Health, How Different Eye Conditions Can Affect Your Driving

Impact of different eye conditions on driving – Tips for safe driving

Driving means freedom. You get your driving licence when you turn 18. You are old enough to take responsibility for the road. But how well you can drive depends on your vision. If you have vision problems, it might be a bit difficult to see clearly to drive. You will need prescription glasses to correct your vision to drive safely.


Nearsightedness is one of the most common eye conditions. It is mostly detected in childhood. By the time you are up for a driving test, you are already wearing prescription glasses for myopia.

Even slight myopia is dangerous while driving. You will need to wear glasses while driving. Myopia inhibits your far vision. You won’t be able to see anything clearly from afar. You have trouble reading road signs, licence plate numbers and everything far away will appear blurry. Without wearing proper glasses, it is difficult for you to see clearly.

While driving you can also get distracted from the car lights or sunlight. Suppose you are driving ahead and the sun is setting on the horizon. You are facing the sun right ahead and it will hinder your vision. To not get distracted you can wear polarised sunglasses or anti-glare glasses. These glasses will block the glare from the sun and you will be able to drive smoothly and safely. You can get stylish glasses frames for your anti-glare prescription glasses so that you don’t shy away from wearing glasses.


Farsightedness is an eye condition that mostly occurs after you grow old. You have trouble seeing nearby objects. If you are having trouble reading your books, you are adjusting your position to read or squinting to see clearly, then you need to schedule an eye test and get reading glasses.

Your near vision is equally important as far vision while driving. While driving you might have trouble reading your dashboard, speedometer or GPS navigation. It will be troublesome if you cannot see clearly. You will need glasses to correct your vision.

However, it is inadvisable to wear reading glasses while driving. Reading glasses are for reading and it inhibits your vision. For driving, you will need glasses that will help you in seeing far as well as near.

If you drive for long hours, your eyes start hurting. It is a tough job to focus on driving for long hours. You can wear eye strain glasses that provide comfortable vision and you can drive for long hours. You can try out transition lenses that accommodate according to the light. Whether you are driving during the day or night, you can have a clear, glare-free vision all the time.


Presbyopia mostly occurs after you hit 40. When you have a problem seeing both far and near distances. For driving, your vision at all distances is important. With presbyopia, you should get varifocal glasses for driving. These glasses are specially designed to facilitate your vision while driving. You have a clear vision at all distances without adjusting your position a lot.

You can get your high-quality varifocal glasses delivered by Specscart. Specscart has the best quality of varifocal lenses. These provide a clear vision and also are cheaper than the rest of the sellers. Try out these glasses and if not satisfied, you can return the glasses after 60 days.


Astigmatism will cause blurriness when you are driving. You might have astigmatism along with myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. It is corrected with glasses. With glasses, you are able to see clearly without any issue. It is important for you to wear your glasses while driving. Without glasses, you will have trouble seeing and you will focus hard and strain your eyes to see clearly. This will distract you and you are bound to make mistakes on the road.

Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity is another issue that can hinder your driving. You can wear sunglasses during the daytime to drive safely without hurting your eyes from the light. You can get transition glasses that change according to the light. You will have comfortable vision all the time and you can drive well.

Glasses don’t make you look boring. If you think like that, at least wear contact lenses while driving. Or you can get stylish glasses frames from Specscart and look stylish while driving. Glass frames from Specscart are very cheap and you can afford high-quality lenses on your budget. Check out the glasses to know for yourself.

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