Hikvision Ezviz

Hikvision Ezviz Is an Innovative Brand From Hikvision, the World’s Pioneer in Video Surveillance Systems.

Hikvision Ezviz:

Hikvision Ezviz devices are informal to set up and are intended for apartments, houses, building sites, small offices, and stores. In most cases, the installation and formation procedure of a Wi-Fi___33 camera is very simple. All you have to organize is install the camera in your favorite location, turn it on, connect it to Wi-Fi, and you’re completed.

The EZVIZ cameras have fitted face detection, area interference discovery, line crossing exposure, and audio detectors. The video camera can be worked using a mobile app or a personal processer. Using the app, you can configure the video camera, view recorded and live imageries from the camera even when you are far away from home – nothing is compulsory moreover.

At Pacetech, we value a combined approach to security. Hence, we have added the prospect of linking cameras and video recorders to Pacetech security systems for you to be able to monitor the situation at the endangered sites at any moment in time.

Nowadays, we launch an integration with the video surveillance apparatus EZVIZ and Hikvision. Now, you can add Hikvision Ezviz IP cameras and video recorders of these brands in the Pacetech with a rare tap. In a couple of minutes, you can get a comprehensive video surveillance system that will help you protect your home and belongings.

How to set up Hikvision’s EZVIZ service:

We are asked rarely about a service Hikvision offers that is quickly growing called EZVIZ so we are required to offer some clarity on both what it does and how to set it up to work with your Hikvision things.
You can read more about it on the Help segment of their website. For instance, EZVIZ doesn’t offer a static URL to your camera’s possibly changing IP address. Instead, it offers a video stream tied to a user account, as well as basic configuration choices and playback from an NVR. It is more of a neat inspecting platform as opposed to a DDNS service but does serve a similar role.

Whilst it is still the primary day for EZVIZ, it is seeing fast development as a well-known and appealing service. You can buy the full variety of Hikvision cameras on our webshop which provisions EZVIZ. EZVIZ has been verified to be a general feature and is present on most Hikvision cameras.

Full privacy mode:

All your personal information is protected when you use Pacetech. Passwords to access the EZVIZ cloud video service and video streams are encoded and are not stored by Pacetech. Hence, only you and people you have specified access to the cameras can view and playback videos.


As we stated early, Hikvision had ended reorganization to reproduce its new strategy. In addition to setup subdivision corporations for the different main markets worldwide, the company also extended its product portfolio to the interruption alarm system, video intercom, access control, etc. In the meantime, Hikvision recognized sub-brand – EZVIZ, hikvision nvr 4 channel products are intended to meet the aggressive demand from the residential sector.


EZVIZ C3C is an outdoor network camera that accepts IP66 rated weatherproof design. It provides the anti-dust, waterproof ability. It has a fixed ICR filter, appropriate for 24 hours video surveillance monitoring. Meanwhile, fortified with 36pcs black infrared LEDs, the camera can perceive up to 30 meters at night or in a dark environment.


EZVIZ C3C network camera has microSD/TF card fixed, it supports onboard video storage up to 64GB. Except for the benefits of video storage, Hikvision offers flexible video storage choices to customers, users can select to sign up EZVIZ Cloud storage design, or even link the camera to an X2 WIFI network video recorder or N1 Internet network video recorder.

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