Glass shower cabins

Glass shower cabins. Advantages and disadvantages

The development of technology and the running of time of a modern person inevitably affects all components of his life. Changes in the life rhythm of the family may seem strange, even affect the interior design features of the home space. When technology becomes more sophisticated and innovative, and life becomes brighter and more unusual, simplicity and conciseness reign in popular trends. Deliberate luxury, sophisticated layouts, and non-standard furniture are going out of fashion. Let’s show this difference with a simple example. For example, today, the family is ready to abandon bulky bathtubs and shower boxes on glass shower.

If we talk about glass showers, the advantages are as follows

First, today’s wide range of shower cab and shower doors models is not comparable to what was presented a few years ago. A variety of shapes, models, design options, and installation in the bathroom – all of these attract a client who wants to make repairs at home. 

A little more detail on this

 The customer can choose the desired shape of the shower cabin: square, rectangular and multifaceted. Secondly, a shower cabin significantly saves space in the space of a house or apartment. For example, because of this, the most popular, perhaps, are corner glass shower enclosures; their dimensions allow them to be installed in almost any room. Such products can have an angle of installing the walls, both 90 degrees and 135 degrees. Accordingly, corner cabins can be either rectangular or pentagonal.

Installing a glass cabin will help you find additional space, for example, to install a bathroom vanity big size or medicine cabinet with light. It is imperative today when the popularity of so-called smart apartments grows in the real estate market. Families often buy small-sized housing, not for the sake of the economy but because their pace of life does not require ample home space.

Thirdly, modern plumbing is a high-quality product from the best materials

The shower stall structure consists of a pallet and blank glass walls, and an opening door. Pallets made of artificial marble are in great demand. Such material is technologically created based on combining natural marble chips with the necessary synthetic substances that strengthen the future product. The artificial nature guarantees the durability and resistance of the shower tray to any challenge. The shower stall walls are 8 mm thick tempered glass – comparable to windows in shopping centers. This approach to the choice of materials guarantees absolute safety for you and your loved ones.

In connection with the above reasons, the popularity of glass shower enclosures is growing inexorably today.

You might be thinking: why are there so many flattering words about glass showers, disadvantages – are there any? Indeed, glass showers have disadvantages. The choice of home plumbing is a purely individual matter, and therefore it is simply not possible to please everyone. Connoisseurs of baths and long-term relaxation in the water will never appreciate even the most modern showers. Moreover, an improperly selected cabin made of low-quality materials can bring its owner more problems than pleasure.

The bathroom supply store  “New Bathroom Style” offers its customers a wide selection of plumbing fixtures on our website. Here you can buy glass shower doors and cabins from companies Fluerco, Vigo Apollo, relatively inexpensive products with high quality. The store’s collection includes about 200 models of shower doors and shower cabins with different configurations and dimensions. The shower door to order allows you to plan the space of the bathroom individually

You will be able to independently design a place for a convenient installation, wardrobe, or bathroom vanity. Otherwise, it is possible that after buying a “comfortable” shower cabin from a bathroom supply store, you will have to think in confusion about how to place everything conceived on this small area 5′ x 7.’

Right shower door or cabin is an opportunity to create a dream interior, which will ultimately save your time, nerves, and finances. In our online store, you can explore the collection of shower cabins, as well as find out all the details of custom-made work.

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