History of lockers in an educational institution

Lockers were not always used in school. As such, students had to carry their books every time they were going to school. Hence, school locker rooms were designed to suit the needs of students. And as time went by, the use of lockers in educational institutions became prevalent. Today, the locker market is worth trillions because a majority of educational institutions see it as a prerequisite. And with high competition in the educational industry, educational intuitions lacking facilities including school lockers tend to grow slower than those with adequate facilities. Find out more about the history and importance of school lockers in an educational institution. 

The first locker 

According to history, we can trace the history of lockers ever known to man to Ancient Greece. It can be dated to around 500 BC, and surprisingly, it was first introduced to competition and training centres. The oldest locker ever known to man was found in Egypt in a place called Nineveh. The locker is wooden and could be dated to around 2000 BC. History identifies the first locker to be used as a stack of cupboards with padlocks in South Carolina. Storage Lockers was more of Victorian-era design. 

The introduction of locker rooms 

Now that we understand the roots of lockers, let’s dive a bit deeper. Locker rooms are a bit broader. In the majority of North America and Europe, when talking about locker rooms it’s about a small narrow area in an educational institution where students can keep personal belongings. A locker room can also be used to describe a dressing room in an educational institution. For most educational institutions, locker rooms are always gendered specific, giving genders the space, they need to attend to themselves. Today, the use of locker rooms are not limited to recreational centres and educational institutions, they are also used in homes, offices, and the like. 

Modern lockers 

Modern school lockers are made with wood, steel, plastic and other materials. This explains why there are practically lockers for every budget, unlike in the past when lockers had to be measured and cut to fit, today, lockers are pre-manufactured in different colours and sizes. So, when ordered, they are shipped and installed directly without much trouble. Although modern lockers can also be custom made and then manufactured on order. This has made the locker system evolve greatly. Even the padlock has changed greatly. Unlike before where every locker owner uses a padlock to keep the locker secure. Today, modern school lockers come with combination codes. Hence, anyone with the right combination code can have access to the locker. 

Importance of lockers in an educational institution 

There are several reasons why a prestigious educational institution should have lockers installed. Apart from concerned parents looking out for lockers amongst other things, below are some of the reasons it is important to have school lockers in an educational institution. ● Burden of books 

The truth is that the curriculum is changing, and more books are being recommended to pupils. When you come to think of it, pupils having to carry their notebooks and textbooks to school every day can be a real burden. But with lockers in an educational institution, pupils wouldn’t be so physically exhausted from hauling all that books, hence can use that extra energy to focus more in school. ● Personal space and need for privacy 

Secondly, as pupils advance in age, entering into puberty they are often particular about their privacy. Lockers in an educational institution will give them the privilege to organize their books, and personal properties the way they want. The feeling they get from feeling responsible for what they need in school and ensuring they keep it in their locker room is nurturing. ● Security 

Lastly, lockers come with a form of security that helps pupils keep personal properties secure. For example, the use of mobile phones is not allowed in most educational institutions. However, this doesn’t mean that pupils should own mobile phones. They can easily store it securely in their locker storage during school hours and retrieve it after school hours. 


To sum things up, now that you know the history of school lockers, how they came to be, and have evolved, it is important to have one in the educational institution. A school locker room in an educational institution will not only improve the standard of the institution, but it will also be beneficial to the student. So, when next you are searching for an ideal educational institution as a concerned parent, be sure to ensure one of these is installed in the institution.