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What comes to your mind when you hear the word gown? A long flowy dress that makes you the glamorous diva that you actually are, right? Well, clothing has to play a major role in boosting up your confidence. Wearing a gown gives you authority, grace and charm. The long flowy dress is perfect for evening attire and formal occasions. For women today, gowns are a classic choice and a must have in their wardrobe. Gowns are typically an a-line dress, with plain skirts and long trains. Gowns are available in different cuts and fabrics, choosing the right gown that will appeal to your style and keep the eyes raving is a task that you have to do. From prom nights, weddings, formal dinners and award functions – gowns are everyone’s choice.

Gowns have been in fashion since the vintage era. Women wore statement gowns that defined a specific style and class. With designers offering numerous styles of gowns, every woman’s want is taken care of during it. You can wear a gown that is flowy and chic or you can flaunt your hourglass body by wearing a gown that fits you perfectly. Glamour and luxury is linked with wearing gowns so using materials like silk, velvet and satin enhances the overall look of yours. Classic or vintage gowns, it defines fashion. A gown should show your style and bring the best out of your personality.

The Pakistani designers know exactly what the need of women is when it comes to clothing. The gown collection that is available will let you explore so much amazing stuff that you cannot refuse to wear on a formal occasion. From a day bridal shower to an evening after party – the gowns are the staple statements in clothing now. The gowns displayed by the designers are on lavish fabrics embroidered and embellished with beads, sequins, laces and jewels. The necklines are so beautifully crafted and each piece has its own unique touch to it. It can be a formal function where you are a guest or you could be the host of a party, gowns are always a statement choice.

From engagement to your walima function, gowns will never be a wrong choice. Wedding gowns have to be on top of the list while searching for gowns in Pakistan. An elegant wedding gown should be harmonizing with elegant accessories. You can style your wedding gowns as peshwas with lehengas and frocks. For your nikkah day, you can wear gharara and a gown on top of it to make you look like a complete goddess. The brands that are available at LAAM have such an intricate and over the top collection of gowns that is too hard to refuse if you are a bride and want to wear something that has never been worn before by anyone and is definitely going to shake the fashion of bridals. How can we forget about wearing a gown and twirling in it? Twirling has to be the best part of wearing a gown and getting the perfect click while twirling. Wearing a gown lets you enjoy it and makes you feel super excited about your dress. The more flowy that it is, the more twirling perfection you get!

Zara Shahajahan, Zainab Salman, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, Lajwanti, Tena Durrani, Saira Shakira, Hussain Rehar and Gulaal – these are some of the few names that I could think of that has the best collection of gowns possible at LAAM. You cannot miss the collection the designers have to offer, budgeted brands and customizations are all what we want while shopping for wedding dresses. The wedding gown collection is intricate and has fine craftsmanship that defines the tradition and cultural heritage in clothing. From vintage style to modern day chic and feminine cuts, the range and collection has it all that you are looking for. Check out the collection now and get amazing discounted deals.

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