Guide To WhatsApp Plus and How It Can Help You in Your Endeavors

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app used by 2 billion users worldwide. It lacked features when it first arrived, but 2022’s WhatsApp features were unlimited. These features made WhatsApp attract 2 billion users.

Every person who owns an Android or Apple Smartphone has installed WhatsApp for communication. When WhatsApp was not popular, it had no MODS and other versions, but developers worked hard to release some different versions of WhatsApp. Now users get multiple modes of WhatsApp. Some became famous, but most versions had failed. One version is my favorite right now, and people blindly install that on their smartphones.

WhatsApp Plus is its name, and its developer has packed millions of features with it. People using WhatsApp Plus for the first time never want to uninstall this version because of its seriously powerful features. So today’s article will state WhatsApp Plus, Why To Use WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Plus Features Breakdown, and How To Install WhatsApp Plus on Your Phone or Tablet?

These are the things that will be discussed in today’s article. So get yourselves ready because an interesting communication source is being reviewed.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

In simple words, WhatsApp Plus is a mini-version of WhatsApp that is packed with loads of features that official WhatsApp lacks. It is designed for those people who get sick after seeing one interface repeatedly. So WhatsApp Plus gives you the freedom to apply the settings you want. If you are sick of seeing one interface, you can change the interface. If you are sick of simple fonts, you can change the style. So you get every type of freedom through WhatsApp Plus.

Why Use WhatsApp Plus?

That’s the question that arises in everybody’s mind. Why should you use WhatsApp Plus when you have other options available? WhatsApp Plus has loads of options that users never see in other apps. If you want to get WhatsApp Plus, you can get it from here. This website has given complete information related to WhatsApp Plus, and you will also get a download link. You can visit that website to get WhatsApp Plus without further ado.

WhatsApp Plus Features Breakdown

So why use WhatsApp Plus when you have some other options? I will break down the features that will make your mind install WhatsApp Plus on your Android or Apple Phone. So here are the features:

Easy To Install

The first feature I want to share is its easy installation. WhatsApp Plus is easy to install and use. People think that WhatsApp Plus is a newer app, so installation of that app would be difficult, but in reality, it isn’t. Installing WhatsApp Plus on your Android Phone is very easy.

Same Navigation

WhatsApp Plus is a different name, but it has the same navigation. You don’t see a slick interface on WhatsApp Plus. Most people complain that WhatsApp Plus has a difficult interface, but it isn’t because the newly seemed icons are the features of WhatsApp Plus. So you can’t say it has a difficult interface.

Those new icons have the hidden features for what you’ve installed WhatsApp Plus for. Understanding those icons working is difficult initially, but you love those features when you get addicted to them. So WhatsApp Plus is difficult in the beginning because you’ve never seen those icons before. But after 2 days of usage, it becomes easier.

Possible To Undelete Previously Sent Messages

Whenever an important message gets deleted, people get disappointed because it’s impossible to recover that on simple WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus gives you the option to recover that deleted message.

Sometimes you’ve to delete your private conversation or send a file whose record is risky to keep. So people delete such messages but sometimes mistakes also happen. When you mistakenly face this situation, don’t worry because WhatsApp Plus has given you the option to recover. You can undelete that message and see the exact one you sent before. That’s another power of WhatsApp Plus that isn’t available for users using the normal version. 

Hiding Profile Pictures From a Person You Don’t Know

Hiding your profile picture from a person you don’t know is necessary. This feature is also available in WhatsApp’s official version, but WhatsApp Plus gives another benefit which I will explain.

On WhatsApp Plus, you can also hide your profile picture from a person you know. Some people don’t want their profile picture to be viewed by people they don’t like. Removing those people from your story section or message section is only possible when you’ll completely block their profiles. But WhatsApp Plus gives the option without stopping their profiles. You can hide your profile or story picture from the person you don’t like, even if he has saved your contact number.

Changing The Colors, Themes and Fonts

Changing the colors of your fonts and themes is possible on WhatsApp Plus. People tired of seeing one color can remove their sickness from this feature. Seeing new colors of the interface can change your mind, and you would like to continue using WhatsApp Plus because your sickness fades away. 

Using 4 Different Numbers is Not a Problem on WhatsApp Plus

Using 4 different numbers is a plus point somehow. People commonly have smartphones having 2 different sims, but sending the verification message on your other number and using that number for communication through WhatsApp Plus is possible because WhatsApp Plus can hold 4 different numbers on one account. So what more do you demand from WhatsApp Plus?

How To Install WhatsApp Plus on Your Phone or Tablet

Installing WhatsApp Plus isn’t tricky, but you’ve to change one setting. WhatsApp Plus isn’t an official app from Meta. It is a self-designed app from a 3rd party resource. So when you load this app on your smartphone, it will show a warning. Don’t worry about that warning, but enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” option to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Phone.


So that was the complete breakdown of WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Plus Features, Why Use WhatsApp Plus, and the installation process of WhatsApp Plus. I hope I’ve cleared everything related to WhatsApp Plus and how it can help you in your endeavors. If any question arises in your mind, feel free to ask because we are here for your help. 

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