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Handy Fishing Accessories: The Essentials of Fishing

It is hard to argue with fact that camping is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Whether it involves families, friends, couples, or youths, everyone just loves good camping outdoors. Connecting with nature is always considered to be one of the most fun ways to spend a vacation. Why spend your vacation in overpriced hotels when you can enjoy your time with your companions outdoors where it is closer to mother nature. Camping appeals to the inner subconscious of us human’s desire to connect with nature. The wilderness, trees, plants, wildlife, fresh air, humans, in general, find all of the above pleasant. There are many reasons why camping is very popular. It is because of the many benefits and advantages that camping brings.

A good fisherman knows that fishing takes more than just rods, lines, reels, and lures; several handy fishing accessories can make fishing more convenient and efficient. Every fisherman’s toolkit must contain these necessary accessories so that he can avoid being troubled over stubborn fish and hooks, and have more time to enjoy fishing.

A fisherman’s tool, also known as fishing pliers, is a must-have for every fisherman. Fishing pliers are not the same as ordinary household pliers. The most common use of a pair of fishing pliers is to pry hooks from fish, particularly those that are embedded or stuck in the gullet. It can reach deep in a fish’s mouth and safely remove a hook without much damage. A fisherman’s tool is usually equipped with other accessories such as line cutters and knife blades. Most fishing pliers are specially made to be more rust-resistant than ordinary pliers.

A line clipper is another handy fishing accessory. It is similar to fingernail clippers and is used to cut lines. Attach the clipper to a lanyard and wear it around the neck; this will make the clipper easily accessible.

Another handy tool is a lure retriever. Although many fishermen do not think of this tool as necessary, it is especially convenient when a lure gets stuck under an obstruction such as a rock or a log. Since most fishermen would not want to dive in the water just to retrieve a lure, the lure retriever does the job. It is practically easy and simple to use.

A fish stringer is also essential, particularly if you’re fishing from a boat or bank that does not have a life well. A fish stringer will ensure that you’ll be able to keep your catch while keeping them alive. There are two types of stringers: rope and chain. A fish stringer is not very expensive and would come in handy.

A reel repair kit is another of the must-have fishing accessories. It is particularly helpful for on-the-spot repairs and adjustments. A reel repair kit usually contains a set of small screwdrivers, reel oil, and an adjustable wrench.

Every fisherman should also carry a bottle of sunblock. Fishing is an activity that requires sun exposure, and too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. To prevent skin cancer, sunblock must be applied to all exposed areas.

Kayak fishing accessories are an absolute must whether you are braving the big blue or just venturing out on the local rivers. While the selection of accessories can be a bit overwhelming, there are a few necessities that you should have along.

Top Kayak Fishing Accessories

The first thing that you will need is a rod holder. There are many options available, but I prefer RAM holders. RAM rod holders have the benefit that if you need to quickly insert your rod for any reason, you can do so. This will allow you to quickly regain the use of your hands without losing your rod in the water!

A spray skirt is nice to have if you use a sit-inside kayak. A lot of people think this is only necessary if you are fishing on whitewater or a place with waves. They fail to consider boat wake. Listen, if there is any kind of boat traffic, then there is the chance that a wake will come along and surprise you. Having a spray skirt installed reduces the chance that you are going to lose your gear should you flip.

Some of the best kayak fishing accessories available are the ones that you make yourself. That’s right, make yourself. Seriously. Don’t look at me like that!

You can add modifications to your kayak to assist you when fishing. Adding an anchor, crates for storing fish, a rudder system to navigate while using both hands fishing. Even a trailer to float behind to store some gear. Your imagination is the limit.

You can even find some plans on the old internet for different accessories. Just do a quick search on kayak fishing accessory plans. These items are perfect for the DIY person.

If you don’t fancy yourself making your accessories, or don’t have the time, there are plenty of options. Search some of the popular retailers or find a local club for ideas. You will be amazed at what you find out there!

Outdoor camping is a highly recommended way to spend time together with people who are dearest to you. Whether it is with your family or special someone, the times that you will be spending together outdoors will surely give all of you memories that you will all never forget. There are times that we are always too preoccupied with something may it be work or school, so we don’t get to spend time with our loved ones as much as we want to. So, you want to make it up to them? Outdoor camping is the perfect answer in this sort of situation. Why? If you are camping, you will have no access to computers, cell phones, or television so it is just your group and mother nature. So that means no more distractions and you got each other’s undivided attention.

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