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Here are top reviews of top 2 Best Group Buy tools provider in market.



Pitorr Review

SEO Tools and Other Virtual Tools Shopping Made Easy

In this age of digital marketing, SEO has become the most important aspect as it is widely used to make one’s site more visible and popular on the digital platform. Due to this particular factor, SEO tools are very much in demand these days as everyone wants their inbound marketing strategy to work and their businesses to grow at a rapid pace. Therefore, a lot of budding firms and individuals end up investing in SEO tools without much knowledge about it. In addition to this also provides numerous other software and tools to make enhance one’s business. Taking premium memberships of such accounts may cost you a fortune but the same results can be availed for a fraction of the market price at This particular review weighs in on every aspect of its services and gives you a clear idea about its workings and prices.

With more than 7 years in providing group buy SEO tools, shared ahrefs accounts as well numerous other virtual tools, this particular site has gathered quite the reputation of being budget-friendly and providing quality accounts to its valued customers. It is always a matter of great concern when services are provided at cheap costs but with being in the business for so long and always satisfying their valued customers entirely, they have proven themselves to be worthy of the trust that the people have put in them.

Services Offered truly serves as a savior for those in dire need of proper digital marketing tools as well as numerous other accounts as services within their tight budget. All of their SEO tools as well as accounts stand verified/ properly addressed and do not possess any bugs which might potentially harm your system after you run them. provides you premium group SEO buy because they feel that essential tools as such should be available to everyone. They are a site that mainly caters towards shared accounts such as ahrefs group buy. While providing ahrefs at a cheap price, it also makes sure that the same account is of good quality and contains no illicit bugs. Along with SEO group buy and ahrefs group buy, it also provides access to other premium tools such as Grammarly, Canva, Picsart, etc. They provide all of these services at unbeatable price points and can range as low as just 9 dollars for a range of accounts.

Data Security

With the ongoing technological advancements, one needs to be wary of the applications they download and the services they procure via their system. Many times, we get to hear that one’s personal information, as well as account details, are misused by miscreants. That’s the reason numerous people abstain from obtaining shared accounts via the internet. But in the case of, one can leave his worries as such and fully place their trust in the site as they are a registered site and provide full assurance that they will not share any information in regards to their customer base unless it complies with the law. They also ensure that no additional information is stored in their servers concerning their customers and all the services they provide are also free of trackers and bugs. This shows that the company shows great care and concern towards protecting the data of their valued customers.

How does it work?

Normally when obtaining shared accounts as such, log-in details such as the user’s mail and password are provided but the same pattern is not followed by Pitorr. It provides a platform for all its users to access tools from. The user can simply log in and get access to the required tools. The reason that they have devised this method is that when the actual mail id and password are shared over the masses then the person purchasing it might share it further which may not be fair for so many others who are diligently paying for the services. Further the same can also be attributed as a step towards data security. Their activation process is simple as the platform accepts those users who have made their payment and the best part is that the user can opt for a day’s free trial to check out the site well.

Payment Options and Security

Being a registered and a loved site to procure cheap group buys SEO tools, ensures that their payment options do not create a hindrance to the buyers. Therefore, they accept all kinds of cards and digital payment methods. Their mode of transactions are secured and no hidden costs are included. Their servers do not store your payment information and passwords and are free of phishing bugs.

Pitorr Policy

I would wholeheartedly advise against sharing your login process with a third party as doing so may result in freezing or complete blockage of your account.

They provide 24-hour customer service via the use of WhatsApp, Mail, and Facebook Messenger.

The SEO group buys tools that can be accessed via Chrome.

They deal in the best group buy tools, ahrefs group buy at a fraction of the market price.

Each of the tools provided does not belong to but simply provides its access owned by a third party.

In case, anyone comes across offensive content or feels that the account has violated Pitorr terms and conditions, then the customer may report the same via Gmail and the matter would be investigated by Pitorr experts.

Pitorr only caters to small enterprises and freelancers as they possess a low tool ratio.

Pitorr makes sure that they provide quality accounts at the best prices and also establish that the user should also be genuine. Therefore, the user needs to verify themselves by providing the required credentials. This is done so to ward off spammers and make the accounts more professional.

Toolsurf Review

Don’t even have the right keywords? Can’t pay a lot of money to buy one? Well, TOOLSURF is a private forum with all of the fantastic SEO tools you need for your website. They are a trustworthy SEO tools organization that provides the cheapest pricing and quality services. I think so that in the beginning I was a little afraid of what would happen if TOOLSURF would come out as a scam. But now, when I look at my content, I think that choosing TOOLSURF to improve my website’s content was one of the best decisions I have made for my business.


⦁ Instant access

They have a fully integrated self-developed system that allows them to give their customers direct access to the tools. You can be easily helped by Skype, Ticket, or E-mail 24/7. At maximum, 12–24 hours are the time to respond to emails. Customers can use the tools directly after purchase.

⦁ Cloud-based service

Access the service easily from wherever and anywhere through their cloud-based service. This means that no plugins, lightweight browsers, or special applications need to be used to enable the TOOLSURF facility.

⦁ Highest uptime

One of the difficulties with the majority of Group Buys programs are that they rob each other of their equipment. For all of its tools, TOOLSURF does not rely on other providers. They buy this equipment legitimately, but they retain a monopoly of all tools and facilities to provide the best available support and service to clients

⦁ Safety and privacy

For each new user, TOOLSURF uses a lightweight browser to make it easy to work and secure. For added protection, log-in details are saved in the browser. Their specialist team constantly tracks and monitors the use of the software. Skilled TOOLSURF deletes any abuser to ensure maximum protection for its customers. You should not have to think about malware or viruses contaminating the system because of their security procedures. TOOLSURF is optimistic and still puts a high emphasis on your data and privacy.

⦁ Top SEO tools collection

TOOLSURF has more than 50 SEO instruments. Updating new daily software. They are dedicated to instruments that will perform well before the end date of your team members. To monitor your resources, you would not have to access numerous dashboards. You can access all of the resources with a single mouse click, a single seamless dashboard.

⦁ No restrictions

There are some group buy tools providers who offer you SEO tools, but the use is restricted. But with TOOLSURF, there is no limit. All tools work perfectly. No virus and trash file.


The tools that are readily used by bloggers, website owners, developers, and SEO enthusiasts. The best tools you can find is available from AHREFS GROUP BUY SEO TOOLS. Also if you are small to medium-sized customer, TOOLSURF has specific account bundles that fit best. You will find their offerings profitable for everyone regardless of the occupation. Its great productivity is all at its highly automated in-house system, so you can never get lost for assistance, answers, or the best buy tools for your condition in the SEO community. Customers of TOOLSURF are their highest priority.


This forum has been built for those who do not have the budget to use these important instruments. In certain cases, access to resources is necessary to perform the assignments. You get 30+ SEO tools priced at or over $3,000. In contrast to the price of the initial tool, we sell the tool cheaper than our existing multinational online providers. You can purchase AHREFS GROUP BUY SEO TOOLS from TOOLSURF.COM at just $8 a month.


 The AHREFS BUY SEO TOOLS Community creates material of consistency from keywords. You won’t have to carry out lengthy and time-consuming keyword testing and review because it will do a lot of work on your behalf.

⦁ You are giving your company over its rivals, a foothold with these tools. These specialized tools will solve any problem you have. You will say the tools to refine your software maximize your visibility online. You will earn a better profit from the Ahrefs Group Buy for your investment in high-quality online SEO services tools. The right tools will avoid valuable capital and provide your organization with a broader profit margin.

⦁ The standard and number of links can both accelerate your website’s ranking. You can gain authority and credibility online, through these links. Once you rate sites and rate them accordingly, Google tries to find such authority and reliability. In the words you have just chosen, the performance of the website is monitored by Google Analytics, keyword analysis, link, and ranking control. Then you tweak your content and make sure that the front-runner is still relevant. These tools enable you to review your competitors to keep up with the competition.

Here is the way you can gain from the use of these resources when you are one of the internet marketers. The trick is to use the tools patiently. Not all instruments will yield robust results on the market. As you may have to use a couple of these methods, you can also take the time to focus on the simplest advantages of the SEO tools attentively.


AHREFS aims at being autonomous by concentrating on helping users make usable content and make it available to content creators with the overall goal of sharing search engines with content designers.

These resources help you develop your website, find a subject for writing, or monitoring the success of your website. On their blog and their YouTube channel, they will direct you along the way with learning materials.

My Experience

I am speaking very highly of Toolsurf and Pitorr sites as I have had a personal experience of using this for some of my purchases. I got to know about this site through a friend of mine and thought about giving it a go. I was a bit skeptical at first as I thought it was one of those scamming sites. My friend also shared his personal experience as a good one but the deals being offered on this site were too good to be true. Regardless, I kept my concern aside and decided to purchase ahrefs group buy which I needed. I checked the listing and saw that the same with a year of warranty was for 10$. Earlier, I had purchased the same from different individuals for the same price every quarter. Witnessing such a notable difference, I gave it a go and after having a fruitful talk to the executive via WhatsApp made the purchase successfully. I was very happy with my first purchase and used it recently again to buy tools consisting of Canva, Picsart, etc. The tools packet of roughly 8 essential tools just cost me 9$. The same was costing me around 35 $ on other sites.

Customer Care

In addition to all that, the customer service they provided was seamless. I had a bit of an issue with the activation part but the executive on the other end provided me with thorough guidance as to how the problems and technical errors are to be addressed. My overall experience with and has been very smooth and I would recommend this site to all.


After careful consideration, the following aspects of the site could be understood:


1. All of the tools and services procured from and are safe for use and provide data security.

2. Best rates for shared accounts are provided as compared to the market.

3. It is compatible with all OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

4. The tools are user friendly and come with maximum uptime.

5. The same purchased accounts can be accessed on multiple computers which enhances its mobility.

6. The site features cooperative customer service executives.

7. They allow a wide set of payment options.


1. The site has a zero refund policy so one is advised to go through the details of the tools and services.

2. Since it’s a shared account, if the user uses the purchased tools to monitor their site, then it’s very likely that the other users will be able to view your analytics and data.

So, unless you are a big professional giant and can afford singular premium tools, you can always turn to and for providing the same experience through shared SEO group buy tools. I know that it’s pretty hard to come by genuine reviewers but this is a genuine Pitorr review and Toolsurf review so that it aids the readers towards making the right choice.

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The Nurses CARE Act Aims at Easing the Shortage of Nurses in Long-Term Care Facilities




McKnight’s Senior Living, discusses the impact of bipartisan legislation on the floor of the House of Representatives. The legislation aims at improving the pipeline of workers for senior living and care operators, by increasing their hiring flexibility and creating new pathways for long-term employment opportunities in senior living and care. 

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Fred Keller [R-PA-12] and was introduced on 15 January 2021. It is currently within the House of Representatives Ways and Means; and Energy and Commerce committees. Keller and co-sponsor, Rep. Susan Wild [D-PA-7], discussed the bill, known as the Nurses CARE Act in a virtual conference held in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Health Care Association. 

Long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, often suffer from staffing shortages. The bill strives to solve this problem by allowing temporary nurses to keep their certification after the pandemic-related emergency declaration is over. In this way, long-term care facilities will be able to maintain healthy staff levels. 

Last fall, Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, signed into law a bill that was designed to ease supply shortages in the staffing of long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania, while also creating a permanent pathway for employment in the industry. The bill, Senate Bill 1268, was sponsored by Sen. Judy Ward (R-Hollidaysburg), who chairs the state Senate’s Aging and Youth Committee. She is a former nurse and so understands the challenges of the industry. The bill placed temporary nurses hired during the pandemic, on the state’s Certified Nurse Aide Registry. This made them eligible for long-term employment in long-term care facilities. 

Since then, the bill has resulted in nearly 3,000 Pennsylvanians completing the nurses’ training program, with hundreds being hired by long-term care facilities. The bill has been a life-saver for patients in long-term care facilities. It’s clear that shortages of workers in long-term care facilities can only result in suboptimal healthcare provision. 

The Nurses CARE Act seeks to ward off the threat of critical shortages by giving states the ability to use on-the-job experience in lieu of courses undertaken for certification. 

This is also a worthy reward for the many people who heard the call to assist their communities and offered their services to long-term care facilities, such as adult day care centers. These people have learnt a lot during the greatest pandemic of recent times.

The Nurse CARE Act shows the importance of on-the-job experience, while also asking nurses to undertake the necessary competency courses that every nurse needs. The competency courses can be done online, and are up to the same standards as the courses offered to nurses as part of normal training. It has the benefit of being flexible enough that it will serve as a pathway for future nurses who start off in the industry with on-the-job experience. 

Senate Bill 1268 required temporary nurses to undergo a training course lasting eight hours, as well as getting 80 hours of on-the-job experience at a long-term care facility. Pennsylvania has provided a wonderful model for the rest of the country to follow. A model which will do a lot to ease the shortages in long-term care facilities.

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Researching Public Records




In the United States, public records constitute a huge reservoir of free information, but one that has seemed quite remote and hard to access for most people in the past. Why? Because these billions of records used to be available only at county courthouses and state and federal agencies. That is, in the past, you had to physically hoof it over to your local courthouse and search in person for the records you needed, whether they were real estate records, litigation records, corporate records, or whatever. What a headache SearchUSAPeople.

The Internet has changed all that. Now you can sit at your office or home computer and obtain access to public records stored anywhere – at just about any courthouse or agency — in the country. Now, I am not maintaining that all public records are presently available online. But a great many are, and those that aren’t can often be accessed with a phone call to the Recorder’s Office or County Clerk.

However before you get too excited take a look at the specific sorts of information we’re talking about.

Below are listed some of the types of government records you have a right to view free of charge:

At the State level…

-Bankruptcy Records
-Federal Tax Liens
-Criminal Records
-Incarceration Records
-Fictitious or Assumed Names
-Limited Liability Company Records
-Limited Partnership Records
-Trademark, Trade Name
-State Tax Liens
-Uniform Commercial Code Filings
-Workers’ Compensation Records
-Vessel Records
-Sales Tax Registrations
-Vehicle & Ownership Records
-Death Records
-Sexual Offender Records
-Marriage Records
-Divorce Records
-Birth Records
-Driver Records
-State Investigated Accident Reports
-Some Types of Occupational Licenses

Public Records Available at the County Level…

-Real Estate and Tax Assessor records
-County Court Records (both civil and criminal)
-Tax Liens (also available at State level)
-Uniform Commercial Code records (also available at State level)
-Voter Registrations (accessibility varies)
-Vital Records (also available at State level)

Available at the Federal Level…

-EDGAR Corporate Filings
-Federal Court Records
-Bankruptcy Records
-Military Records

What’s more a vast amount of demographic/economic/regulatory data are available through various Federal agency websites

These lists are not exhaustive but merely hint at the quantity and types of information you can access for free online. So why would you want to? A few good reasons come to mind, such as: research pertaining to investments; trademarks/patents research; background checks on potential business associates; real estate investment due diligence; determining a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s true marital status; people searching; determining a potential partner’s financial viability; determining whether a professional person’s license is in good standing; finding out if a supplier has been sued; and many more.

Basics of Public Records

It’s very important to realize there’s a difference between public records and publicly-available information. The term “public records” pertains mainly to records maintained by government agencies that are freely available to the public, like real estate records and bankruptcy records. On the other hand your phone book contains “publicly-available” information. Generally, this is information people have chosen to allow to be publicly-accessed, even though they don’t have to. If you want your address and phone number to remain private, you can refuse to let it be published in a phone book. But with public record info, you really don’t have a choice – the government makes it public, period.

Similarly, notice that some information is always private, like medical records and credit information. You can’t go onto a government website and find out if somebody has certain medical or psychiatric problems, and you can’t get a copy of their credit report without their written consent. To do so violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which Uncle Sam, by the way, takes very seriously. Even if you find an online information broker who promises to provide you with somebody’s private information, you’re wise to pass. Remember how much trouble Patricia Dunn, the chairperson of Hewlett-Packard, got herself into a few years ago by hiring a hotshot private eye to look into boardroom leaks, which involved investigating the personal lives of HP’s board members? You don’t need that kind of trouble.

So it’s very important to understand the difference between public and private information, and there’s also one other point to be aware of: jurisdictions (counties and states) are not uniform in their regulations regarding access to records. For example, in some states you can access people’s driving records with relative ease (Colorado); in others you can’t (California). Some states regard criminal records as public (Texas); others don’t (Massachusetts). You have to adhere to the regulations of the jurisdiction where you’re accessing the records.

Public Records Access

As said previously, many jurisdictions have not yet computerized their public records – particularly the smaller rural counties. So you can’t access their records online but you can at least get their phone numbers online and give them a call. Oftentimes county clerks will run searches for you while you wait on the phone. One good source of county courthouse phone numbers is Of course you can probably just put the county’s name into Google and get the phone number, too.

Incidentally, there may be a small search fee, and/or a small copying fee, but these will be modest – public record information is free unless you hire a professional document retriever to visit the agency or courthouse to access it for you. If you want to look into this possibility, visit

Following are brief instructions for accessing public records by broad categories:

Business Records Access

Business records are largely concentrated in the Secretary of State’s office. For example you might need to know if a given company is incorporated or the date of incorporation, or who the officers and directors are. Or you might need information on a limited liability company, a partnership, or a trade name, or on sales tax registrations.

For Security Exchange Commission other financial data, and for information pertaining to bankruptcies or patents and copyrights, you need to search at the federal level.

For information pertaining to mortgages, UCC’s, tax liens, and real estate, you need to focus on the county or local (city) level – most often, the county level.

Court Records Access

Criminal records access presents a real challenge in the United States (though it’s easier here than almost anywhere else in the world.)

On the one hand, governments want to give you criminal record information so you can avoid hiring or doing business with criminals; on the other hand, they don’t want to give you criminal record information because then you won’t hire or do business with ex-convicts, who then will be motivated to commit more crimes in order to survive.

So it seems they compromise by making the information hard to get (or more likely, bureaucracy dictates that the process can not be streamlined and made reasonably efficient). So we find there is no single nationwide repository of criminal records in the U.S. except the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, which is available only to police organizations. Criminal record information is maintained on a strictly piecemeal, jurisdictional basis. Thus if your subject resides in Colorado, you can run a statewide criminal records search there, and he/she may come up clean – but in fact be a convicted felon in Indiana. Unless you also check Indiana, you’ll never know this.

As a result, I believe this is a type of public records searching which is best left to the pros. You can’t realistically check every state. And for that matter, most states won’t give you the information anyway, so you’ll have to check at the county level. For criminal records searching I recommend you hire an information professional specializing in this kind of search, such as Intelius or

What about civil litigation? This can get complicated, because cases can fall under county, state, or federal law. And of course municipalities also have courts.

If you’re looking for federal cases – most of which are tried in U.S. District Courts – start with the U.S. Party/Case Index. This is a nationwide index for U.S. District, bankruptcy and appellate courts. If, using this index, you determine your subject is involved in federal litigation, you may be able to access docket information online using PACER (provided the litigation is current or recent). Older case documents are maintained by the various Federal courts or transferred to the Federal Records Center.

At the state level, searching online is largely limited to the courts’ docket sheets (case histories). Today, many state courts provide Internet access to their dockets. For detailed information on state-by-state availability, visit or see Public Records Online, published by Facts on Demand Press.

Marriage/Divorce Records Access:

Our company, Washington Research Associates, Inc., has developed an eBook (it’s a free download) which lists virtually every online source for researching someone’s marital status. You can download it at

Recording Office Record Access

Your county or city recording office has remarkable complete information on nearly every piece of real estate in the county – sale prices, mortgages, liens, property descriptions, improvements, etc – and this is all public info. Recording office data is now widely available on the Internet. A good source is Incidentally, for all the latest news about your county or any county of interest, try visiting

How to Locate U.S. Government Portals

Washington Research Associates has also developed an extremely extensive list of the best governmental portals for accessing public records and other types of publicly-available information.

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How To Identify Damaged Machinery Rigging?




machinery rigging

Construction zones are among the most dangerous places to work. In America, more than 20% of work mishaps occur at construction sites. The fatalities at the worksite not only injure the tradesmen working on a site severely but also cause deaths. Around 5.5% of these accidents result from collapsing of materials and equipment malfunctioning. It is important to identify damaged overhead lifting and machinery rigging to avoid construction zone accidents. This article discusses ways to identify damaged machinery rigging.

Why is it Important?

Rigging equipment and lifting machines in a construction project, go through a lot of wear and tear due to the rough nature of work. If frequently used rigging machines are not inspected regularly and properly, they can lead to a load-break, load-slip and even collapse of heavy overhead lifting machines, which could be extremely disastrous.

Can You Do It Yourself?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires all machinery rigging and overhead lifting equipment to be inspected thoroughly before each use. Unfortunately, it is not strictly enforced at construction sites. Also, it requires specialized training to understand and inspect construction equipment, to identify any damages or signs of wear-off.  Most inhouse employees and workers do not have that kind of training or expertise over machines. Due to its sensitive nature, the inspection job cannot be left to amateurs or untrained personnel, because they can cause major issues for the safety of people working on the site and surroundings.

How to Identify?

You can identify major issues in machinery rigging by checking these:

Synthetic Slings

Synthetic slings are durable and strong materials used for fragile and scratch-able loads. Over a certain period of time, it will stretch because of lifting heavy loads, or climatic changes. Sharp corners on the loads can also cause minor-tears, which can result in sling rip. A damaged sling can cause fatalities because it can lead to loads slipping. Before each use, it is crucial to inspect synthetic slings for any damages.

Certain chemicals and too much exposure to sun also contribute to weakening of slings. Grease affects the sling’s grip.

Alloy Chain Slings

Alloy chain slings are popular for heavy-duty lifting, because of their strength. However, they can break and snap because of heavy use and misuse. Although, alloy slings can stretchup to 20% of their total length, but prolonged stretching and overload of weight can bend or elongate the links permanently.  When alloy chain is overloaded at angles greater than 60°, the links are damaged. Damaged links must be replaced immediately. Machinery rigging suppliers sell individual replacement links too.

Wire Rope Corrosion

Wire ropes are galvanized to protect from rust. If not properly maintained, this coating can chip off and fall over time, exposing the interior to rust and corrosion. Wire ropes are easily damaged by friction, frequent overhead lifting, and overload. If a rope is rotated through pulley systems again and again, it decreases the strength of wire rope. The damages in wire rope can be permanent bends in the strands, loosening of the strands creating a “caged” effect around the core, rust or corrosion, broken wires, corrosion, damaged sections, etc.

Sometimes, it is easier to repair or mend a wire rope. E.g. you can easily replace the damaged area. However, due to the sensitivity of the nature of work, you might have to replace the wire completely.

Absence of Tags

During machinery rigging inspections, make sure that the identification tags are attached with machines. They are extremely important as they carry important information about rigging machines. This includes product specifications, load limits, and length of use.

Machinery rigging

Every component of rigging machine which is attached to overhead lifting equipment must be inspected carefully and regularly. Hooks, shackles, eye bolts, turnbuckles, and hoist rings should be checked carefully before they are attached. Which inspecting machinery rigging do keep an eye at rust spots, loose shackles, frozen ring bolts lodged due to overloading, and missing components like latches or pins.


In a construction industry, safety should always have the highest priority. When it comes to heavy overhead lifting, make sure that machinery rigging is in its finest condition and there are no damaged components. Equipment inspection is not only important for the safety of tradesmen working on a site, but it also ensures that a project remains on schedule. Thorough inspection can help extend the life of machinery rigging and overhead lifting machinery.

To be sure that your rigging machine is of premium quality and fault-free, it is recommended to seek services of professionals. At Lawson Inc, we are dedicated to providing premium quality inspection, top-notch rigging machines, and other components. Get in touch with our representative and get a free quote now.

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Tips for Hiring Managers to Hire Graphic Designer in 2021




Does your organization need a graphic designer? Have you been asked to approach a reliable job agency in KL and hire the best candidate meeting the expectations of the organization? This blog post is for you. In this blog, I will share some useful tips with you that will help you hire the best graphic designer in 2021.

Let’s get started.

Know the Requirements

You can never hire the right graphic designer for your organization if you start looking for a graphic designer immediately after the operation manager in your organization asks for it. If you want to hire the right individual for your organization, it is mandatory for you to know why your organization needs a graphic designer and what they expect from the designer in their team. Once you know it, you can write the perfect job description. When you explain your requirements correctly, your manpower agency will be able to contact the most relevant people and then will send their resume to you if they show an interest in your opening. Thus, the right candidates will appear for the interview at your office and you will have to select the best of the bests.

Review Their Portfolio

You must review the portfolio of a candidate thoroughly before calling them for the interview at your organization. It will help you determine if a candidate’s work meets your expectation or not. If their work meets your expectation, call them; otherwise, don’t waste your as well as theirs time by scheduling a job interview with them.

Prepare a List of Questions

Before somebody appears at your organization for a job interview, you must prepare a list of questions for the candidate with the help of your operation manager because they can let you know what questions you should ask from an interviewer. Also, you should learn the proper answer from those questions so that you can determine if the interviewee is giving the right answers or not.  If the operation manager tells you that they want to take a technical round, you must do proper arrangements for the test in advance because it is a never good thing to do prepare for a technical round when somebody is sitting in your organization for the interview. It will only hamper your image in their eyes.

These above mentioned tips will help you a lot to discover an individual for your organization who can create a difference with their work. A good manpower agency in Malaysia can help you in this regard in a better way.

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Five Resume Writing Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them




Your resume speaks about you both as a professional and an individual. A smart recruiter can immediately create your image in their mind after scanning your resume. If your resume creates a positive image in their mind, they can shortlist your resume and call you to appear for the interview. Otherwise, they can reject it. In one sentence, your resume decides your future in the job market. Therefore, it must be readable, scannable, and impressive.

In this blog, we, as an expert recruitment agency & talent solution Malaysia, will tell you five useful tips to write a resume with all above-mentioned qualities.

Let’s get stared.

Traditional Layout and Fonts

You must keep your creativity at bay when it comes to your resume layout and fonts. Your creativity may reduce your chances of being shortlisted if it spoils readability of your resume. On the other hand, traditional layout and fond will not distract recruiters because they are used to them. When it comes to the fonts, we will ask you to use calibri.

Focus on Accomplishments

Most people focus on their duties in an organization more than their accomplishments there. But, explaining your duties to recruiters should not be focus. Instead, you should focus on your accomplishments. You should explain your accomplishments in a way that recruiters can easily get an idea about your role in your previous organizations and current organization as well.

Use Action Words

You sell your skills to a prospective buyer through your resume. Therefore, it is essential for you to write your resume so effectively that it can impress the recruiter immediately. Writing passive voice sentences will kill the influence of the resume. So, you should use active voice sentences and focus on action words.

Don’t Use Vague Content

Before you initiate writing your resume, you must understand that your resume is neither a blog nor an article, but an information piece aiming at informing recruiters about your education and professional life. So, you must keep it short, simple, and concise. When it comes to writing your resume, you must become a miser. You should try to explain everything in the least words possible. If you can replace four words with one word, then use that one word in place of those 4 words. It will make your resume more readable and attractive for employers.

Check Spellings and Grammar

You must check spellings and grammar thoroughly before sending your resume to an employer because spelling and grammatical errors can become an obstacle in your way to achieve your goal.

We will end this blog with a piece of advice that you should contact an expert recruitment firm in Malaysia or Manpower Agency in Malaysia because they can help you improve your resume and send your resume to organizations that are looking for people like you. With the help of a good manpower agency, you can attend the interview with full confidence.

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