save it to your computer. After that, you can upload it to Spotify by clicking”Upload” or the “Upload” button share playlist

Customizing your Spotify playlist cover is easy and enjoyable. You can choose a simple photo with a neutral background and add your favorite images or quotes. Then, simply upload your cover image as well as a description into the application. You may also add a text description to the cover, which will improve the accessibility of the cover. It is also possible to alter the size of the cover to accommodate the canvas. By following these tips you can design your own personal Spotify playlist cover.

Before you upload your new cover for your playlist on chill spotify playlist covers take into consideration the aspect ratio of the picture. Ideally, the cover must be square in shape, and have a an aspect ratio of 1:1. This will allow the platform to provide clear information but keeping the aesthetics the cover in mind. Alternatively, there are third-party apps that make Spotify playlist cover covers Spotify to make playlist covers for Spotify. This is a good way to customize Spotify playlists. You can also look into using a free service like Coverify.

When you are creating a Spotify Cover for a playlist, there’s several things to think about. The cover’s contents should be easy and clear to read. A simple, thick cover is the best. A Spotify cover should be able to be read. A good choice is to download an image from the internet which is available for free download. It’s important to pick the correct size and color of the image. It’s recommended not to add images in a playlist.

When you select a cover to the Spotify playlist, keep your eye on the size and format of the file. It must be 300×300 pixels, with an absolute file size of 4MB. Aside from a good quality image, it should also be clear and easy to read. You can download free playlist covers from websites offering similar services. Be sure to find an appropriate one that matches how big your playlist and other users’.

When designing a Spotify playlist cover, bear in mind that it must be the right size for the platform. It should be 300×300 pixels, and be a clear, easy-to-read image. Besides, it should be free to download. A free download tool will assist you in creating your cover. It is also possible to create your own covers by starting from scratch. It’s important to follow specific guidelines when creating your own Spotify Cover for a playlist.

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Latest News

Dennis Rodman to Executive Produce Movie on Trip to Las Vegas During 1997-98 Season



While ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary chronicling the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1990s focused on Michael Jordan, the Dennis Rodman segments were among the most memorable.

Fans interested in more details about The Worm will reportedly be in for a treat.

Justin Kroll of Deadline reported Monday that Rodman is one of the executive producers for the upcoming movie 48 Hours in Vegas, which is based on his trip to Las Vegas during the 1997-98 season when the Bulls won the championship.

While Rodman’s off-court headlines, including the trip to Sin City, always stood out, he was a critical part of Chicago’s second three-peat and was the ideal complement to Jordan and Scottie Pippen as arguably the best rebounder in NBA history.

His defense was also key against Karl Malone and Co. during the 1998 NBA Finals win over the Utah Jazz.

Rodman, a Hall of Famer, was a seven-time rebounding champion, five-time NBA champion, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time All-NBA selection, eight-time All-Defensive honoree and two-time All-Star.

If the legend of Dennis Rodman had been forgotten,

the popularity of the Michael Jordan-centric docuseries ”The Last Dance” — that chronicled the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 championship season — returned it to the public conscience.

The film’s third episode included Rodman’s midseason trip to Las Vegas in the name of debauchery with friends and then-girlfriend Carmen Electra and is now being made into a movie called “48 Hours in Vegas.”

The plot, according to Rolling Stone, revolves around Rodman parading around Vegas with a “skittish” assistant and a team general manager.

In “The Last Dance,” Jordan and coach Phil Jackson commented about how Rodman had asked to take off for Vegas for a few days after Scottie Pippen returned from injury roughly halfway through the 1997-98 season. As the party continued days later in Chicago, Jordan told the story of arriving at Rodman’s apartment to bring him back to practice.

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