Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company

Here’s Why You Should Speak to a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company

The World Health Organization notes that up to 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury each year.

Such a serious injury comes with more than debilitating pain. You’re also looking at time off of work, tons of medical bills, and the potential for an issue with your insurance company.

Because so much can go wrong, it’s crucial to speak to a spinal cord injury lawyer before contacting your insurer! Keep reading to find out why a lawyer is such an important part of the healing process.

Why Speak to a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer First?

It’s understandable that your initial instinct would be to speak with your insurance company first. However, it’s important to understand that the agency doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

They’re a business, after all. Their sole purpose is to make money, even if that means failing to help you with medical bills or find proper care. Your insurance agency will do everything in its power to pay as little as possible, leaving you with medical debt as well as a potentially long-lasting injury.

Neck injury lawyers understand this and can help you navigate the difficult waters ahead. They’ll assess your injury, as well as the medical care you received, and provide an estimate on what you can expect your insurance to cover.

Once you contact your insurer, you can compare their findings with the advice you received from your lawyer.

In short, the knowledge that spinal injury lawyers bring to the table is a form of insurance in and of itself. With their expertise, you’ll know if your insurance agency such as The Insurance Surgery is trying to pull a fast one and payout less than your case is worth.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

Finding a lawyer can be a bit like finding a need in a haystack. But you can make the process easier by knowing what to look for.

Be on the lookout for a spinal cord injury lawyer with a track record of victories and settlements. The longer a case drags on, the more expensive it can get, so settling is often a great way to handle an injury case.

Check out their online reviews, as well. A great firm will have plenty of positive customer testimonials that speak to its expertise and care.

Finally, ask about compensation. Lawyers typically work hourly or via a lump sum, but some offer what’s known as contingency. Under contingency, a lawyer will only seek compensation should they win or settle your case.

Payment often comes in the form of a percentage of the financial award granted by the court.

Handling Your Insurance

Once you’ve found a lawyer, it’s best to let them handle discussions with your insurer.

Remember, your insurer will do everything they can to discredit your injury and make it seem as though it was your fault. That’s their job. Let your lawyer do theirs and fight for you.

Injured on the Job? Let Your Lawyer Help

Though we hope you’ll never need to speak to a spinal cord injury lawyer, it’s important to know how and why you should do so before talking with your insurance company. So keep these tips in mind and contact a lawyer today if you’ve sustained an injury.

For more tips on protecting yourself, make sure to check out our legal blog!

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