Helpful Tips for Grain Storage

Are you a farmer and looking for some tips to store grains? If yes, then this article is for you. Make sure to read it till the end if you want to keep your grains properly and yield huge profits from them.

It goes without saying that grains are valuable assets for farmers. If not taken care of and damaged, you may have to face massive loss. So, to prevent you from stress and loss, it is recommended to make strategies for long-term storage. In this unpredictable market, if you manage to store your grains by following the right methodologies, you will have peace of mind.

Now, probing further, let us discuss tips for grain storage.

Buy quality grain bins – The first and the foremost step towards proper grain storage is to see if you have enough grain storage or not. If not then prefer investing in quality grain bins. If you become successful at picking the right bins, then your grains can stay safe for an extended time period.

Inspect bin before filling it – Whether you have bought new bins or are using the old ones, make sure to clean, inspect and examine them before putting grains in them. Clean bins thoroughly so that they don’t have any insects, mold, fungi or previous leftovers. Also, ensure that the bins are sealed perfectly at the bottom. Further, check if the wires are in proper condition and whether the bins are functioning up to the mark or not. Try completing this task five to six weeks before storing the grains.

Keep a check on temperature – It is extremely crucial to pay attention to the temperature in which grains are kept. Keep grains only in that bin which has sound aeration system so that the temperature of grains can be controlled. Additionally, while buying the bins, don’t forget to check the presence of temperature cables if you want to monitor your grains safely.

Dry grains to the right moisture content – How long the grains can be stored depends highly on their moisture content. If you don’t know the moisture level of different grains, then invest some time in learning them. Being a farmer, you must know it.

Store quality grain only – Immediately check the condition of your freshly harvested grains and store high-quality grains as they can easily be kept for a longer time period. It is really hard to store damaged grains and the ones with low test weight for a long duration.

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