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If you’ve been charged with a crime in the Guelph area and think you may require a criminal lawyer to represent you, put your trust in the highly-skilled, professional, and experienced criminal law firm Guelph Criminal Lawyer. Such as the ones from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug immediately because they have a lot of experience and knowledge to represent you accurately in court. The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the chance of winning your case increase.

One important thing which you should keep in your mind is if you or someone you loved is accused of a crime, it is essential to know that you have rights in Canada. Finding someone guilty needs to be taken seriously. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code guarantee the accused certain rights that must be honored until he/she is found guilty.

You are innocent until proven guilty.

The burden of proof is on the prosecution, not you. You do not have to prove your innocence. A criminal charge is an unproven accusation. Sometimes accusations cannot be proved, in which case the charges must be dismissed.

In Canada, you are innocent until proven guilty. And proving someone’s guilt in a court of law is not as easy as you might think. To prevent innocent people from being convicted, a strict set of rules and procedures governs criminal trials. These rules and procedures are there to protect you.

If you are facing criminal charges, do not assume that you will be convicted. For the professional help that you need in the Guelph area, contact experienced criminal defense Lawyers Guelph from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug.

You should use your rights and how Guelph’s Criminal Defence Lawyer help you.

If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to consult a lawyer when you are arrested. The power of an experienced criminal lawyer from the beginning to the end of the process is vital to a fair trial. If you have a low income, you might qualify for government legal aid.

  • The Crown attorney must prove the judge or jury that you commit the criminal offence.
  • Beyond reasonable doubt, the Crown attorney must prove that you are guilty.
  • You have the right to a fair judge and jury.

You have the right to understand the trial so that you can choose a criminal trial in English, Frech, or both languages. Guelph has twocourthouses that offer trials in English or French:

In What Situations Can Our Team Of Guelph Criminal Lawyers Help You With?

1. Police Investigations

Don’t make the mistake of contacting Richomnd Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Pluguntil you have been arrested. We can help you immediately and prepare a solid defence if:

  • The police have questioned you.
  • You are under police investigation.
  • You are considered a suspect of committing a criminal offence.

Different types of crimes are treated differently by the police. For instance, aggravated assault or robbery is considered a threat to the public; usually, an arrested happens quickly. You will need to call a Guelph Robbery Lawyer immediately.

2. Bail Hearings

When you are charged with a criminal offence, they can usually take you into custody and then set bail. The issue here is that frequently the amount designated for the alleged crime can be too high.

If you or a family member can afford bail, you can remain free. But it can be expensive. That’s why you may ask the court to lower bail or grant own-recognize release.

Having the legal advice from Bail Lawyers Guelph from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug can increase your chance of remain free while awaiting trial.

The criminal defence team at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug know the working of the Guelph bail system, both in and out of court. The truth is that letting an experienced criminal defence attorney handle bail is a much better strategy than doing it yourself.

3. Failure to Appear In Court

Failing to appear to your court date, is a severe crime, and a judge can warrant your arrest. If this is your case, you need to call as soon as possible Guelph Failure to Appear (in Court) Lawyersto avoid being arrested.

Depending on the charges, you must appear several times in court during the criminal process. For:

  • An arraignment
  • Pre-trial conference
  • Bail Hearing
  • Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Or other proceedings

Never plead guilty as you have to remember that court must prove that you had correctly notified and willfully decide not to appear. So you can defend yourself with experienced legal representation.

4. Fail To Comply

When you are granted bail, you will be free to go but subject to terms. Conditions and terms must be complied with to stay out of custody.

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