Himalayan pink salt: what are the benefits of using this salt

Several nutritionists recommend Himalayan salt as a healthier alternative to table salt. This pink-colored Himalayan salt comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan. It is the oldest salt mine in the world and is located near the Himalayas. Himalayan pink salt is little processed since it is hand-extracted. It means that this salt is unrefined and additive-free. The natural procedure of collecting this salt does not deplete it with minerals.

Pink salt is a pure mineral and has zero calories, sugar, protein, sugar, and fats. 

Unlike any other kind of salt, the mineral content of pink salt comprises over 84 distinct trace elements. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron are only a few.

Why it is pink?

Himalayan pink rock salt looks attractive due to its bright pink color. The pink hue comes from the fact that it contains substantially more minerals than table salt. But, what makes it even more intriguing is that it is the cleanest and most natural salt in the world.

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What makes it beneficial for health?

Pink rock salt has wide application in cooking and as a home décor item. But what’s special about Himalayan pink salt? The reason is that it serves your health in a variety of ways due to its unique composition. 

Read on to know some health benefits of Himalayan pink salt

  1. It aids digestion

The high mineral content of Himalayan salt helps to maintain the pH level of the human body that enables better digestion of food. The salt also encourages the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that results in food breakdown by stimulating enzymes that promote digestion. 

  • Prevents hyponatremia

Sodium is an electrolyte that assists in controlling water in and around the cells of your body. Hyponatremia is a condition in which the sodium level in your blood is low. In this condition, the body retains too much water that dilutes the sodium in the blood. It results in low sodium levels. Himalayan pink salt contains pure sodium and thus prevents this condition as a healthy dietary source of sodium.

  • Prevents muscle cramps

Healthy minerals and nutrients present in pink rock salt work together to enhance muscular contraction and relaxation. Thus, it helps to relieve muscle cramps and aches in the body.

  • Reduces Headaches and improves mood

Rock salt contains magnesium as a nutrient which is an effective anti-inflammatory agent and helps in alleviating headaches. Magnesium is an anti-depressant too. It means that it reduces stress and aids in having a better sleep at night.

  • Ideal for weight loss

Pink sole water (concentrated Himalayan salt solution in water) helps weight loss by improving metabolism.

Other dietary benefits

Some other health benefits of rock salt are:

  • Pink salt is an excellent antibacterial agent
  • It helps in removing toxic substances from the body
  • Rock salt keeps the body hydrated
  • Regular use of the salt regulates the blood pressure due to its low sodium content
  • Pink salt also improves blood circulation in the human body.
  • it keeps the heart and kidneys healthy

How much Himalayan pink salt should I take daily?

The answer to this question is that the recommended daily intake of Himalayan salt is one teaspoon. However, people having any medical condition should consult their physician regarding the intake quantity of salt daily.

Pink salt for respiratory disorders

Pink salt therapy treats respiratory issues. The therapy involves

  • Spending time in a salt room
  • Using neti pot or a salt inhaler

When you spend time in a pink salt room, you breathe in a salt-rich environment. The salt particles present in the air move through the respiratory tract and provide relief from respiratory disorders.

Pink salt inhaler and neti pot are also effective home remedies to treat breathing problems. They include nasal congestion, sore throat, flu, and seasonal allergies.

Himalayan salt bath

 Pink rock salt provides you an exquisite and unique bathing experience. Using Himalayan salt for bath heals your body, and you have the following benefits!

  • It boosts your metabolism, and you feel energized.
  • Himalayan pink salt bath detoxifies your body.
  • Taking a salt bath after a workout or a tiring day reduces body aches. It relaxes muscles and provides relief from cramps.
  • You feel relaxed and calm by soaking your body in warm pink saltwater.
  • .In the evening, a warm bath can help you melt away the tension of the day and relax into a deep, peaceful sleep.

For a relaxing pink rock salt bath, dissolve 2 cups of Himalayan pink salt in a tub of warm water. Stay in the tub for 20-25 minutes to get maximum benefits. You can also rub salt crystals on your body to have a rejuvenated skin,

Himalayan pink salt for skin

Himalayan salt does magic when you apply it to the skin in any form. Either you take a salt bath or apply it on your face in the form of a scrub, your skin gets a tremendous look.

  • It nourishes your skin by removing bacteria and dead cells from the surface.
  • When you apply Himalayan pink salt scrub on skin, it stores in the top layer of the skin and forms a natural protective coating that keeps it from drying out.
  • The salt treats numerous skin conditions like blisters, eczema, psoriasis, itching, and many seasonal skin allergies. Also, it gives the skin a fresher look by enhancing blood circulation.
  • Pink salt is effective in reducing the signs of aging. It tightens the skin and keeps it moisturized too.
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