Happy New Year Celebrations In India, United States, London

New Year Eve is the time of a new calendar in which a new year begins, and you move further in your life. The New Year night celebration is observed in many countries. In each country, people celebrate this eve in their own way.

As the year 2020 is ending and the New Year 2021is going to start, so start gathering your Happy New Year 2021 Wishes so that the coming year becomes peaceful for you. Now let us tell you about the happy new celebrations of some famous places.

Happy New Year In India:

If we talk about the New Year celebration in India, we can say that Indian people are full of life. However, people in India get dressed in colorful dresses and do different fun activities like singing, dancing, games, and attending various parties.

Furthermore, parks, nightclubs, cinemas, and amusement parks all get filled with multiple people belonging to different age groups. People greet happy New Year to each other and also exchange gifts and greeting cards.

All the happy New Year celebrations are showcased on different channels for the whole day. As some people like to stay home and celebrate in their homes, so such people can see New Year celebrations on their Television and some go in the open air to see the fireworks. Moreover, New Year resolutions are made to improve oneself and avoid the bad things they did in the previous year.

Hence, some of the bigger cities of India like Chennai, Banglore, Mumbai, and Delhi arrange concerts that are attended by amazing Bollywood stars and even other famous personalities. These concerts get filled with a massive amount of people, while some of them like to enjoy their new year’s eve at their homes with families and friends.

Happy New Year In United States:

The New Year celebration in the United States is very unique as the midnight begins with fireworks, events, and special parties. Those events are also televised. The next day very few people start their work as for the majority of people, it is a day of recovery from the last night.

Besides this, in some towns of the United States, parades are held, and unique games are played like football. Another fantastic thing is that the first baby born on New Year’s night gets a lot of gifts and even their parents get special appearances in different live shows and newspapers as well. Also, people makeNew Year resolutions so that they don’t make the same mistakes they did in the previous year.

Happy New Year In London:

Now, let’s discuss new year’s evein London. In the majority of cities and towns of the United Kingdom,New Year’s night is celebrated by doing firework displays. London is most famous for these fireworks as hundreds of people gather to see the 12-minute show of firework display happening at the London eye, the Giant Ferris Wheel.

In addition, the pyrotechnics start the great Big Ben Chimes midnight that is accompanied by some fantastic music. But, after the year 2014, these events have become ticketed events.

After the fantastic fireworks of London,there is a New Year Parade that is known to be the biggest parade in the world. The parade tradition is 30-year-old as it got started in the year 1987 to gather money for charities.

Conclusive Remarks: So, start planning your happy new year 2021at your favorite place as New Year’s Eve comes once a year. But, try to improve yourself in the New Year so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes as you did in the last year.

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