Guide When Buying Lawn Mowers in Kenya

There is nothing more appealing than a well-trimmed lawn. It is not only a great addition to a good look but also a nice scenery. To achieve that even look, you need a machine that you can rely on. The lawn mower makes your work easy and neat. The evolution of lawn mowers is attributed to the development of technology and the dire need to provide more convenient and super equipment.

A buyer has a variety to choose from in consideration of needs and usage. This need has made it necessary for many people to look into lawn mower prices in Kenya.

Categories of lawn mowers

Walk behind lawn mowers

They are the most common mowers. One can picture such mowers when a lawn mower is mentioned. As the name suggests a person pushes from behind using the large handles on the mower. They are further categorized into electric and fuel powered mowers. they are a favorite for many due to their adjustable height that allows alignment with the grass height required.

Ride on mowers

They are ideal for larger spaces and are mostly used in places such as; hotels, professional landscaping and schools. They are fitted with steering controls and driver’s seats and are manually operated by professionals.

Hover lawn mowers

They are fitted with impellers that plush the air downwards which in turn lifts the mower off the ground to make it hover over the grass. They are made of plastic to make it easy for them to maneuver.

Robotic lawn mower

They are very rare and most people do not know about them. You only need to set a guide border wire and the mower will do its job. The mower cuts the grass cording to specifications in the border wires.

Manual mowers

These types of lawn mowers are great for small lawns and their operation is easy. one only needs to push them on the lawn to cut grass.

Getting the right lawn mower 

In consideration of lawn mower prices, there is a variety to choose from and considerations to make.

The space to mow

It is important to choose the right lawn mower according to the piece of land you need to mow. Find out the best mower for your space.


The power determines the scope and type of work that a mower can handle. Whether its rough terrain or really tough grass.

Ground speed

Ensure that you choose a lawn mower that has adjustable speed. If you choose one where the speed is not adjustable, make sure that you can handle the speed.

Lawn mower prices in Kenya

The prices should not deter you from getting a mower that caters for your needs. Visit the experts and understand the features that are in line with your scope of work, manageable speeds and space sensitive. The prices will be the least of your worries when you start to enjoy the sought benefits. 


  • Increased productivity
  • They are mostly safe and easy to use
  • They are highly portable
  • They operational costs are low
  • They are multi-functional
  • They are energy efficient 
  • They are compact and quiet depending on the type and power

ConclusionThe prices of lawn mowers shouldn’t bother you so much. Your priority should be geared towards finding the most beneficial and operation friendly mower for your ground.

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