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Interesting Facts about the Lottery

.NET is a revolutionized invention in the IT domain. The credit goes to Microsoft that made this possible with the aim of letting the business world break new grounds with custom web applications. With so many versions being introduced up till now, it almost stands on the top of development frameworks ranking. Here are a few interesting facts about the Windows .NET framework.

The Development of Microsoft .NET Framework Originally Started Under The Name Of Next Generation Window Services.

Microsoft started developing Dot NET Framework in the late 1990s. It began originally under the name of Next Generation Window Services (NGWS). It was in 2001 that the first beta version of it was enunciated. Later, finally, on 13 February 2002, the first version of Dot Net was introduced worldwide, with an aim to bring managed code to Windows NT 4.0, 98, 2000, ME, and XP.

Microsoft Has Released Nine Upgraded Versions of .NET Up Till Now.

As already mentioned, the first version of the .NET developer framework was introduced in the year 2002. Following that, there are nine upgraded versions that have been made available up till now. Surprisingly, the seven of them were released with a new version of Visual Studio, an integrated development environment from Microsoft.

.NET Framework 4.8 is said to be the last sequence. The efforts are continued in context to rewritten, cross-platform, and open-source .NET Core (shipped as .NET 5). It is the successor to Microsoft .Net Framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

.NET Developer Framework is Object-Oriented.

Dot Net is an object-oriented platform including all the coding that one does use the framework. With this being the reason, it provides utter consistency and potency while managing and running applications. Secondly, developers can make full use of this .NET benefit when the events keep reappearing.

.NET Is Also Effective For Game Development.

Other than enterprise-grade applications, the Microsoft .NET framework also allows one to develop and run gaming applications. It is because of the flexible features of the platform. The best part is that the developed gaming applications can be run on a gaming console, smartphones, TV, PC, and VR other than just on the web.

.NET Is More Secure Than Java.

In comparison to most developer frameworks, Dot Net is an extremely secure platform. It even beats Java in terms of security and comprises it as its core feature. Concerning security as one of the best .NET benefits, many banks and financial institutions harness it to develop applications.

.NET Was Not Always An Open-Source Platform

The announcement of .NET development was done in the 1990s by Microsoft. However, it was not known as an open-source platform until 2014. It is during that year Microsoft announced that .NET will be open source including run time and framework libraries. 

Being an open-source platform is incredibly useful when users need to access it at a lower price and lower risk. Besides, this also reduces the time of competition, making it easy for developers to create applications. On the other hand, a closed platform will not allow project vendors to access the code of projects. Therefore, the .NET framework update in 2014 headed towards all .NET benefits that any open-source platform would provide.

.NET Is Simple To Maintain

The fact that source code and HTML are pooled together in Dot NET mobile development makes it easy for users to complete the .net developer responsibilities in a simpler manner. Secondly, business managers can enjoy the .NET benefits of effective and easily adaptable web page creation on this platform. What’s more phenomenal is that applications developed by .NET developers using this platform let business owners have stunning experience in the form of an error-free and secured communication system.


.NET is one of the Generic top-level domains that is used worldwide for creating websites and software applications. Simply put, the technology possesses the power to develop business applications and websites that can help to achieve tremendous success. As a consequence, millions of business enterprises make use of the platform.

According to TechJury, the Dot NET framework contributes to over 4.30% of websites online. This makes it stand second among the top 5 Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that account for 58% of all websites online. The report proves the extreme reliability and credibility of the Dot NET developer platform in the technical world.

Other statistics solutions provided by Enlyft, there are over 219,800 companies that make use of the Microsoft .NET framework. The maximum companies in this list belong to the United States and from the Computer Software Industry. Another fact presented in this report is that Dot NET is popular among companies, with 15-20 employees earning 1M – 10M revenue per year. Some of the remarkable names that enjoy significant success with the use of this innovative platform are TerraCycle Inc., MSLGROUP, Jason Industries Inc, U.S. Security Associates, Inc., Boart Longyear Ltd. 

Additionally, data has also been collected by W3Techs, according to which .NEt and ASP.NET accounts for 3.3% and 8.9% of the usage of all websites online, respectively. The report also proposes the percentage of a website using a distinguished version of the .NET. Surprisingly, Version 1 and Version 2 mounts only 0.1% and 9.4%, respectively. On the other hand, the updated version 4 of Dot NET comprises the greatest proportion of users, that is, 90.5%.


Understanding .NET Framework 

Microsoft Dot NET framework, as already mentioned, is a developer platform to build various business applications. The major component of the platform is the Common Language Runtime (CLR). It plays the role of managing code in the developer’s execution and offers a rich library of classes that act quite helpful in creating applications. 

.NET platform is the result of Microsoft’s idea of developing cross-platform and open-source technology. During the implementation, Microsoft made an effort to make this best work with Windows. In short. Dot NET is a Windows-only platform for developers. The other two major products are ASP.NET and .NET SDK. 


ASP.NET is an open-source framework created by Microsoft with an aim to develop web applications. The best part is that it runs both on the Dot Net framework on Windows and .NET core. Besides, it provides numerous benefits to the users, such as security, consistency between platforms, and upgraded features.


.NET SDK is a .NET software development kit for the ASP.NET core framework that helps developers in easy execution. Users can install SDK in two ways, that is either by using the native installers or using the installation shell script. 

Mono And Xamarian

Mono framework refers to as an open-source implementation of Dot NET framework. It is based upon the standards for C# language and Common Language Runtime. To be precise, it runs behind the scene in many products and has been inconsistent development for more than a decade. 

Xamarin is a subsidiary of Microsoft. The same engineers who founded Mono contributed to the development of Xamarin. The major goal behind its development is to provide developers with an extensive range of tools that makes cross-platform code easier to test and maintain. Additionally, the significant pieces of the Xamarin platform include Visual Studio for Mac as C# integrated developer environment for Mac, Xamarin. Android for building C# .NET applications for Android devices, Xamarin.iOS for building C# .NET applications for iOS devices, and Xamarin.Mac as a closed-version of MonoMac.

What is .NET Core?

.NET Core is a new version of the Dot NET framework. Being the free, open-source, and general-purpose development platform, .NET core is used to develop different applications such as mobile, desktop, machine learning, games, web, cloud, IoT, microservices, and etc. The idea behind the creation of the .NET core is to bring into being the major parts that are no longer considered core in the. NET.

In the concept of .NET Core vs. .NET framework, the former does not only run on Windows but also on macOS and Linux Operating Systems. Moreover, it reduces the memory footprint and offers better performance in contrast. It is because of its modular architecture and support for multiple languages.


The fact that desktop applications are still in use despite the trend in modern software development makes the .NET framework update an important concept today. What’s more incredible is that users can relish plentiful choices when it comes to migrating old projects to newer frameworks or selecting the stack for the development of the new applications. Below-mentioned is the list of technologies that can bring into use.

Win32 and COM

Most developers still prefer the oldest approach to build applications, which is Win32 and C++. Being a traditional technology, it is available in all Windows. However, unlike other technologies writing an application in C++ and Win32 is a strenuous task.

Windows Forms (WinForms)

To make the desktop development simpler and convenient, Microsoft developed Windows Forms song with Dot NET Framework in 2002. It is a Windows desktop technology that helps .NET developers seek quick results of the process. A few of the top-notch .NET benefits of this technology are rapid prototyping and enhanced opportunity to work with a graphical editor.

Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)

Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) is an alternative to Windows Forms, developed in 2006 along with Microsoft .NET framework 3.0. Where Windows Forms use graphical designers, WPF, on the other hand, uses XAML as markup language. The benefit of using XAML language is that it provides full control over the user interface’s structure. 

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

The modern alternative to WPF and WinForms is the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that requires Windows 10. The technology is considered to be the finest for end-user applications as distribution of applications can be straightway done via Microsoft Store. Developers can create UWP apps either using XAML or JavaScript and HTML.

Electron (.NET)

Electron helps to run a web application in the same way as a native desktop application by opening a browser. Users can run Electron on iOS and Linux. It forms the best choice when developers need a viable path for web applications that requires access to computer resources.

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How to Backup Office 365 email?




Office 365 is a cloud-based software as a service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to add multiple user-oriented services like Skype for business, Exchange Online, and SharePoint on their subscription plan. Office 365 has plans for every type of organization, and that’s why it is the fastest-growing of Microsoft. Providing anywhere and anytime data accessibility is attracting users towards Office 365, but many organizations and individuals think they don’t need to backup Office 365 emails as they can access them from anywhere and anytime; it’s a blunder. 

Having a backup is always a good practice, and even Microsoft suggests having a complete backup of Office 365 mailboxes as it can save you from sudden data disasters. I think the question should no longer be why to have Office 365 backup. It should be How to backup Office 365 emails?

Ways to create Office 365 email backup

There are two ways for creating Office 365 email backup; one is using a manual method (eDiscovery), and the second is using a third-party Office 365 email backup tool. Frankly, the manual method is only recommended for technical experts because it has a complicated process, and a single misstep can make you lose all your Office 365 data.  

Words of warning: Before starting the manual method, there are some system requirements to perform eDiscovery.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later version (32 or 64 bit)
  • 4.5 Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 10 and later versions
  • If you’re using Google Chrome must install ClickOnce add-in.

If you fulfill all the system requirements, then proceed with the below process.

Step-by-step process of eDiscovery to backup Office 365 emails

  • Firstly, log in to Office 365 using the administrator credentials.
  • Secondly, go to the Admin center and click on the Security option from the left pane.
  • Now click on the Permission and then select eDiscovery manager.
  • Navigate the eDiscovery administrator and click on the Edit option.
  • Now choose the eDiscovery administrator and click the save option.
  • Now click on the Search option from the left pane and then select the Content Search option.
  • In the content search windows, click on the + New Search option and provide the name and description for the new search, then choose the mailboxes, which you want to backup, Add conditions, and submit the new search
  • Now go back to the search window and refresh it, and choose your search. Now a window pops up here, click Action and then click the Export result.
  • In the next window, choose the output option and other options and click on the Export button. 
  • Now go to the Export tab and select the last search. (Search may take few hours to appear on the export tab). After that, choose your search and click on the Download result option. (Copy the export key as you will need it in the next step).
  • Now open the eDiscovery Export tool >> paste the export key >> browse the location to save the PST file and click on the Start button.

It is the process to backup Office 365 emails using the eDiscovery method. As you can see, it has a complicated and lengthy process. We suggest users use an automated Office 365 email backup tool to backup Office 365 emails securely and effortlessly. 

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and restore tool

It is a recommended and used utility by Microsoft MVPs to backup Office 365 emails hassle freely. The software is developed with an advanced algorithm that provides a convenient GUI to the software and makes it a first-choice, even for non-technical users. The software provides multiple user-oriented features to backup desired data. 

Features of Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool

Easy to use: Shoviv software knows providing multiple features means nothing if the software is complicated to use or understand. That’s why we always try to make the software easy to use. This Office 365 email backup tool is convenient. Even non-technical users can use the software without any technical assistance and knowledge.

Backup User and Archive mailboxes: With the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool, users can backup public folders and archive mailboxes of Office 365. Users have to choose the option of whether they want to backup the archive mailboxes, public folders, or both. 

Incremental backup: Shoviv Office 365 email backup tool has a by default Incremental backup feature. The Incremental backup comes in handy to resume the backup process and exclude the already exported data. If users backup the same mailboxes after few days, the software will only backup Office 365 emails, which were increased during or after the last process. 

Run multiple jobs: In this Office 365 email backup tool, users can run multiple jobs in a single batch. Running multiple jobs doesn’t affect the speed and skills of the software and runs the multiple backup jobs without any glitch and hassle. 

Edit backup job: This software allows users to edit the backup job in the middle of the backup process. In other words, you have created a backup job, and after few times, you want to change the filters, scheduler, or other settings, then you do not need to create a new backup job as you can edit the existing job anytime.

Scheduler feature: This Office 365 email backup tool provides an advanced Scheduler feature. Using the scheduler feature, users can schedule the backup process simultaneously, daily, weekly, and monthly. Once users scheduled the backup process, they can close the software, and the software will backup Office 365 emails as per their scheduler setting and without appearing on the screen. 

Filter Option: The software has a filter option that allows to exclude/include Office 365 data as per need. The filter option is on the date range, message class, and skip folder criteria. Users can apply the filters to create the desired backup.

Free Trial: In today’s world, almost every user wants to get assured about the software skills and functionality of the software. For this, Shoviv software provides a free trial version of this software. The free version allows examining the software skills and backup the first 50 items per folder.

Final Words:

In this write-up, you have found two ways to backup Office 365 emails. Now it depends on you what you choose. Even Microsoft suggests using a third-party backup tool to backup Office 365 data without any hassle and risk of data loss. To check the working process of the software, users can download and use the free trial version of this tool. Must use the free trial version before investing money in the random solution.  

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3 Benefits of Buying a Used Beverage Truck Instead of a Brand New




Starting your own new beverage truck business could be an expensive venture because it’s as if the entire kitchen is being moved and fitted into the limited confines of the truck even if you’ll only be serving maybe coffee, beer or tea. A brand-new kitchen-equipped truck obviously costs high, so now, your dilemma is centered between buying a used beverage truck for sale or a totally new one.

By all indications, buying a used truck these days is a wise move because it wouldn’t eat up all your savings while if you buy a new one, there might not be enough money left for your initial operating costs. Of course, there are also advantages and disadvantages to buying a new one versus an old one. But here, we present some benefits should you decide to buy a used beverage truck.

Reduced Cost

The cost of one brand-new truck could buy you perhaps two used ones. Second-hand trucks are already depreciated in value so initially, they cost lower. Plus, buyers are assured of good working conditions since original owners do their best to maintain their property to make it more saleable.

Ready to Use

You no longer need to hire an expert to design the kitchen layout for you since it will have all the equipment you need installed for your beverage business. Pre-retrofitting determines whether the layout would be efficient enough for operating the business. And you need not worry about the status of the installed equipment because original owners assure prospective buyers that indeed those are all in functional condition.

Used equipment is a great alternative to purchasing new ones since you can get them at a price you can afford. To be sure, you should do some testing first before closing the deal.

Once you get hold of the property, it is therefore necessary that you follow a strict maintenance schedule for the equipment and devices. It’s good to journal all services and repairs if any, for potential buyers to see if you so decide to sell it in the long run.

A Wide Range of Choices

Worldwide, the market for used trucks is massive so it means more choices than any single brand could offer. There are not only thousands of items on sale but they’re also readily available anywhere in the United States so that you can start your business venture right away. No time wasted.

There are also ways to tap the global used truck market if you can’t find a suitable one in your local market that would fit your needs and budget.

The bottom line is, setting aside costs, you can find an affordable used beverage truck for sale online with superb quality for sale out there on the market at any given time, hence there’s really no need to purchase something new. 

The bottom line is, setting aside costs, you can find an affordable used beverage truck for sale online with superb quality for sale out there on the market at any given time, hence there’s really no need to purchase something new.

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Shop and Save At IGA With These Smart Shopping Tips!



Are you planning about shopping at the IGA store? Do you often end up spending more than your budget whenever you visit the store? If yes, here we are going to tell you some tips to cut down your expenses on grocery shopping-

Buy The Store Brands

It is a misconception among people that store brands lack quality. The truth is, store brand items are equally good as the other brands. Thus, buying off-label food items is a great alternative to buying costly brand name items that are similar in taste and quality.

The only difference is in the label. Just make sure to read the product details carefully and compare the products. The grocery items you can replace with in-store brands include milk, canned products, cleaning products, etc.

Go Through Weekly IGA Extra Flyers

IGA stores in Canada provide the shoppers with IGA Extra flyers Canada to let them know about the latest offers. Watching these flyers before shopping makes sense because you get to know about the trending deals and discounts in the store. This way, you can prepare your list based on the store’s offerings and plan your visit to the store.

Another advantage of watching the flyers is, you can decide on what to buy or what not to buy. You can stock up the things you frequently use, if they are available on discount. Thus, you can make smart shopping decisions and save a few bucks.

Make A Shopping List

One smart tip that can help you cut your grocery bill is to look at the inventory before you plan your shopping trip. Make a list of the items you need. This keeps you from visiting the store again and again, and make any impulse purchases. If making a list with a pen and paper seems like too much for you, create a list online. Once you have made the list, you can ask the store’s authorities about the shopping or delivery services they offer.

Look For Products That Are Soon To Expire

If the items you frequently use (like, spices, flour, etc.) are soon to expire, shop these items kept in the soon-to-expire section. You don’t need to worry about the quality of these items; they are equally good. And, the best thing is, you can buy as much quantity as you want.

Price Match The Products

Another great way to save dollars on grocery shopping at the IGA store is to price match the products. If a competitor store is advertising the same products at a lower price, IGA store’s authorities will adjust the price of the products. So, know the IGA price match policy.

Have A Look At The Store’s Flyers

Most superstores place expensive items at the eye-level and cheaper items at lower or upper shelves. It is a tactic to make the shoppers spend more on the costly items. So, be a smart shopper and don’t just go with the item you see in front of your eyes. Check the shelves thoroughly and then make your buying decision.

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Buy and Sell Gold or Silver Bullion in Brisbane




Old-timers will tell you that one of the best things you could have done when things were hunky dory was to buy gold and silver. There were certain times throughout history when investing a little gold or silver would have paid rich dividends. For instance, in the 1980’s, oil prices were high, the dollar was fragile and there was the cloud of war hovering over the Middle East. During this time, gold prices shot up, if you were holding gold from the 1970’s you would have made a fortune. Something similar seems to be happening now. Gold prices have scaled an all-time high, due to which institutions are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. All this activity is pushing up gold prices creating an incredible opportunity for those who have gold to sell.

Gold coins and bullion bars are much in demand all over the world. There are several kinds of gold coins. Rare, antique coins fetch more money over the intrinsic value of gold. Newly minted coins that are not in circulation also fetch a premium but you may not get this back premium back when it comes time to sell bullion. However, to get maximum money for freshly minted coins you have to try find an end user to buy it from you rather than a dealer.

When you go to sell bullion, the rate you get for bullion is higher than scrap gold. Gold coins and bullion bars can be sold closer to the spot price because there is a guarantee on the quality. Recognisable refineries such as ABC’s guaranteed hallmark make it easier to sell anywhere in the world especially in Australia. The same bullion bar made by a local small refiner may be bought at a discount overseas.

If you are selling precious metals such as platinum, gold or silver as an investment it is important to sell it as bullion rather than in any other form or as scrap. When you sell bullion Brisbane, you get true value for money as its closer to the spot price. All Gold Bullion and Silver must be assayed by the refiner who makes it before being sold on the market. They are made from either pure gold or silver and have been examined by qualified experts to verify the fact that they are at minimum 99.6% purity rather than mixed with other metals. There is no way that a reputable dealer is going to sell their product under this purity. In fact, most reputable dealers will only sell their gold or silver bullion at 99.99% purity.

Now is a good time to sell bullion coins and bullion bars because the rate of gold has shot up. Even though the price is high, it is still important that you sell to a reputable dealer, who has the resources to pay you immediately. Gold prices are changing by the minute and your objective is to capitalize on the high prices.

Also, before you use the services of a gold dealer, compare them with other dealers. Ideally, you could try contacting multiple gold dealers before you settle for one dealer. It’s true that gold dealers price depend on the hallmark to value gold. However, if you advise you hold ABC there won’t be significant differences in rate offered by different dealers other than their margin.

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3PL – A brief introduction, advantages, and disadvantages




It all began in the 70’s and 80’s, a time of bell-bottoms, public protest movements, and the rise of ‘clubbing’ formally known as ‘disco’. While we saw the rise of pop culture icons and movies, companies also saw the opportunity to reduce business costs through outsourcing. Not only did outsourcing shape the way businesses operate drastically, but this transition changed the world of logistics forever.


3PL stands for “Third Party Logistics”. As the words “third party” suggests, third party logistics is the process of outsourcing your logistics. Today, the 3PL market covers more than USD 1 trillion (2019) and this figure is still expected to grow. In the 1990s, ‘3PL’ was even once used as a trademark, although the term is no longer registered.

Over the years 3PL services evolved to cover not only warehousing and transportation but specific geographies, specialized commodities and professional advice. Some 3PL companies even specializes in specific industries such as retail logistics.


Using third party logistics has numerous benefits. The most significant advantages of engaging a 3PL service provider would be time and money.

Precious resources they are, determining what saves time and money can be difficult. That’s what businesses are evaluated on aren’t they? Make more money by saving time (being efficient) so that we can make even more money (effective results).

Well you might say, isn’t engaging a third party more costly albeit the time savings? And that’s a good question. However, delving deeper allows us to understand the intricacies of 3PL logistics and why selecting a good 3PL company allows us much valued time and cost savings.

Here are the advantages of engaging 3PL companies:


3PLs has more control with cargo companies than individual movers. Working with transporters on behalf of multiple clients, third party logistics can better negotiate pricing based on order frequency and volume of business. Using a 3PL also gives you the liberty to invest in other areas to grow and mature your business.

While the fees of 3PL services may vary, the fees charged are usually small compared to the benefits you will receive. 


If your products are selling internationally, 3PL companies can take care of customs, related duties, documentation and other issues that come up across the border. In this way, your shipment won’t get delayed and will be delivered on time. Furthermore, you can save time as well as the risk of selling internationally.


In case, you are just starting your business, who better to cater your logistics than an enterprise that specializes in them? It’s evident that warehousing, picking and packing, and order fulfilment come with significant challenges in shipment. So, handing it off to the professional of logistics can really make a difference that makes you focus on other overall business performance rather than just get stuck in the hassle of deliveries.


When you are dealing with deliveries, then shipment delays can happen due to several reasons or unforeseen conditions. Hiring or outsourcing 3PL companies lessen your chance of shipment delays because of their advance order dispatching and distribution system. Furthermore, some 3PL companies also give damage or loss protection too.

You do not have to spend so much time looking at the order and worrying about what is wrong with it. You simply turn to the freight company, and they will take care of everything for you. They will even handle your taxes if they are applicable.


By hiring a third-party logistics provider, you can grab new opportunities to test the markets for your products without having any additional commitments—no need to expand your warehousing facilities with your 3PL company’s warehousing facilities.  


Great! More paper work. Another benefit is that you are able to rely on a single company to do most of the work for you. You will not have to worry about handling the paperwork or the taxes. The 3PL company will take care of all that for you. As a result, your business will be able to concentrate on selling your goods directly to the customer.


Your perfect 3PL partner can help you improve on service. Afterall, it’s their KPI to ensure timely pickups and dispatches to minimize delivery discrepancy. Which naturally results in keeping clients happy. It also helps to prevent costly retail seller chargebacks and schedule disturbances, assuming that your 3PL service provider is effective.

Third party logistic companies are able to keep closer checks on transporters because it’s their main concern. In short, the goal of 3PL companies is to help brands to avoid any service disruptions and keep their customers happy through effective freight, delivery and warehousing management.


By hiring a 3PL company, you don’t have to invest in smart technology in order to manage your deliveries. Most 3PLs provide a logistics management system, which you can integrate into your business in order for transparent and accurate tracking. For instance:

  • Freight management systems
    • Order tracking systems
    • Inventory management systems
    • Audit and payment solutions


Hence, the disadvantages of using 3PL service are least as compared to its advantages. Some of its demerits are as follows:


When you depend on third-party freight forwarding companies, you may have lesser control over the deliveries of your own products. You might face some challenges due to delays in shipment. Furthermore, you cannot upgrade your tracking system without their permission, or the upgrade may not be easily implemented since you don’t own it.


Cost-saving is considered among the primary benefit of hiring a 3PL company. However, if you don’t have enough inventory or orders, you might have to fork out a larger upfront payment, depending on your service provider.


All in all, 3PL service providers are generally cost-effective. This explains the success and growth of 3PL companies globally. Otherwise, the 3PL industry would not have survived and thrived for half a century. Of course, the quality of service depends on who is providing it. My advice? choose wisely!

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