High-Tech Materials for Outdoor Gear

High-Tech Materials for Outdoor Gear

Because they are often designed to be lightweight and durable, many synthetic fabrics are used in the manufacturing of tents, outdoor clothing, sleeping bags and other items. New outdoor fabrics have revolutionized this industry in recent years. A lot of people are interested in learning more about the materials that their outdoor equipment is constructed from. Keep reading for the most popular high-tech materials often used for outdoor gear.

1. Aerogel

Aerogel was the original high-tech material. It was developed by NASA for use by astronauts. Its primary function was to preserve body heat even when exposed to environmental extremes. It is widely considered to be the best insulator on the market. The reason it is so light and thin is because it is actually a gel in a solid state. This gives it increased flexibility and means that it is non-porous. There are several versions of Aerogel in production today, with each company using similar formulas.

2. Pertex

Pertex fabrics are designed to perform well, being both light and durable in their construction. These fabrics are also highly resistant to the wind and yet surprisingly breathable. A lot of different brands incorporate this fabric into their outdoor gear. It is primarily for this reason that Pertex fabrics are some of the most popular in the outdoor industry today.To make it so tough, Perex combines two different fibers together in one piece. The filaments in these fibers blend to insulate better. By using different fibers, this fabric is made more flexible.

3. PolarTec

This synthetic fleece is very versatile and has been used for hats, jackets and other cold-weather gear. PolarTec was originally designed in the 1970s. It was made to mimic the look of wool fleece. In addition to visually resembling wool, PolarTec also has some similar characteristics. Like wool, this synthetic fleece is water resistant and insulates well, wet or dry. It is also naturally hypoallergenic. Though this fabric has been around for a long time, the brand is continuously evolving and keeping up with trends.

4. PrimaLoft

This synthetic fabric is made from polyester fibers and was first designed for use by the U.S. military. You can find this material in a ton of different products, such as outerwear, tents, and sleeping bags. PrimaLoft is often used as a vegan alternative to down because it insulates in a similar way and is very lightweight. For those in wet climates, PrimaLoft is excellent. It dries quickly and will shed moisture easily. Though this brand was launched back in the 1980s, it has continued to cater to the needs of its customers.

5. Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex was one of the first high-performance fabrics in the outdoors industry. This brand has continued to update their product line and design products in line with the current technological finds. This fabric is really good at keeping water out while still allowing perspiration to evaporate. The performance of Gore-Tex fabrics has improved over the years and they have expanded their product line to include just about all the items that you need.

6. Acrylic Blends

Pretty much every fabric used for your outdoor equipment is a blend of synthetic fibers. These are more resistant to fading. Not only have synthetic fabrics proven themselves not to suffer in the heat, they are more flexible and durable than natural fibers. Synthetic fibers have been blended in such a way that they mimic natural fibers for many years. If you find a type of fabric that both looks appealing and can perform as well as you need it to, then that is the fabric for you.

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