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GogoPDF: The Best Online Tools for an Effective PDF File Management



Many websites today offer access to different online tools to respond to PDF users’ file needs. Many years ago, it was challenging for everyone to manage computer documents and accomplish easy tasks with their electronic files. It could be simply converting from an existing file to a different file format or set up a PDF security password.

However, as the years went by, doing these file tasks became convenient and straightforward. Thanks to the advancement of technology that gave birth to tons of online platforms for efficient PDF file management and organization. In fact, one of the most popular online platforms that many people use today is GogoPDF.

GogoPDF is a website you can access, and it allows you to use its various free online tools for your PDF files. Therefore, check the details below to know these different GogoPDF tools and see how it tops other online platforms.

PDF Merger

One of the GogoPDF online tools that most people use is the PDF file merger. You have to use this tool to merge PDF documents into one PDF file. Hence, you can classify your files and group them together according to a particular category. For example, you may combine multiple PDFs with the same creation date.

You can also merge different files that serve the same purpose and accomplish the same tasks. You can apply a personal way of file organization that you think will be effective. Don’t forget to put a new name for the merged files so you can easily remember those PDFs you’ve combined. The objective of using the PDF file merger is for you to locate and access a particular file you need as quickly as possible. 

PDF File Security

Another helpful GogoPDF online tool is PDF file security. It’s a tool that you can use to protect your PDF files from people who want to access them and use the information they contain without your permission. Hence, to avoid unauthorized access, you have to activate a secure password for your PDF files.

Just visit the official site of GogoPDF and upload the PDF files you want to set up a password. After that, you have to provide a personalized password containing a combination of numbers, letters, and other characters. The system will then save the password you’ve provided. After a couple of minutes, the newly encrypted PDFs are ready to be downloaded into your file storage. The encryption process is easy, and your PDF files are now safe.

PDF Page Remover Tool

Some information or data in your PDF files tend to be outdated or no longer needed over time. Some people usually create an entirely new PDF file, removing all of the unnecessary pages. There’s no problem with that, but it’ll take so much of your time and effort. The best thing to do is to use the PDF page remover tool of GogoPDF.

The tool allows you to delete a single or multiple unnecessary pages in your PDF files. Just upload the files on the online tool you can find on the GogoPDF website. Select the particular page numbers you want to remove and save the changes you made. After that, you can now download the updated PDFs to your smartphone or computer’s file storage. The page removal process is easy and will surely save you time and effort.

PDF File Conversion Tool

If you need a certain file format to finish a task or project, but you can’t find it in your electronic file storage, that’s a big problem. You don’t have to worry because the set of GogoPDF online tools includes the PDF file conversion tool. You can use the tool to convert your existing files to other file formats.

Just like the previous tools discussed above, just upload the PDF files on the online file converter of GogoPDF on its official website. The system will then initiate the conversion based on the file format you’ve selected. Please wait for a couple of minutes, but the timeframe sometimes will take longer depending on how many PDF files you are processing.

After the electronic files have been successfully converted, you can now download them to your smartphone or computer. Indeed, the file conversion using GogoPDF has a stress-free process. You can visit the actual website of GogoPDF now and check the other available file conversions that you might need for your electronic files in the future.


The list of various online tools discussed above is only a few of those available on the GogoPDF website that is offered completely free. You might think that managing and organizing tons of PDF files in your file storage is laborious, requiring so much effort and time. However, as you explore the GogoPDF platform, you’ll then discover that it’s the complete opposite. Hence, whenever you need any of these online tools, don’t forget to check the official website of GogoPDF.

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Due to COVID crisis, SMEs started adopting technology at a new before pace in Chandigarh, says Saumil Kohli




Takeaway: The dependence on technology and the growth of a business goes sideways. Many decades back, when the technology was not much advanced, we could not spot the startups as much as we can do now. The facility of building your startup from scratch was available to only a few, as not much support and resources were provides to them.

But now, we can see there is a massive turnover in the field of startups. The startup ecosystem of India is expanding faster than ever! More and more youth are planning to start a business on their own. This is positive news for a country like ours where development is still in progress.

Do technology and business goes along?

When we interviewed Saumil Kohli, an IT professional from Chandigarh, he said, “By creating more, the country would grow economically, but startups will solve our country’s major problem, and that is unemployment! Startups help is providing employment to youth as more and more people would be required for the establishment of such companies. On the other hand, the fierce youth with a strong determination in their eyes will help the nation grow.”

He further adds, “SMEs in Chandigarh is growing faster than ever. With the advancement of technology, one can see immense growth in various sectors, whether small or large. Technology helps connect people in no time, making people understand each other’s business and make the work field better for one another.”

When we talk about IT companies, you can think of Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, etc. They are giants in this field, but besides them, there are many more. Saumil also mentioned, “The IT sector is growing rapidly. Due to the presence of various IT companies in North India for refreshment and experience, it has become a much sought after profession. Chandigarh also joined the race and became the second-largest technology center.”

Acceptance of technology by SMEs in Chandigarh during the COVID crisis.

While the economic downturn put the brakes on many small businesses’ growth, it opened up new Verma avenues. “To overcome the need for cutting edge, the major players sought new cost-cutting technology and went to our company to grow them at less expensive equipment,” Verma said.

For budding entrepreneurs, the key to success lies in innovation, says Verma, who has previously changed many jobs in her quest for opportunities to put her designs into machines.

He started his own company in 1991 in Panchkula in Haryana by investing Rs 10 lakh. He says that he never bought any bank loans or got support from foreign institutions. His out-of-the-box idea was to persuade General Motors in 1998 to replace the four-dimensional machines that reduced the cost of the big car.

“Due to COVID-19 pandemic, SMEs have started adopting technology at a never before pace in Chandigarh. A large number of people were forced to shut their regular businesses and connect via various means of technology. Video call meetings became the new normal, and selling and buying of goods became online too. This led to the acceptance of technologies in Chandigarh via various SMEs,” adds Saumil Kohli.


While technology may mean different things to different people and businesses, it would be safe to say that each of us relies heavily on technology in his or her life.

Whether it uses consumer-enabled IoT or AI-enabled televisions, new-age technologies have affected every aspect of our lives. Not surprisingly, growing businesses in all sectors rely on technology to grow faster, reach more markets and gain customers faster.

If we look at sectors such as logistics, manufacturing which is traditionally unknown through the use of new technologies, technologies with business platforms, coworking spaces in chandigarh that contribute to the sector’s rapid growth.

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Everything You Need to Know About GPUs!




GPUs and GPU dedicated servers are the town’s talk because of their efficiency and exceptional computational services. They perform random calculations through which they render images and graphics and allow smooth and high-quality graphics.

Cost of GPU

GPUs are very expensive, but as their efficiency and practicality are improving, their demand is improving. If you cannot afford a GPU, you can also benefit from GPU dedicated servers. These servers are available at a very affordable price. You can easily take advantage of GPU without buying it.

How does it work?

When a GPU is installed, it is integrated with the CPU. GPU takes data from the CPU and processes that information. There is also an input-output system of GPU. Through its output, it provides the processed data as a result. Using the power of parallelism, the GPU works more efficiently than the CPU.

Uses of GPU

Here are the advantages of GPU,

  • The exhibition of 2D and 3D graphics is accelerated with the help of the GPU.
  • It improves the quality and efficiency of video creation. GPU helps in creating high-definition videos with faster and improved graphics. They are of great use to video editors.
  • GPUs are also improving the gaming industry. Video game graphics are improving day by day with the help of GPU.
  • They speed up machine learning. GPU features high computational ability, which makes it helpful in machine learning.
  • They can also share the workload of the CPU. It also works as a neural network for AI applications. They are widely used for deep learning. When it is attached to a computer network, the CPU refers to some image and graphic load to the GPU, which consequently increases your device’s efficiency.
  • GPU is also used to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Both GPU and GPU dedicated servers have become a need of the time because of the increase in graphic content on the internet. Without a sound GPU, you can not surf through the web properly, let alone play a game.

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Who is Mo Swingtime?




Who is Mo Swingtime?

Moukhtar Doughan A.K.A M-O SwingTime is taking over Europe with his new track Here We Go Along side Emanuel Austin and Ben Pol from Tanzania. This song is getting a lot of exposure and is being aired on Big Radio Stations in France, UK and Germany. Prior to this release M-O and Emanuel Austin dropped a banger named Motivate featuring Tone P from DC, one of the producers of Wale, which also made some noise in 2020, it was even played on Shade 45 (Eminem’s Radio station) in New York. This guy has a lot of potential knowing that he lived most of his life in Beirut, Lebanon and being able to reach these goals all the way from the Middle-East shows how motivated this artist really is. He started off in a small room filled with egg cartons for acoustic treatment and a super tiny setup, and transformed it to professional recording studio Known as SwingTime Records. After asking him why he chose this name, he answered : ”I had a swing outside the studio where all the artists and producers used to chill while doing sessions, ended up naming my Production name SwingTime Records and stuck with it”. Let’s see what Swingtime has for us in 2021.
Here We Go :
Motivate :
Instagram : @Mo.Swingtime

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Five Things You Didn’t Know A Mortgage Broker Could Do



Buying a house is a huge commitment. For 99 out of 100 people, it’s the most expensive thing you’ll ever do. Once you’ve signed that contract, you’re committed to it for however many years you’ve signed up for, and you’ll be expected to make your payment every single one of those months. That’s why it’s vitally important that you get the right deal on day one and make sure that the mortgage you agree to is the best mortgage for your personal circumstances. It’s a serious commitment, and you need to make sure the terms of that commitment are as favorable toward you as possible.

Despite that, far too many people go straight to their own bank for their mortgage and take whatever deal that’s offered to them. You might not think there’s anything wrong with that so long as you can afford it and it gets you the home you want, but you could end up paying thousands of dollars more over the term than you would have done if you’d used a broker. Not only that, but you could be trapped by terms and conditions that you’d never have agreed to if you knew you had options elsewhere.

To avoid the risk of that happening, it’s better to employ a mortgage broker’s services. Some people worry about that because they suspect that mortgage brokers are only there to make money from you, but that isn’t the case. While your broker will almost certainly charge a fee, you’re still likely to end up better off through using them – and here are five reasons why.

They Can Gain Pre-Acceptance For You

When you start the mortgage application process, you’ll probably be asked to pay fees. That might include product fees, valuation fees, booking fees, and more. That makes it extremely frustrating – not to mention upsetting – if your application subsequently gets rejected. It’s almost like playing the most popular slot Fluffy Favourites. Think about the way the games at an online slots website work. You pay for your bets upfront, but you only receive anything in return if the reels are kind to you and the right combination comes up. There’s no way of getting your money back if your bet doesn’t work out. This isn’t a criticism of online slots because that’s the way they’re supposed to work. You can and should expect more from a mortgage application process. A good mortgage broker will be able to tell you the odds of you getting accepted before you part with any money.

They Can Delay Their Fees

As we said earlier, a mortgage broker will probably charge a fee for their services. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pay those fees upfront. In the majority of cases, a broker can arrange for their fees to be taken from your mortgage advance. They get paid when your mortgage completes, and the fees are paid from your borrowing. Of course, that does mean that you’ll be paying interest on those fees over the term of your mortgage because they become part of your loan, but you have the option of paying upfront if you’d prefer. Don’t assume you’ll be paying through the nose for mortgage advice – it’s seldom the case.

They Have Access To The Whole Of The Market

This doesn’t apply to every mortgage advisor, so always check their level of access before you agree to use their services, but a good mortgage advisor should have ‘whole of market’ access. In practice, this means that they can obtain quotes from every lender active in your territory and provide you with the best possible deal. Some brokers work with a limited panel – which is still better than going straight to your bank or making a hundred phone calls trying to get all the quotes yourself – but those that work with the whole of the market can give you the full picture. If a broker has the ability to work with everybody, you can sign up for your deal safe in the knowledge that it would never have been possible to get a better deal elsewhere. That’s what peace of mind is all about.

They Can See Deals That You Can’t

Strange as it might seem, some mortgage products aren’t available to the general public. There are even a few mortgage lenders that aren’t available to the general public. Certain lending companies and rates are only available to qualified professionals, which means you’ll miss out on them if you go it alone. This might even include your own bank. That’s right; you might get a better rate going to your own bank through a mortgage broker than you would if you booked an appointment in your local branch and signed up directly. This is a strange quirk of how the mortgage market works, and while you may have your own opinion on whether or not it’s fair, the fact remains that many of the best deals are reserved for professional-level access only.

They Can Help You Avoid Traps

You may or may not have heard the term ‘mortgage prisoner,’ but consider yourself lucky if you haven’t. It’s not a situation you’d ever want to find yourself in. There are hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps even millions – who are currently trapped in long-term mortgage deals with high interest rates. That’s because the terms of the mortgages they signed either committed them to high rates for five years or more, or precluded them from negotiating new deals when their short term fixed rates came to an end. Ultimately, it means these unfortunate individuals end up paying thousands of dollars more than they should have done by rights. It’s shameful that this is allowed to happen at all, but a good mortgage broker can alleviate this risk. If it’s what you want, they’ll get you a deal with a good initial interest rate and either a long-term guarantee of that rate or an option to renegotiate when it comes to an end.

These are five good reasons to use a mortgage broker, and there are no reasons not to. You’re not compelled to sign any deal they offer you, and getting the advice of a qualified professional with years of experience is never a bad thing. If you’re considering taking on a new mortgage in the near future, do yourself a favor and speak to a professional advisor first.

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Why now is the ideal time to finally go freelance



While many of us are enjoying the freedom of working from home now, freelancers have known about the benefits of untethered working for years. Without the pressure of reporting to a boss, freelancers can choose when and who they work for. 

There are draw backs to being self-employed though. As we have seen, many freelance and self-employed people have been left without government support during the Covis-19 pandemic. With a rise in the use of digital services over the last 12 months, 2021 could be the perfect time to go freelance. 

Going freelance: what to consider

There are many benefits to being freelance. First, you are in total control of when you work, how you work and where you work from. Freedom and autonomy are two of the biggest reasons freelancers give as to why they choose being self-employed. 

Although they don’t receive any work benefits like pensions, cycle schemes and health care, freelancers often earn twice or three times as much as they do when working for a company. Consider what you really want from work, security or high dividends. 

Freelance finances: managing your money

Managing money is the bit that trips most freelancers up. Understanding the different income tax an N.I. contributions you need to make is, quite frankly, taxing. Some freelancers utilise accountants or online accountancy firms to help them with it. 

It can be tricky to get financing for the things you need to. If you are purchasing a car for personal use, firms such as Go Car Credit can help. If you can prove your last three years of self-employed earnings many high-street lenders will often be able to help too. 

Freelance salary: making money and getting paid

There are several options in making money to consider when you are freelance. Many companies won’t work with sole traders unless they are registered with an umbrella company. This means you will be paid regularly through PAYE and make all your necessary tax payments. It has been designed to protect companies from tax evasion. It is important that you invoice your clients or umbrella company regularly. Make sure your payment terms are set up with your clients before you start work for them. If you ever run into issues with clients not paying, consult the financial ombudsman for help and advice.

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