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Green Clean Your Kitchen & Removing mold from Refrigerator

Kitchen is one place of the property which get messy and dirty daily. Unless you take up a regular cleaning, till then you won’t ensure hygiene and sanitation of the place. The situation becomes serious when the kitchen hasn’t undergoes a proper cleaning for a long time. Molds and mildew gets apt environment to grow in such an environment.  This will directly affect the food stored there and ultimately the health of people will be affected.

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Instead of hiring a professional cleaning company and investing money in the service, try to handle cleaning process by your own. It isn’t that difficult. If you know the proper method of doing it. Here we are telling you the basic kitchen cleaning tips which can be very effective for cleaning kitchen area. In this process, all you will be requiring is baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.  have a look on steps below and copy them carefully.

First of all, we will tell you how you can cleanup your microwave. For this, cut a lemon and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Add warm water in this bowl and mix the solution.

Then heat the microwave in maximum power for just 5 minutes. The steam that will generate inside it will loosen the dirt settled in the interior surface.

Turn off the microwave and clean it using a sponge dipped in this solution. Then clean it with clean sponge dampened in clean water.

Solution of lemon juice and warm water can also be used to clean sinks, dishwashers and taps of kitchen as well as bathroom. For more effective cleaning and removing odor from these areas, apply paste of baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and warm water and clean it by scrubbing away with cloth.

Stainless steel sinks and taps can be effectively cleaned only by scrubbing it surface with lemon. Then you can rinse it with clean water.

Prepare a solution of baking soda and vinegar and pour it in sink so that the carbon dioxide produced can unclog the pipelines.

If you are experiencing musty odor from cupboards and drawers of the kitchen then place a bowl of baking soda in it at night and next day you will surely not experience any such smell.

These simple steps can help you greatly in eradicating dirt, contamination as well as odor from the kitchen which is most important area of any property.

Preventing Mold from Growing in Refrigerator

Molds are dangerous fungal organisms and the situation becomes even more dangerous when they grow particularly in refrigerator. They possess potential risk to health of people when the mold affected food is consumed by people. Mold is generally grown in pace which bear moisture and refrigerator gives an apt environment to them. If you do not want such thing to happen with you then do take measures to prevent it. Take note of some general tips that is necessary to get rid of such fungi growth in refrigerators.

• Clear out the unnecessary and leftover stuff from the refrigerator so that they do not promote growth of fungi. Stale food gives an apt environment to mold spores for development and spreading into large areas. Therefore you should avoid storing stale food in refrigerator or freezer.

• Fruits kept inside the refrigerators should also be checked and moisture from their surface should be wiped from time to time. This is necessary as mold thrives to grow most on fruits and potatoes.   

• Waste products and empty containers should be eliminated from the refrigerators. Also dispose garbage of the kitchen on a regular basis. Clean the place with white vinegar where the garbage was kept so that germs bearing possibility of mold formation can be killed.

• Compost bucket is a must have in the refrigerator so that the whole day’s compost can be held there.  

• Dip tray of the refrigerator should be changed twice a year.

• Ice trays of the refrigerators should be cleaned once in two weeks.

• Leakages in the water supply system of kitchen sink should be sealed using a good quality sealant.  in that case you may need a water exectration for that you can call water damage restoration Brisbane

• For cleaning refrigerator and kitchen use good quality anti bacterial cleaning solution. Kitchen sink and countertops should be thoroughly cleaned with it.

• White vinegar can also be an effective cleaning solution for cleaning refrigerator’s shelves and storages.

• Exhaust fans and vents should be turned on while cooking so that the steam does not get settled on the outer surface of the refrigerator.

• Lace aluminum foil below the legs of refrigerator so that any contact with moisture of floor can be eliminated.

Follow these simple steps and you will be successful in preventing molds from growing into your kitchen and especially refrigerator. Also you will be able o maintain good hygiene and health of your family.

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