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Guide for the best Pedrollo submersible pump in Kenya

Are you in the market for a submersible pump? Well, your search is over. We are introducing the Pedrollo Submersible pumps lineup. We have products to fit your pumping needs for both commercial and residential use. Please visit our website to get a deeper understanding and price guide for our products.

What is a Submersible pump?

The submersible pump is a product that is used to pump either wastewater or clear water. We submerge the Submersible pump into the wastewater or clean water that is to be pumped. Submersible pumps push the liquid to the surface, creating a vacuum and depend on atmospheric pressure for the liquid to flow on the surface.

The history of Pedrollo submersible pumps

In 1974, Pedrollo, Silvano Pedrollo, visited Dubai and realized that water was more expensive than oil. Water in Dubai was already a resource that was running out. Silvano Pedrollo was looking for investors to invest in a new technology pump that was to be developed in Italy. He was also looking for the market for the new pumps. 

The market for Pedrollo grew throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. In Bangladesh, Silvano Pedrollo teamed up with a man who designed an inexpensive pump that consumed low power, and the best thing is that it was the price of two pizzas. He then sent these systems to farmers across the province, and rice cultivation and harvest boomed. 

The Pedrollo group has been in the industry for over 40 years, leading innovation and supplying water where it is most needed. The need to change the world and help people access to water at a lower price has driven Pedrollo. 

There are different Pedrollo submersible pump price in Kenya according to your pumping needs available.

The Pedrollo Tritus

Pedrollo Tritus is a heavy-duty sewage pump. They built it out of cast iron which is resistant to abrasion and is also long-lasting. It has a stainless-steel grinder perfect for grinding solid waste bodies and fibers in sewer water from residential and industrial waste. The pump then grinds them up into smaller particles that can be pumped through small-diameter refuse pipes. 

The Pedrollo Tritus stainless steel submersible pump retails from Kes. 216,000.00. The cost is because it applies to both residential and industrial use. 

Pedrollo 4 block Submersible pump

The Pedrollo 4block is an innovative submersible pump that incorporates both a motor and a pump in one compact unit. It offers a better economic alternative to the borehole pump. The pump is suitable for small-scale domestic water pumping solutions. 

The cost for this pump starts from Kes. 59,800.00

Pedrollo RXm2

This pump is suitable for use with clear water, and it does not contain coarse-grained particles because of the design adopted. The suitability of the pump out flooded water with an emergency. 

The pump retails for Kes. 76,189.00 

Pedrollo Top Multi 2

Pedrollo Top Multi 2 is a submersible pump suitable for clean water. It is suitable for residential and civil use. They apply primarily to irrigation systems, water supply systems in residential units, and pressure systems. 

The pump retails at Kes. 130,649.00.

Pedrollo VXm8/35-N

The Pedrollo VXm8/35-N is a submersible pump suitable for pumping out refuse water in domestic and industrial environments. We use it for pumping out groundwater, sewage water, and surface water. They are best used in draining out flooded water and sewage cesspools.

The retail price for the Pedrollo VXm8/35-N is Kes. 127,879.00 


These are some of the Pedrollo Submersible pumps process available in Kenya for purchase. We use the pumps for pumping refuse water and making the water available to flow or for pumping clean water for residential and civil use. More information, visit this link.

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