Guidelines to prepare yourself while trekking at high altitude

Hiking is a fun activity to do where there’s a lot of adventure and experience waiting on the way. Moreover, trekking at an altitude comes with tons of difficulties that may ruin your fantastic trip. 

Nepal has different mountain peaks like Island Peak, Mera Peak, Pisang Peak, Tharpu Chuli, Lobuche, etc., and is known worldwide for high-altitude treks. It would be best to prepare well before getting your hands into any high-altitude hike. “Prevention is better than cure.” It is better to be careful and well-known about the trip before planning it than suffer miserably.

High altitude trek comes with lots of opportunities, knowledge, and experience. However, the risk rises as the height of the place increases. Problems like a decrease in oxygen level, altitude sickness, mental frustration, frostbite, weakness, and others may be your significant suffering in high altitude travels.

It is better to be prepared for all the problems and make your trip worthwhile. Besides peak climbing and expedition in Nepal, there are high altitude trekking routes like Manaslu circuit trek, Upper Mustang trek, Three Passes, Chola Pass, Kanchenjunga, etc. These are considered as high altitude difficult trekking.

Some of the guidelines are enlisted below:

Proper physical checkup:

It is imperative to have a proper physical checkup and consult a doctor before marching towards the journey. There will be mental peace and less worry about your health if examined by a doctor. 

Proper training:

Your body needs to adapt to the physical strength required to hike. Make yourself walk for at least six to seven hours a day. You should walk on a rocky path, uphill and downhill; hence it would be perfect if your body and mind were appropriately trained for the trek. You should have proper knowledge of controlling your breath as hiking at an altitude lacks the appropriate amount of oxygen. 

Stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated is a must while trekking. You will lose lots of water from your body in the form of sweat, and to maintain the water level of your body, you should at least drink four to five liters of water daily on your journey. Being at a high altitude makes your body uncomfortable, and drinking water helps your body be calm and adapt to the temperature. 

Pay proper attention to food types:

Choosing suitable types of food is very important while you are trekking. Much energy is needed to carry out a high-altitude trek, and taking food that provides tons of power is necessary. It will help if you intake nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, and protein consumed daily. More calories in your diet will help your body and mind acclimate with the altitude places’ temperature. Make sure to carry energy bars in case of emergency. 

Packaging and clothing:

Make sure to pack a small bag pack with some necessary items. Carrying a big and heavy bag while hiking at a high altitude is very difficult.

Keep yourself warm and wear layering of clothes as while trekking the body temperature rises and you might feel comfortable with fewer clothes. The fabric of your clothes should be soft and comfortable. Carry a jacket with you in case. 

Take proper rest:

Suppose you feel uneasy; it is better to take some rest. Don’t rust in trekking but pause your trek for a few days a give your body some proper rest. Always keep your health first, and don’t rust into trekking without being ultimately better.

Carry enough cash:

Money plays a vital role in the success of any trip. The main thing to keep in mind while trekking is to carry enough cash. You might not find any ATMs or banks in many parts of high altitudes. Hence, it would be better to have some money than suffer from no money.

The high-altitude places are a bit more expensive than ordinary places, so make sure to add an extra amount to your budget while planning the trip.

Proper knowledge about Altitude sickness:

Your body gets dizzy, uncomfortable, and unwell at high altitudes. The standard altitude sickness has symptoms like; headache, vomiting, nausea, and nose bleeding, which can be treated by some local remedies. Nevertheless, if the body is not given proper medication and rest while suffering from sickness, it converts into Acute Mountain Sickness, which directly affects the lungs. 

Comfortable boots:

Walking a long distance is hiking or trekking. It is essential to wear comfortable boots or shoes while traveling to walk without feeling uncomfortable. Wear proper size shoes that correctly fit you and try to avoid shoes with a shoelace as tiding them frequently will make you lose your time. 

Follow the guidelines and trekking map:

You will be provided with a guideline list and a reason map after registering yourself in the trekking association. You should read the guidelines properly before starting the trek and keep the map with you every time. It would be best not to get distracted and follow the trekking trails. 

Carry emergency items:

Essential items like camping kits, power bank, first aid kit, and package food should always be carried. You will never know what happens next while you trek to the new place. High altitude trek will take you to remote areas where finding electricity and accommodation might get hard. However, if you carry your stuff you wouldn’t have to go through many difficulties. 

Know about the place and perfect season to trek:

It is essential to do proper research about the geographical features, culture and tradition, accommodation facilities, people and many other things. Your trip would be fruitful if you had basic information about the place you trek. 

Moreover, choosing the appropriate season to trek plays a vital role in deciding the difficulty level of your tour. You should go through the web to find information about the weather and season. 


A must-do thing while trekking at a high altitude is insurance. Proper health facilities are not available in remote places, and hence doing life insurance would be better. Read all the terms and conditions before signing the insurance paper. 

Enjoy every moment:

Trekking is also an escape from your busy and toxic life. Don’t worry about things and let your soul enjoy small moments of the trip; make your trip unforgettable with lots of memories and fun.    

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