Happy Home, Happy You: How to Make Your Home Your Happy Place!

With an increasing number of people working remotely, most people are spending more time at home than ever before! So, it only makes sense to make sure that your home is the place that you feel happiest. If you are curious about to make this happen, here are your top tips:

Declutter and Minimize

Few people are naturally neat. Most people have to work hard to stay organized and honestly, who has the time? The downside of the resulting clutter, though, is that it can make you feel unkempt and chaotic.

This is why you should start by getting rid of anything that you don’t need in your home. It doesn’t matter if it is clothes, accessories, appliances, furniture, or something else entirely. It is time to get it out of your house.

This doesn’t mean throwing these things away. Instead, donate or sell them online. If some of these items are useless but still have sentimental value, consider renting out a storage locker to store them.

Once you are done with this first step, the next one involves creating features in your home to make organization easier for you. Why not have a catchall hideaway Ottoman in the living room that can hide your mess? Or, create a window seat that doubles as storage space. The options are endless!

Let the Light In

You have probably heard this advice before but it bears repeating: sunshine is good for the soul. The more natural light that you are exposed to, the happier that you feel. Not to mention, it can even help to correct certain sleeping patterns giving you an even greater boost in mood.

If it is within your budget, you should try to have your windows replaced with ones with a larger glass surface area. You may also want to consider a design that opens up completely to let in fresh air too.

If a remodel isn’t possible, then try to disperse the natural light throughout the home. Set mirrors opposite windows and paint the walls a lighter, more reflective color.

Create a Space of Your Own

If you live with other people then finding a place to call your own can be tricky. However, it is important to have a space for yourself – somewhere you can wind down, think, or just be left alone. Try to find that spot for yourself and set it up.

The arrangement can be as simple as a plush carpet for you to sit on, a potted plant, and a stack of books. It is just about creating a space that you can enter and feel totally at ease. Even if you live by yourself, you should consider creating an area like this for yourself.

Creating a happier home is a lot easier than most people realize. You just have to know the right tips and tricks and everything else falls into place. All that is left for you to do is to give these guidelines a try. You will be surprised by how effective they turn out to be!

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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