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Here’s How Celebrities are Growing their Instagram Following

The two things that make a celebrity are talent and fame. Some use digital PR agencies to achieve the latter. Today’s celebrities are using Instagram as one of their primary platforms to earn fame, improve their credibility, and increase their online exposure. The key to being successful on Instagram is to have a good following. The higher your follower count, the more your recognition and reach. There are several tactics that celebrities use on the platform to boost their followers. These include IG giveaways, shoutouts, going live, and many other strategies. Read on to learn more about the methods celebrities and influencers use to amplify their following.

 Strategies that celebrities use to grow their following

  1. Instagram giveaways: 

If you are active on Instagram and scroll through different pages constantly, you will come across several giveaways. Why? Because people love participating, as well as winning, no matter what kind of contest it is!IG giveaways are known to increase your follower count if done strategically and systematically. They can keep your audience engaged on your page and drive them to participate more actively. Instagram giveaways are events hosted by a brand, influencer, or business to promote their products, services, or brands. It is also widely used by celebrities to improve their follower count. Giveaways are time-limited promotions in which certain prizes are promised to people who can complete the tasks of the activity. You can organize an Instagram giveaway for absolutely any reason. However, most giveaways are hosted due to one or both of the following reasons:

o    To encourage sharing your posts 

o    To grow your follower’s list  

2.                  Shoutouts: 

Shoutouts are an easy way to boost up your following and promote your page. A shoutout is when another page mentions you on their platform and asks their followers to check your page. You can reach out to a relevant page and ask for a shoutout in return for something they desire. The most crucial factor to keep in mind while requesting a shoutout is the target audience. You need to make sure that their following is similar to what you desire on your page. For instance, a pianist would benefit more from receiving a shoutout from a singer’s page than they would from a makeup artist’s page. Another critical factor to keep in mind is the follower count of the partner page. You would benefit most from shoutouts given by pages with followers that are similar to yours. There are three common types of shoutouts:

Shoutouts for shoutouts: The most popular type of shoutout is to partner up with another page and give each other mutual shoutouts. See how Salim The Dream from Nelk does it, the group is growing fast.

o    Shoutouts from user-generated content pages: Some pages on Instagram feature posts given by followers or non-followers. For instance, an adventure sports page could feature a collection of several videos given to them by people who have done the sport. In return for their content, they usually get credits and a shoutout on the post they are featured in, thereby helping them receive fame and followers. 

o    Free shoutouts: In this method, some celebrities and influencers conduct contests in which you can participate and receive a shoutout if you win. This can be a win-win for both parties.

3.                  Instagram Live: 

Instagram Live is a great tool used by celebrities to improve their follower count. Research shows that followers are more likely to watch and engage in a live stream than a post. You can choose a period in a day and announce it on your page. Instagram live sessions improve celebrity-fan relationships, increase their reach, and help more people recognize and notice you. In 2021, Instagram brought in Live Rooms where you can partner up with up to three people. This will bring you views from their pages as well. You can organize games, challenges, Q&A sessions, etc., in a Live room and keep your followers engaged. If you have ever been a victim of false rumors, IG live can help you show your true self to your followers. Doing so might help them remove negative content about you in their heads.


Celebrities have been using these strategies and more to boost their Instagram following. These methods are best suited for actively trying to increase their following and get more reach. Once you have reached a sustainable following that you are happy with, you can engage in these activities less often, to your desire! While increasing your popularity positively and organically is essential, removing negative news articles is equally so.Being a celebrity can be challenging as people often try to pick out your imperfections or random rumors and turn them into a full-blown news article. It is important to remove negative content about you to improve your reputation and fame. If you want to learn how to remove negative press coverages, you can partner up with an online reputation management agency.  

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