Here are some Unique Ways You Can Use Himalayan Pink Salt in Your Wellness Routine

The route to wellness goes through self-love. Taking small smart disciplined steps every day is a way to go about it. The recent times highlighted the importance of staying healthy more than ever before. People started adopting small changes like eating fruits, cutting down unsaturated fats from their diet, lowering salt intake etc. Many health-conscious people are slowly switching from common salt to Himalayan Pink Salt. Many believe that this salt has several benefits when used in everyday diet as well as in therapeutic purposes. In this article, we are going to summarise a few ways in which you can include this salt in your wellness routine. 

Trusted friend for your Skin 

It’s easy to take care of your skin with the ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. To name a few, turmeric, any fruit skins are some of such items. Now you can add this salt to this list. People are using it in their everyday skincare routine. Some of the uses are very basic. For example, Himalayan Pink Salt is used as a skin toner. Salt is dissolved into pure water and then kept in a spray bottle. Then this solution is sprayed on the face after cleaning it with water. Salt is also a crucial element in facial scrubs. It has exfoliating properties that help in the removal of dead cells from the facial skin.

Now let’s take a look at its usage in hair care. The pink salt is also used to remove the dead skins over the scalp. A small proportion of pink salt is mixed with little water and then slowly massaged over the hair. This is followed by a good hair wash. This removes the dead skins on the scalp and allows cells to breathe while improving the blood circulation in the cells. This improves the health & texture of hair. 


You may wonder what pink salt has to do with bathing. Himalayan Bath Salts are being offered by spas and recreational centres. This bath is believed to be relaxing and soothing by many who have been enjoying it. Himalayan Pink Salt infused with several different aromas are dissolved in warm water that is further used for bathing. Lavender, Coffee, Vanilla you name it and you will find a bath salt of your choice. Those who have been enjoying such bath salt claim that it is a soothing experience. The grain is usually medium-sized, as it becomes easy to mix in the bathwater. Whether you are using a bucket or a bathtub, mixing the bath salt in your bath water is very simple.


There are many uses of pink salt, but the most important one is its edible use. The food we eat is what we become. Pink salt is now being used in everyday cooking. This is for various reasons. The top reason is that it’s a natural form of salt. Pink salt is mined from natural reserves and not treated in any factory. There are no processes such as bleaching and cleaning of the salt. This also means that there are no artificial elements such as anticaking agents etc. For those who are reading this word for the first time, anti-caking agents are the chemicals that prevent salt from forming lumps. There is a huge debate about the safety of these chemicals and they are banned in countries like European Union. 

Another essential aspect that makes Himalayan pink salt different is that it is saltier than table salt. So to attain the same taste, you actually require a lesser amount of salt. This helps in bringing down the sodium intake in your everyday diet. Excessive sodium consumption and its ill effects on people is a serious concern. So when you choose pink salt, you protect yourself against the risk of excessive sodium consumption.  

Using pink salt in your everyday diet is very simple. It usually takes a day or two to adjust to this salt. There is another aspect that you may want to consider. It’s the grain size. Most households prefer the extra fine grain but if you can opt for the grain size of your choice. You can store this salt just like any other normal salt using airtight containers. 

Metabolism Boosters 

Other than the dietary and therapeutic uses of pink salt, it is also used as a supplementary element. Many health enthusiasts start their day with a glass of pink saltwater. A teaspoon of pink salt concentrate is mixed in a glass full of water. This glass not only gives a good amount of salts and minerals to your body but also balances your pH. This glass of pink saltwater before exercise hydrates the body and helps in activating your muscles and helps your exhausted tissues to charge up the sodium. This prevents people from fatigue that may arise from the loss of sodium. 

Give your family the benefits of pink salt 

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The intention of this article is to spread awareness about natural dietary alternatives that can help to live a healthy lifestyle. This, in no way, intends to replace any professional/medical treatment, medical advice or diagnosis. For any health-related problems, major or minor, please get help from a professional healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor/ medical advisor before you undertake any new health & diet routine.

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