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Giordana ToccaceliExplains How Important Sex is in a Relationship



If you are feeling unsatisfied with your sex life, you are not alone. According to research, around 34% of Americans were unable to rate their sex lives as satisfying.

Sex plays an important part in deepening the bond and keeping the fire between a couple. This leads many couples to believe that if they are not ripping each other’s clothes off every night, their relationship must have lost passion. 

This brings us to the next question, is sex important in a relationship, or have we been brainwashed by the media to feel that it is? What level of intimacy is essential for strengthening the relationship bond? 

Thankfully, the research has been done and those answers are clear. Let’s talk about the importance of sex in a relationship, and how you can keep a strong level of passion in your relationship.

Why is Sex Such a Big Deal?

There is no universal answer to knowing if sex in a relationship is vital for the overall success of a relationship. 

It depends on multiple factors, such as the individual person and their needs, love languages, their beliefs, their values, their desires, and the foundation of the relationship itself.

Many fulfilling relationships do not have a regular sex life, in fact, 15% of married couples are in a sexless relationship, and they are as happy as ever.

However, for many other people sex is extremely important in a relationship. Sex can be seen as the ultimate form of expression between two people. For many, sex is the most satisfying part of a relationship, and is the only reason they are in the relationship to begin with.

So, which one of these two mindsets is right?  

Understanding the Need

When talking about sexless marriages, it’s to explore why the relationship might be lacking sex in the first place. 

If the relationship was never very sexual at the beginning, then perhaps there just needs to be a little fire brought back into the relationship to get the mojo going again. This is completely healthy and depends on the needs of both partners.

However, if the relationship started off being very sexual, and then has recently dropped off to no sexual activity, there could be some underlying issues.

There was a 2017 study that discovered the link between frequent sexual activity and overall well-being. Although, this applies to those who have a heightened sex drive and find great pleasure with frequent sexual activity.

What Causes a Lack of Sex in Relationships? 

There are a few underlying reasons why partners are currently not having sex in a relationship.They can vary from personal reasons to medical reasons, and of course, relationship problems.

Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage

Many couples wait until marriage to experience sexual intercourse together. This could be for personal or religious reasons.

By prolonging the sexual experience, many couples claim it strengthens their bond in many other ways, leading to a low-key sexual desire once they get married.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as chronic pain, can lead to low libido. This depends on the individuals in the relationship if it will cause stress on their partnership or not. 

Certain medications lead to a lower libido as well, such as birth control pills, SSRI’s, and others. 

Hormonal Imbalances 

Many hormonal imbalances can lead to low libido in both men and women. For women, an imbalance in Progesterone and Estrogen will cause their sex drive to plummet. For men, a lack of testosterone is enough for them to “lose their mojo.”

Mental Disorders 

Many mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety, also contribute to low libido. According to John Hopkin’s Medicine, a change in sex drive is a key symptom in determining whether a person has depression or not. 

If there are extrinsic factors that have interrupted someone’s life, their sex drive instinctively will be halted until they can solve those problems. 

Relationship Struggles

Relationship struggles are perhaps the only determining factor for knowing if sex is important in a relationship or not.

If the relationship is experiencing some rocky moments (such as arguments, trust issues, and dishonesty) which lead to a lack of sex, then absolutely, sex is important for that relationship to succeed. 

What is Intimacy?

Many people believe that the word “intimacy” equals sexual experiences. While this has some truth, it is not the entire picture. 

Intimacy is the experience of mutual vulnerability, connection, and openness.  

There are four different types of intimacy:

  • Emotional
  • Experiential
  • Intellectual
  • Sexual

Intimacy can be in the form of a conversation, sharing experiences, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, or sexual intercourse. So, in this case, is sex important in the relationship? The answer is probably not.

Communication is Essential

If you feel that sex is important in your relationship, and you have not been fulfilled, you must have a conversation with your partner about it.

If you have an open and honest relationship, both of you can look for answers to help improve your sex life. 

Mention to your partner that you have noticed some changes and are looking to communicate about ways to bring the mojo back into the bedroom. You may just need a weekend away to ignite those fireworks again.

Talking to a therapist, specifically a sex therapist, can help solve these issues too, as they have years of experience dealing with these situations.

Learn More About Sex and Relationships

So, is sex important in a relationship? The answer is still both yes and no.

It comes down to you and your partner’s individual needs, and the experience of any sudden changes in your relationship.

If you feel that your sex life needs a boost, and have no idea where to start, feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.

You deserve to feel like a highly desirable woman, and if you are not, we are here for you to help unravel those layers and help you get in touch with what you truly want and deserve.

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What do your 16 Personalities Test quiz results say about your learning style?



Learning style differs from person to person. It is a person’s style, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses that reflect overall in their learning style. So, when you go through the personality test, the results often point out your learning style as well. So, now, you may be thinking about what the job post has to do with the learning style? 

Well, the learning style of yours, to a great extent, reflects your capabilities, attitude, and how quickly you will learn and grow up in that specific job post. 

Not just that, if you are interested in knowing more about your personality and learning style, then you can rely on the best personality testing site, “My Good interview,” that provides Personality Test Results by Artificial Intelligence for free and also provides you with the tips to crack the interview successfully. 

In this post, we will discuss the 16 different kinds of personalities and what it has to say about you and your learning style. 

  • Architect

They come under the category of analytical thinkers. They notice tiny details and are quick to catch up and learn. Also, they prefer to focus on their work without any kind of interruptions, as they are a bit of a perfectionist.

  • Logician 

They are deep thinkers. They can easily spot regularities in a language even in their sleep. Still, being overthinkers, they always need someone on their side to help them avoid overthinking and put their knowledge to good use.

  • Commanders 

As the name only suggests, Commanders are full of confidence, and this is the trait that is helpful when they are learning the language. Unfortunately, they are too much obsessed with perfection, which makes them afraid of making mistakes. They need to need to let loose a bit.

  • Debater 

Debaters, just like Commanders, do not like to make mistakes, and they enjoy learning their newfound language and practicing it to perfection. The best quality of the debaters is that they have the eagle’s eyes for recognizing grammatical mistakes. 

  • Diplomats 

They are very much committed personalities. Thus, they devote their time to learning any language, especially if the motive is helping or communicating with the people they look out for. 

  • Mediator 

Mediators are led by their emotions, and they can easily excel in learning any language. All they need is a strong motive to push them.

  • Protagonist

They are naturally-born leaders, as the name already suggests; they believe in people and are interested in learning in groups. However, they always try to live up to unrealistic expectations, which pulls them backward.

  • Campaigner  

Campaigners always have some great ideas in their minds. They learn to love various languages and always come up with amazing and creative ideas to learn languages more easily.

  • Logistician

They give in all their efforts to learning a new language. They give their devoted and undivided attention to learning anything new. They learn best when they are alone.

  • Defender 

They are a dedicated personality who likes to be left alone when learning or, practicing. Still, they also do not mind providing a helping hand to anyone struggling with their learning.

  • Executive 

Executives love to follow the rules for learning anything. They like to do it systematically. They also love socializing and mingling with people who have a similar style as theirs in learning.

  • Consul 

This personality type is a lot dependent on others. In order to perform their best, they need validation and motivation from others. They always need a cheerleader by their side to keep them going.

  • Virtuoso 

They are problem-solvers with a great eye for detail. Crossword is their favorite game.

  • Adventurer 

They are eager and curious by nature; however, they may not be interested in committing to a structured learning schedule. 

  • Entrepreneur 

They are attention-seekers and curious to learn new languages; however, they prefer to learn with others.

  • Entertainer 

As the name only suggests, they are the life of party, and in order to perform their best, they need to be in a room filled with people. As a result, they keep their approach fresh for learning.


So, you will find these 16 different personality results in the test, and now you will know which learner type you are. So, take a personality test today. Good Luck!

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Types of floor heating in South Korea




What are the must-haves for Korean winter? One of these is underfloor heating on concrete floor called floor heating. Today, Ziptoss listed down several common functions for different types of floor heating in South Korea.

Here are 5 common types of floor heating that you can find in South Korea for 1st floor home design

Type One


1. Heating switch (난방)

2. Increase heating temperature (난방온도올림)

3. Decrease heating temperature (난방온도내림)

4. Temperature adjustment (온수온도조절): High, Medium, and Low.

5. Heating schedule selection (예약운전)

6. Sleep mode (취침모드/외출모드)

7. Heating (current/setting) temperature display/reservation time setting display (난방(현재/설정) 온도표시/ 예약설정시간표시)

Type Two


1. Temperature and/or Power display (온도/전원 디스플레이)

2. Power switch (전원)

3. Scheduled heating(예약)

4. Room temperature heating (실온)/ Floor heating (온돌)

5. Sleep mode (취침모드/외출모드)

6. Heating off (꺼짐)

7. Heating temperature wheel(난방) for adjustment.

8. Hot water power (온수전원): Hot water switch (Temperature adjustment): High, Medium, Low.

Type three


1 . Display: displays current function, target temperature (희망 온도), schedule start/ stop time (예약), the heating operation (운전) and seasons (계절).

2. Set up indoor (실내), schedule (예약), and out-of-home functions (외출).

  • To operate floor heating, please enter the state in 실내 (room temperature) mode.

3. Bath(목욕): Select this option to provide a lot of hot water for bathtubs and showers.

4. Power supply(전원): power switch

5. Season selection (계절선택): set the heating temperature for spring 봄 (season), 여름 (summer), autumn (summer:), 초겨울 (early winter), 겨울 (winter).

6. 예약설정 (scheduled setting): arrange the time to start and stop the boiler.

7. Heating temperature: up/down

8. LED power indicator: lights up when the heater is running.

Type Four


1. Temperature display

2. Power switch(전원)

3. Hot water power: Hot water switch (temperature adjustment), high, medium, and low.

4. or hot water(온수전용)

5. Heating at room temperature(실온)

6. Schedule heating (예약)

7. Floor heating (온돌)

8. Heating control (난방조절): Heating temperature wheel.

Type Five


1. Function display panel: set/current temperature(희망/현재온도), reservation start/stop time(예약가동/정지시간 ), setting temperature, heating, and other functions are displayed.

2. Bath(목욕/온수): Select this option to provide hot water for bathtubs and showers.

3. Settings (설정): heating water temperature and bathing hot water temperature settings

4. Select (선택): select the settings menu

  •  Select the setting mode to be changed. When you click “선택(select)”, the setting mode will be changed one by one, namely 실내 (indoor), 예약 (reservation), or 외출 (leave).
  • When the setting has been selected, use the up and down buttons to change the target temperature (희망온도).
  • After clicking 선택 (select), the selection will be automatically set.

5. LED light for power indication

6. Up/Down ( 난방온도올림 / 내림): heating temperature increase or decrease 7. Power (전원): on/off

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In terms of Buying Rings, Size Won’t Matter – Or Can it?




Nhan Kim Cuong

When you have reached that point inside your relationship when you are now thinking of buying your new love a ring, it truly is serious business for you or perhaps it should be, shouldn’t it. I assume that all depends on you, your current heart, and the occasion that you intend to have decided to dedicate this specific occasion.

I guess at this point that you are experiencing you have serious affection, appreciation, and love for the female that you are thinking about buying a fresh ring for, and just as you have decided to buy a ring won’t necessarily mean engagement, however, you better be clear of your motives before you pull out a ring mainly because women think a lot faster in comparison with men and before you have realized this she thought one thing an excellent leaf blower intentions were another, you had better go to the drawing board, in addition, to map out the plan, drop your girlfriend some hints of what exactly this is not, or write your personal intentions on your forehead for a warning sign.

How do you mentally build a plan to give a woman a hoop without saying engagement, as well as how do you propose if people are your intentions, as well as how do you say I want to are more than your friend has a ring as a gesture of affection.

There are so many ways to present a hoop to a woman, but the effect or the natural reaction has to be understood by both an individual and her before you make a change. When buying a ring, does the sizing matter? Some women point out yes and others say simply no so you have a 50/50 potential for getting it right the first time. Nevertheless, the size isn’t the only thing you should worry about.

You also have to decide on often the occasion so that there are not any mixed signals or insecurity. If this is a friendship desiring more occasion then certainly size doesn’t matter necessary not beginning the serious level of your relationship and are mailing a message to her that possibly there is a future where I realize me and you going areas together.

So in this case, sizing doesn’t matter, or can it? Will she say, “that is what you think of myself or this is how you let me see how much you love me”? Me playing devil’s advocate, however when you hand her the small touch of love, will you get a huge kiss for making the touch that you want more in your partnership or will you get a seem of disappointment?

You know that will look, when she huge smiles slightly, but she won’t want to hurt your feelings thus she plays along with the mental moment until she becomes with her friends. This is the benefit of some, but not all and there are some really great angels on the market in the world whose only worry is being loved by someone regardless of ring size.

Does a greater ring signify more adore or a smaller ring implies less love? I think many people both send the same concept, but a man that golf swings for the fence will definitely as the man of the hour all of which will know because his women will not stop talking about the gift she received.

Conversely, a woman who has just gotten a small ring will probably alter the subject or maybe not as only some women place such top grade on material things. Nevertheless, I just don’t see a woman bragging to her friends in terms of a small ring that the woman just received as the woman can predict their impulse.

So to answer the concern, does size matter in a very ring? I think it has to originate from a certain perspective because the majority of women dream of the day when they have displayed a ring from their loved one without matter the occasion of love, engagement, wedding, as well as friendship, the natural impulse is always different with each one size.

Furthermore, it is your ex-first ring and you being a man must understand that greater the size the greater the reaction, and the most important, she may see this kind of as you signaling to her that your particular love for her is worth each penny that you put in getting the big ring.

On the flip side with this coin, a woman who treasures love over the size of your ex-ring will give an equal problem as if she has just got the biggest ring in the world since in her heart the highest reward is you.

Nhan Kim Cuong – Does it subject if you present a woman a major or small ring? Perhaps the person that has that reply is you, the man deciding to acquire the ring and your expertise in the woman that you are buying the diamond ring for.

If she absolutely loves you, then dimensions want matter much, but since a man, you must also take into account that she chose a person and that gesture is more than anything in the world and should become rewarded with a nice dimension ring. It doesn’t have to be big or small, but someplace in the middle as a thank you, you notice for her choosing you.

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The 4cs: First thing you should know about diamonds



If you are looking into buying diamonds, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider before you make your big purchase. As well as taking your time to choose an adequate diamond seller and designer, you should also take note of the famous ‘4 Cs’, which are 4 sets of rules, or key considerations, that must be looked at prior to buying. In this article, we will outline these factors for you, so you can stand in a better position to be able to purchase the perfect diamond for you and your loved ones.

The Diamond 4 Cs are:

Carat: The carat of a diamond stone is used to measure the size of your stone based on weight. This is an important facet that is worth considering amongst the other Cs below.

Cut: This is the diamond’s proportion measurement, and how it interacts with light to give off effects such as ‘fire’ or ‘scintillation’. The ‘Cut’ is perhaps the most important aspect of a diamond quality that impacts the jewel’s beauty. Diamond Cut specifically refers to the quality of a diamond’s angles, proportions, symmetrical facets, brilliance, fire, scintillation and finishing details. These factors directly impact a diamond’s ability to sparkle, along with its overall aesthetic appeal.

Colour: This describes the presence or lack of intensity of colour in the diamond. The diamond colour is graded in terms of how white or colourless the diamond is. These grades run from D to Z, with D being the most colourless and Z containing the most brown or yellow tint possible. The colour is important to consider in particular settings.

Clarity: This references the purity and quality of the stone, considering blemishes – effectively, how flawless it is. For Clarity, there is a chart adhered to by specialists, who will determine how clear or unclear the diamond really is.

When looking to buy a diamond, it’s worth looking at the possibility of opting for lab created diamonds. These are man-made diamonds that are produced by scientists in a lab, created so that they are chemically and physically the same as diamonds that are mined from the ground. These diamonds have a range of significant benefits that make them more accessible and unique. Firstly, they can be more individually customised, which can contribute to your diamond/jewel being closer to your stylistic preference. They also contribute to a greener and more ethical planet, as they avoid the typical environmental and humanitarian issues that we tend to see in the mined diamond industry. Lab grown diamonds are also more affordable, which opens up the market to a lot more buyers who are looking to purchase. When considering buying diamonds, it’s important to look at the 4 Cs first, as this creates the foundations for a good quality diamond purchase. It is then worth looking at how the diamonds are made – that is, whether they are mined or lab grown, and whether you can choose to make the switch. These grades run from D to Z, with D being the most colourless and Z containing the most brown or yellow tint possible. The colour is important to consider in particular settings.

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Are Hair Growth Serums Safe to Use



Hair loss is the most common physical symptom of a hormone imbalance.Hair growth is important because, not only does it represent health and youthfulness, but it also helps to regulate body temperature and releases nutrients to the rest of the body.

The hair on our head grows because hormone levels trigger follicles in our scalp to grow hair. The amount of hormones released changes throughout puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. If there is a deficiency in these hormones for other reasons (like stress), hair will stop growing or even start falling out. One of the most common ways to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth is through hair growth products available in the market. These products are specifically designed to boost hair growth and to reenergize your scalp. One very common type of hair growth products is hair growth serum

Like with any other product, there are concerns about the safety of using such products as there are many products out there that can damage the skin or make the scallop dry and rough. So in this article we are going to discuss if hair growth serums are safe to use or not.

So Is It Safe To Use Hair Growth Serums?

Many people are concerned about hair growth serums. They want to know if they are safe to use and whether they really work. Many of these products work by improving the blood flow to the scalp. 

There are a number of hair growth serums on the market but not all of them have scientific backing. Before you buy one, it is best to find out about how effective it is and whether there are any side effects from using it. It is important for people with hair loss issues to know which ingredients in these products will actually help them regrow their hair and which ones just claim to do so. Hair growth serums are safe to use as long as you don’t consume them or get them in your eyes. The ingredients in these serums are not harmful, but they can irritate your skin if there is too much rubbing against it.

In some cases, when people have allergies or sensitive skin, they may experience a rash or an allergic reaction. This can happen even with natural products because there are many unknown factors when it comes to reactions and allergies.

Benefits of Hair Growth Serum

Many people are attempting to find a way to either have more hair or grow more hair in an effort to combat the effects of baldness.

The benefits of using hair growth serums are many, and they include:

– Preventing premature balding

– Stimulating hair growth

– Increasing volume

– Reducing the appearance of split ends

– Re-growing healthy, shiny locks

Hair growth serums are great to use. They offer a lot of benefits. Along with the benefits of using hair growth serums, there are also a few side effects that one might experience. One of these is irritation or rashes at the site of application. Another is an increased chance for allergic reactions to occur because of the formulation and ingredients in a hair growth serum.

Side Effects of Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serums can cause scalp irritation, oily skin, acne breakouts, and eye infection. The oiliness from the scalp usually subsides after a few weeks of usage. Acne breakouts and eye infection are uncommon side effects but can happen if the user has sensitive skin or if they don’t follow the directions for application correctly.

When Should You Avoid Hair Growth Serums

Some people have developed an allergic reaction to these products, which can result in irritation and burning sensations on the scalp. It is important to note that these reactions can be caused by a number of factors such as sensitivity, individual reaction history, and what other skin care products are being used in conjunction with the serum. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to stop using hair growth serums as soon as you start seeing any negative reaction. If you experience any adverse reactions, stop using it right away and consult your physician if necessary. You can find a lot of different hair growth serums in the market from different brands. When looking for self-care products it is important that you purchase the products from a brand that is known to offer high quality and effective products. If you are looking for high quality hair growth serums then look no further than Nulastin. Our hair growth serum can not only help you boost the growth of your hair but it can also help you have a healthier and more energized scalp. It will also stop your hair from falling thus preventing baldness.

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